Friday, December 28, 2007

Going to be Famous

Thought you all might need a post holiday pick me up!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wake Up Video

This is the second year that Seth has been on our Channel 7 Holiday Greetings so I tried to DVR the different versions of it. The video below is actually from the bloopers reel. As you can see he did not want to sit on the couch and say HO HO HO like we had practiced so this video captures the busy life of Seth!


Last night on the way home from SYR I said to Seth, "Did you poop?" and his reply was, "No, Mommy, just tooted!" LOVE IT!

PS- I have a ton of new video footage and pics from the last few days, but with all the holiday craziness I haven't had time to upload them yet, but be patient they are coming!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rich in Friendships

This is the time of year when you can really reflect on your family and how LUCKY you are to have them as well as all of the friendships that you treasure. For this post I'd like to share a very special gift that was given to us yesterday by a very special friend. Here is a little back story on the first gift... I am an In Touch junky, yes it is smut, but I love it and I buy the new issue every Monday. I then take about a week to read the whole thing and pass it on to my friend Erin at work by Friday. She then reads it and passes it on to her sister who is home with one year old twins and a 4 year old. To my excitement, Erin bought me a years subscription to the magazine for Christmas. You would have thought she gave me a million dollars I was so happy!

The second gift that she gave me I will cherish forever. I am a sucker for things that are personalized, whether by name or by picture and she bought us the following...Yes, that is our very own little man driving that A 2 Z car. The best part is that the whole book is personalized for Seth. His picture is on every page with a new letter of the alphabet. It also includes his name, birth date and birth place on some pages. It is the coolest thing I have every seen. It cracks him up to find himself on each page. I cried when I opened it, it is truly amazing! Thank you Erin so very much!

This is my favorite, it is the page for the letter K and Seth is the kayaker! Just amazing! We are so rich in all of our friendships that we can't express our gratitude enough. Thank you everyone out there for all of the cards, emails, texts, phone calls etc that we have recieved this past month and always. We value those friendships so much!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Tuesday

Do you know your ABCs?

Seth has GREAT Rhythm!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Festive Weekend

We had a very busy and very festive weekend. Friday night was girls night out and we made the rounds of the square. We started at The Crystal and had Tom and Jerry's, walked to Vi Vi's for dinner, then walked to 1st National to try their Peppermint Patty drink followed by our last walk to The Paddock Club for a martini. It was great to get out with the girls and chat and they all helped put the whole sleepless night scenerio into perspective. I felt much better after talking everything through. Our next girls night will be in February where we will celebrate Kristen and my 30th birhtday's. We will be partying like it is 1999 just to say we aren't too old to still do it!

Saturday we were foolish enough to go to Walmart and the mall in the morning. First of all it was Shop with a Cop day at Walmart and there were literally 25 cops inside shopping with underprivilaged kids and then the lines at the mall were insane, BUT I am proud to say that I got all of our shopping done! YIPPEEE!
After all the shopping madness we all took a nap and then headed to the Pepsi Christmas party, but not before we played a little Wii with some friends. I'd also like to add that I got 4 strikes in a row, something that NEVER happens!

I'm the pink one 2 down!

The Pepsi party was very fun. They had open bar which can be dangerous, but I was on my best behavior. The appetizers were excellent and the dinner was pretty good too! We had the room with the fireplace so it was warm and everyone had so much fun!

Part of the Crew

Megan, Myself and Misty

Paul was amess, I had to pull out the Tide on the Go for him!

Jaime ate 2 plates!

I have a ton more pictures, but I won't bore you with them! As you can tell we had a great time!

Sunday we battled the storm to get groceries and run a couple of errands. We had hoped to get Seth out on his sled, but we all took naps once again and never got around to it. This weekend!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Status Report

Our nights are filled with screams and tears so I am taking Seth to the docs today to get him all checked out as well as get some sound advice from a MD. If for nothing else, some peace of mind for a frazzled mama!

I have to give my hubs the "DAD OF THE YEAR" Award though. Nothing phases him, he is cool, calm and collected! He once again slept on Seth's floor with him and for that I am eternally grateful! I owe him big time when golf and 4 wheeling season roll around again! Thank you Ro, you are the BEST!

Tonight is girls night out and I am looking forward to it, but I feel a little guilty to be leaving Ro with a possibly screaming child. So if you could, please send some positive thoughts our way tonight.

Tomorrow night is the Pepsi Party. We are both looking forward to it! I did cancel the overnight sitter though, I don't want to put her through that trauma. Although, her mom thinks it would be good birth control for her! So mean!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Night Terrors

It has to be night terrors. I have spoken to more people who have gone through this exact same thing and I am pretty sure he doesn't have a belly ache because I gave him prunes in his applesauce and lets say he works fine! I am glad to know that I am not alone though and that other families have gone through this!

Last night I put an extra night light in his room for added light (thanks Krista for the advice!) and he made it until 3am, but then cried for an hour.

Everyone I talk with says that it is a phase and will pass so Ro and I are going to take turns sleeping downstairs so that at least one of us is coherant each day!

We finished up our last session of swim class for a while so now we'll find other winter activities to do. I also pretty much finished up our Christmas shopping, I only have 2 things left to get! Yippee!

Tomorrow night is girls night out and Saturday is Ro's Pepsi party. I hired our sitter to stay the night, but now I'm rethinking that idea. I don't want to put her through the screaming at 3am!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mom Advice

Every other night for the past 5 nights Seth has woken up out of a dead sleep SCREAMING! The first night he quieted down rather quickly and went back to sleep, the second night Roland ended up sleeping on Seth's floor with him because he wouldn't calm down, and last night we didn't give in, we only went in to try and calm him down once, BUT he screamed on and off for 3 hours! So I'm at a loss...

Is he having night terrors?
Does he have a belly ache? (he said two out of the three nights, "Mommy poop.")
Does he have an ear infection?

I just don't know!

The sitter says that he is "going" like normal at her house, but he doesn't "go" after dinner so one suggestion was to mix a little prune puree into his applesauce or mix some prune juice with water and give it to him.

If he is having night terrors a teacher friend said you just have to wait it out and Ro and I have to take turns sleeping.

I don't think it is an ear infection because he isn't running a low grade fever and his mood is fine.

So after all of this babbling, please offer some words of advice or just positive energy! PLEASE!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Some Monday Morning Magic

Just a little Seth magic to start your week off right!

He is such a precious little man!

Friday, December 07, 2007


Our tree is CURSED! I think someone put a hex on it!!! Last night I was lying on the floor watching Grey's and I looked over and the top part of the tree lights are all out. Then, this morning I bring Seth downstairs and the tree is leaning forward. Thank god it didn't fall down completely! What the heck, we are cursed!! We need tree therapy ASAP!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Running Away

I want to freeze this month in time and enjoy it for as long as I can, but it seems to be running away from me. I know it is only the 6th of the month, but we are so busy every weekend that I am trying to enjoy every moment that I can. I love my house all lit up and decorated, if there was only time to have people over to see it and snack and catch up! I think this month should be longer to fit everything in.

This week has consisted of...wrapping, crafting, swimming class, chatting with family, shopping, enjoying the house, and eating the goodies I made at the Sackets Kitchen.

This weekend will consist of...1st birthday cakes, shopping, more wrapping, relaxing and listening to my Gram's annual Christmas Concert.
PS- Our Christmas cards went out I hope that you enjoy them when you receive them!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Weekend Part 2

This is how we roll during Christmas time...
Sorry to make you crick your neck, I'm not sure why I recorded it this way, OOPS! Also WARNING my singing is horrible in this video, sorry!
I talked about Saturday yesterday, but today in my part 2 segment I'll talk about our magical Sunday. On Sunday we bought and decorated our tree for the holiday season. Everything is so much more fun this year with Seth being that much older. He really enjoys life and experiencing new things daily. Well, he was quite the helper with the tree!

1. The lay out

2. The careful placement

3. The final product! YIPPEE!

I hope you are all enjoying the season like we are!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Weekend Part 1

Go SU B-Ball!
We went to the SU basketball game on Saturday night and it was a BLAST! I was an SU B-ball virgin so I had no idea what to expect and it was so much fun. Pepsi got us seats that were only 7 rows back, right by the band and all the college students so we were in an area with lots of energy! I can't wait to go back to another game, it was just great! We also went to our favorite restaurant in SYR, Ichiban's and had an amazing meal! I'll write more tomorrow about the rest of the weekend. We had a delay today and I'm on the run now!
PS- See the lady sitting behind me with the orange shirt and colored scarf?? Her voice was like nails on a chalkboard ALL through the game! AHHH!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Thoughts

I love love love this time of year for so many reasons...

lights, fires in the fireplace, my Christmas Villiage displayed in our diningroom, cookies, munchy foods, wrapping paper, Christmas carols, putting up the tree, shopping, being creative, taking pictures, taking Seth sledding for the 1st time (can't wait!), family, Tom & Jerry's, friends, date nights, shoppings days with my Gram, parties, sights for the first time, reliving the experience through Seth's eyes, decorations, reading holiday books, dressing up, driving around to see the lights, going to Lights on the Lake, cookie day, giving, caroling, dancing in our kitchen, holiday specials on TV, Christmas Eve Mass, getting together, sending love far and wide, Christmas cards, cozy houses...

So what do you LOVE?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday Weekend

Our Sunday consisted of...
Morgin's 2nd Birthday Party

Seth's 2nd Annual Holiday Commercial

The Playback

What more could you ask for in a Sunday?

Stay tuned to Channel 7 for upcoming holiday commercials featuring our very own little man!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Quote

My new favorite Seth quote is..."What you doing Mommy/Daddy?"

Thursday, November 22, 2007

We wish you...
* a relaxing, food filled, family and friend filled, cuddle up with your loves filled day!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Morgin!

We hope you have a wonderful day

and we'll see you tomorrow!

Monday, November 19, 2007

(+'s & -'s)

Alright so here goes my new list...

One the (-) side...
* I was sick all weekend with a puking bug
* I missed Thanksgiving dinner at Ro's family
* I missed seeing Eric, Sheryl and Jess after 3 months
* I missed Ro and my shopping day without Seth
* I may never go back to Texas Roadhouse because I think that is what made me sick and it is one of my favorite restaurants
* I have parent teacher conferences from 11-8 tonight and I won't see Seth at ALL today
* I'm feeling a little tired and crappy today and I have to put on a big fat smile for 30 parents

Enough of my bitching, now onto the (+)...
* I have the best husband in the world who totally picked up the slack this ENTIRE weekend while I was in bed
* I have the best son who was good for his Daddy all weekend
* I have a great MOL who is watching Seth tonight while I am working
* I only have to work 2 days this week
* We are hosting Thanksgiving for 12 people on Thursday
* My cleaning lady is at my house as I type dissinfecting it so that is one less thing I have to do
* We are going 4 wheeling on Friday with some friends
* Our close friends the Voss' moved into their new house one block away

As many negatives as there are I think the positives are going to overpower them! What do you think??
PS: Feel better Luke!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Say No More

Friendship at any age
is a POWERFUL thing!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Warm Water Again

We now have warm water and a brand spanking new hot water heater. We are lucky that ours lasted as long as it has, come to find out it was from 1988! Our house never ceases to amaze us!

Nothing new to report. My grandparents came down last night and went to swim class with us. Seth was such a ham, he loved having people watching him. Then we had pizza and played before he went to bed EARLY. He was one pooped baby!

Tonight is the dreaded haircut. Dayna is coming over for dinner/haircut and Seth hates his hair cut so if you hear him screaming where you live you'll know why. Send positive thoughts our way!

Other then that it has been a dreary/cold/windy/gloomy week! Here's to a fun weekend!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Priceless Moment

Today's priceless moment occurred in the car this morning on the way to Pat's. I had Seth's CD in and all of a sudden I stopped to listen carefully and he was singing along with Laurie Berkner. The song was about talking on the telephone and he would sing "HELLO HELLO" right along with her. It was truly priceless and made my morning!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Calm, Cool and Collected

We've had a little chaos here today, but I'm so proud of myself. The old self would have been in a tizzy and stressing, but the new Jen rolled with the flow. Ro woke me this morning to tell me that we had no hot water. What can you do but wash your hair in the tub with cold water and get ready. I went to work and called my Dad who we call McGuiver because he can fix anything. He was nowhere to be found so we moved to plan B. We called Ro's friend Casey and he came to relight the pilot light. So now we have hot water BUT we also need a new water heater ASAP because it is leaking and stinking up the basement. We have our trusty plumber Greg coming over tomorrow because it is pretty nasty down in the basement and their is a suspicious extra water heater behind the broken one. This house never ceases to amaze me!

So in short, I am proud of my calm, cool and collected behavior today. It's a brand new Jen!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Our Cup Runith Over

We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives and this weekend we were able to spend some time with a few of those people. Saturday night we had the Voss' over for a belated 30th dinner for Jen/playdate/Wii action and everything went great. The taco pie was a hit and Rod even broke out guitar hero and we rocked that game (well, not me I pretty much stunk!)Sunday we laid low. Ro and I both thought we had the start to a cold and so we rested up and I think we beat it. (knock on wood) Today has been wonderful. We started with a flu shot for Seth and then a playdate with Jacob. I have tons of pics from the playdate so check back tomorrow. When Seth gets up we are headed on a walk before dark!
PS- Thank you Sheryl and Eric for the Halloween goodie bag for Seth. He loved everything and we can't wait to see you on Saturday! YIPPEEE! Thank you Grandma Charlton for the Halloween ball too and for visiting me on Saturday!
PSS-Thank you Mom for going to the docs with Seth and I today. I needed the support and extra hands!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Sorry for the lack of blogs lately, but nothing exciting has been happening and I haven't taken a picture in 2 weeks, bad mommy!! So in short this is what we have been up to...

* Swim class + Burger King =up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps (me not Seth thank god!)

* I attended my 1st PTO meeting in 8 years and was praised for my work on our River Rat Readers Program. That brightened a gloomy day!

* Shopping at the outlets on Friday was a HUGE success and my mom and I had so much fun!

*We are having friends for dinner tonight as well as a little Wii action so hopefully there will be pics to come.

*Making Thanksgiving plans and menus and anticipating the fun!

See nothing very exciting, I think it is the time of year. I miss the outdoors!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

In My Next 30 Years...

It seems as though for myself and most of my friends that the 20s are dwindling away from us. In 2007 and more so in 2008 we will all be turning the dreaded 30. Today is no exception, my good friend Jen has turned that magical number today! Happy 30th Jen!

Myself, I have 3 months to go!

I can remember at Ro's 30th birthday party we played the Tim McGraw song, "In My Next 30 Years" and I always cry when he says "raise a little family and hang out with my wife!" Ro laughs, but every time that part comes on I cry like a baby! Such a sap I am!

PS: Back to my post about the movie Vacancy... So my brother tells me that the only close and reasonably priced place to stay in Ithaca near his dorm is a MOTEL! I'm freaking! Seriously!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Dancing Heals the Soul

Seth's new favorite thing to do is DANCE! He loves to dance around the livingroom, dance in his car seat or high chair and yesterday he danced up a storm at Grandma and Poppy Puccia's house. He gets right into the booty shake and everything. You catch yourself wanting to just be plain silly with him and dance around like a fool!

We had a great weekend. We started it out by going to happy hour which turned into happy 3 hours, but we were home by 9:30pm. Thank you to Dad and Sue for watching Seth!

Saturday we did a little bit of nothing. My mom and I went to the craft fair on Fort Drum and then Ro and I took Seth out for a little shopping and to Pizza Hut for dinner. Seth has no concept of time so he thinks that as soon as he sits down he HAS to eat. He was yelling "PIZZA PIZZA " through the whole restaurant. You just had to laugh.

Sunday Ro and Tom went golfing and my Mom and I took Seth to the playground and for a walk. With the time change Seth was up at 5:30am so by nap time he was exhausted and so were we. We all took super long naps!

On to another week...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

On to the Next Holiday...

The festivities are over and all was a success and now we are taking down decorations for one holiday and putting up decorations for the next. The turn over time is next to nothing. We are psyched for Thanksgiving because we are the hosts this year and I want to make it memorable!

Seth with Grandma Charlton last night!

I can't remember a time when I have been so tired. Today is that day and I even went to bed at 9:30pm in the middle of Private Practice. All the commotion just tired me out!

Tonight will be a low key evening and tomorrow night we are going to go to happy hour at Joe's for a bit. Followed by the big craft fair on Fort Drum on Saturday.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I made it through the crazy sugar filled day and now we are off to swim class and costume time! We hope that your Halloween festivities are enjoyable and that the kiddies sleep like logs tonight!

Family hugs are the best!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Post Weekend Wrapup

The weekend went by rather quickly again so here is the wrapup...
FRIDAY: We had a girls night out and it was a lot of fun with some old faces and some new. We went to The Paddock Club for a martini and some good conversation. Then, we went to the haunted house in Sackets Harbor which scared the crap out of us all. At the end they chase you with chain saws and they don't seem to give up. That was scary and a pain in the ass at the same time. Finally, we went to Good Fellas for dinner and chit chat. It was a great evening!
SATURDAY: It was rainy and gloomy out so we made the most of a bad day by...visiting and shopping. We visited Grammy and Poppy Puccia in the morning and then shopped with Grandma Charlton in the afternoon. In the evening we made a new friend and had a playdate with Gage. Seth and Gage tired each other out so much that Seth slept until 7:45 the next morning which is unheard of.

SUNDAY: The rain finally stopped so we were outside and walking like maniacs. Sunday was also filled to the brims with food. We went to Grandpa and Nana Buckingham's in the afternoon to see Ryan, Katie, Gwen and Elise and ate our way through the afternoon. I have never seen my Dad cook so much perch in my life. He cooked 2 heaping platters of fish and I safely ate my way through half of one. It was awesome! That food was followed by a big ziti/salad/bread dinner that I cooked at our house for Bonnie and Ro. So as you can see the main idea for Sunday was the more food the better!

Seth is addicted to giving hugs and we LOVE it!

The weekend went by so quickly it is a good thing I wrote this post or else I'd forget it very quickly!

Monday, October 29, 2007


I took a recommendation from my scarey movie poll and scared myself from ever watching another scarey movie again. This movie seriously scared me from EVER staying at a motel again. I was so stressed that my chest hurt and I was counting down the minutes until is was over. If you like to be scared then rent this, I myself am glad it is over and hope I never have to stay in a scetchy motel again.

I'll post some pics from girls night later today when I upload them! So stayed tuned...

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I challenge you to think of the SCARIEST movie you have ever seen and share the title with me!

I'll go first...The Hills Have Eyes
Your turn now...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jump on the Bandwagon (Literally)

So after reading Nina's ( post today I got thinking about the soundtrack of my life right now. What is playing over and over on my ipod??? Thank you god for inventing the ipod by the way, I couldn't live without it!
Here is the soundtrack to my life (at the moment)...

* Over You ~ Daughtry
* Wake Up Call ~ Maroon 5
* Edge of 18 ~ Stevie Knicks
* Invincible ~ Pat Benetar
* Down Under ~ Men at Work
* The Boys are Bak in Town ~ Thin Lizzy
* Paralyzer ~ Finger 11
* Fly Away ~ Tim McGraw
* Never Again ~ Kelly Clarkson
* What I've Done ~ Linkin Park
* First Time ~ Lifehouse
* Stronger ~ Kanye West
* How Far We've Come ~ Matchbox 20
* The Great Escape ~ Boys like Girls
* Always Love ~ Nada Surf
* The Mixed Tape ~ Jakes Mannequin
So what's your soundtrack look like? Do tell...

Sunday, October 21, 2007


This weekend has been bursting with fun. We decided to have our first Wii party on Friday night so we called Rod and Jen and asked if they were free. We did the good parent thing by having pizza and letting the kids play and dance around and then put the kiddies to bed and played Wii until 12:30! We even made Ro and Jen their own personal Wii characters like we have. If I remember correctly (too many glasses of wine)Jen Voss specially named hers Skanky Spice!
We bowled, boxed, and golfed our hearts out. In two weeks we are even having a rematch! Saturday we went to the most amazing first birthday party that I've ever seen. Our friend Lori is the next Martha Stewart. She had more food then you can imagine plus individual witch hat cakes for the all kids plus carved out oranges frozen to look like pumpkins with ice cream in them plus a pinata plus felt pumpkin goodie bags for the kids plus a pumpkin to take home for all the kids. It was amazing. Plus all the kids had to dress up and that was priceless.

Addy the birthday girl!

Today we are headed back to Behlings for more fall fun and then Mom and Tom are coming over for dinner and to book our Florida trip for April!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Video Love

Seth & Jacob at Behlings last weekend!

Seth playing the Wii

Playing motorboat at swim class with Daddy!

We hope that you have enjoyed your weekly dose of videos from our library! Seth is growing and changing so much each day. Thank god for cameras!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Status Report

Gramp is home and resting. His heart looks much better then they had anticipated and the swelling around it has gone down so for right now he can monitor it with meds and he can only drink once a week which will drive him crazy. He loves his Genny Cream Ale! In a few weeks they will go back and check him over and if all is well then they will continue with this routine and if it worsens then he would possibly have to get a pace maker or heart defibulator. Hopefully that will not be the case. Thank you for all of the well wishes and vibes that headed my way. You guys rock!

Positive Thoughts

I love you Gramp! We'll be up to see you tomorrow! We are all thinking of you today!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Add on...

To add to my last post I would take great appreciation in having all of my bloggie friends and family who check this daily say some extra prayers for a man whom has the biggest heart, whom is having heart problems and needs all the prayers that he can get. My Gramp, one of the closest people in my life! Please keep him in your thoughts!

Full of...

The weekend was full of...
*craft fairs
*relaxing drives full of good conversation
*Zebb's cookies
*rain rain and more rain
*surprise trips to Lowville
*Gramp's homemade BLT's
*date nights
* a new TV and jeans
*good movies
*good food 2 nights in a row
*Panera Bread with family from far away
*trips to Target for some unexpected Christmas shopping
*kiddie rides and inflatables with Jacob
*crisp cool air
*pot roast
*turning an old unusable livingroom in the the BEST livingroom ever
*endless coloring
* fall walks with Seth
*time with my 2 favorite men!
What more could you ask for?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Date Night

We finally reinstituted our date night after 2 months without it and we had a blast! Date night included...dinner out at Red Lobster, a little jean shopping at the mall, a movie and the purchase of our new flat screen wall mount TV for the big livingroom. Today Ro's goal is to mount the TV and enjoy it!

We went to see Good Luck Chuck because wanted a good laugh and not any drama. We definately got a good laugh,more then good. This is a very funny movie so if you get the chance check it out!

We have a playdate with Kristen and Jacob this afternoon so please pray that we don't get any more rain, we are headed to Behlings for a few kiddie rides and a hay ride. Pics to come!

Friday, October 12, 2007


I told Ro last night that I had to blog on this topic and the topic is... People who live in the Sam's Club parking lot.

You are probably wondering what the heck I am talking about. We have gone to Sam's twice in the last week for varying reasons and both times we have gone their have been five RVs parked around the perimiter of the parking lot all hooked up. People actually live in the Sam's parking lot! I'm totally baffled!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Feeding Frenzy

My mom and I took Seth to Old McDonald's Farm on Monday and I swear my son has no fear. We bought some popcorn to feed the goats, which I might add I am scared to do. Seth loves it and isn't afraid one bit. The look on his face when their wet slimy mouths touch his hands it too funny though.
I took Seth to OMF back in June for the first time and you can definately tell that he has grown. He loved the hay ride this time and he really enjoyed all of the animals so much more. I can't wait to take him to Florida this April. He will be that much older and he will LOVE it!

We have to say a special Happy Birthday to Poppy AKA Tommy today! We celebrated his birthday basically all weekend, but today is the official day! We hope it was a good one. Speaking of birthday, Seth now says, "Happy Birthday" and it is too cute!

Nothing else much is new here. It has been a rainy and dreary week, BUT a healthy one, (knock on wood please!). We went to swim tonight and Seth loves it. Then, we went to Burger King for dinner. I know it is highly nutritious, but what the heck you only live once and after that strenuous swim class I deserve a big fat burger with all the fixings.

Friday night is the annual Folk Art Show in SYR and Sue and I go every year together so I'm excited about our evening. Saturday night we are supposed to go out to dinner with Erin and Jason, but Erin is sick so it might just be a date night for Ro and I. Time will tell!

We also have a play date with Jacob and Kristen at some point this weekend, we are yet to nail that down, but it will happen!

Monday, October 08, 2007

We had the best weekend. Saturday we went apple picking and it was so fun this year because Seth could walk around and he really understood what was happening. He was just in awe of everything going on around him. It was priceless! After apple picking we drove to Southwicks and had a picnic on the beach. It was so much fun as well. Seth loved the BIG sandy beach and he loved munching on all of the food we brought too! Tommy and Seth dancing "The Mony Mony" on top of the picnic table This is the shot we are sending to my Gramp's doc with the title, "There is nothing like a hot dog and a beer to keep you healthy!"

Sunday we celebrated Tommy's birthday with dinner at Mom and Tom's and today my Mom and I took Seth to Old McDonald's Farm and he loved it! He just loves animals and he was so happy. You could tell by the smile on his face! Tomorow is back to work and I'm pretty much ready because I basically had all of last week off with Seth being sick so I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. Bring it on!

PS: We are so very happy that the Yankees pulled their heads out of their butts and won last night!