Friday, June 23, 2017

Proud Parents

 Seth has always had a great group of boys in his life, but this year he made even stronger friendships and I'm so happy for him. These boys are great. They are smart, come from great families, athletic and fun to be around. They get my seal of approval.
 We decided that ice cream for dinner was very fitting on the last night of school and it was oh so yummy.
 So incredibly proud of the accomplishments Seth has made this year. He made the honor roll all 4 marking periods.
 Leah and her class participated in "Thoughtful Thursday" each week and created a book to record and illustrate all of the thoughtful things that they had done all year long. It is priceless.
 Leah was also given the "Yo Yo Award" for being extra helpful to her teacher on a daily basis.
Yesterday pretty much rocked from a parent stand point. We are feeling more than blessed.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Final Day of School

 Today marked the final day of school for Leah and Seth. That's a wrap for 2nd and 5th grades. The year literally flew by, it is very hard to believe. Both kids had wonderful teachers and we are very sad to see the year end. The right teacher makes a world of difference.

 I am also saying farewell to my close friend Vicky who will be working at LaFargeville next year with her hubby and bringing the girls with them. It is a very bittersweet feeling. Vicky is one of my closest friends at work, but the move is the right thing for her family and that's what matters most.
We had a breakfast at school for her this morning with the entire staff. Many tears were shed.

Wiley Track and Field Day

 Apparently Seth won the high jump today at school by jumping 4'2" high. Three different moms sent me videos and I cried tears of joy I'm so proud of my boy.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

End of the School Year Festivities

 The kids celebrated Flag Day in style last week and Roland went to Leah's school for his special Father's Day tribute called "Donuts for Dads".

 Last weekend we took the kids to Dock Dogs in Clayton and enjoyed a wonderful day on the river.

 We stopped at The Scoop for some much needed ice cream too.
 Saturday evening Uncle Gary and Aunt Jody came for dinner and many fun activities outside too. We took them on mule rides, jumped on the trampoline and had a camp fire.
 Sunday was Gramp's 91st Birthday. Boy, is he loved.
 We also made our dad feel extra special on Father's Day.
 On Tuesday I was fortunate enough to go on the 5th grade field trip to Boldt Castle. It was more than a blast and we all had the very best day.

 Water levels are still way above normal.

 Last night Seth's team had their first away game. Seth scored one goal and ran his buns off. The team ended up tying 2-2 in the end.
 We needed to air out his feet after the game. Ugh.
 Today was our 5th grade graduation at GES and I shed many tears as I sent off some super special kids to the middle school.
 My Bismarck twins
 Double Jacks
My morning perfume and cologne gang

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week+end in Review

 Last Thursday was the Sherman Family Picnic and Leah was over the moon excited to go and see her friends.
 Boy am I going to miss my 5th grade students who come to visit me each and every morning to Snap chat. We have so many laughs together.
 Last Friday I chaperoned a 4th grade field trip to The Rock Island Lighthouse and then a boat ride on Clayton Island Tours. It was SUCH a fun experience.

 Then we met up with The Pettit's for some fun in the Cape. We hit The Roxy and Aubrey's Inn for many different apps and tons of laughs.

 On Saturday Seth had a birthday party at Nico's and Leah had her friend Alexandra over to play.

Happy Birthday Nico
  Then we hit the pool for the first time this season.
 Today I was in the Cape for our school Olympics, but Seth was at the Boat Museum for his field trip and a friend sent me these great pics from their day.

Rowing a skiff for the first time.