Thursday, October 29, 2015

Updates and Carving Old Jack

 The house is 98% done and we are ready to move in on Friday night. All of the furniture has been delivered and the counter tops have been installed. All we have left is to have the cable installed and the water filter. We have lots of decorating to do and settling in, but we have come to the end of this crazy journey and we couldn't feel more blessed or happier. We made it.

 We carved our pumpkin last night as well. The kids actually enjoyed getting the guts out and we laughed as we watched them.

 Daddy did the actual carving after Leah designed the face.
 Then we had a dance party in the kitchen.

 The seeds turned out super yummy. Seth loved them and Miss Picky Leah did not. No surprise there.
Our finished product. Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Weekend in Review

 Friday night was the night we have waited for, for the last 6 months...time to unload the trailer.

 We had four men lifting all of the furniture and most of the boxes out of the trailer and it was glorious.
 Saturday morning Seth's team played in their "Pink Out" game and WON. It was their first game in the "A" league and they worked hard.
 Then the kids auditioned for Elf Jr.
 Leah is an elf in the chorus and Seth has his very first role ever; Charlie the Elf.
 In the afternoon we continued cleaning and unloading boxes. Poppy took on the crazy difficult task of getting the floors cleaned. All of the drywall dust on the floors was more than I could handle so he worked his tail off to get them shiny and clean.
 My mom washed every single window in the house, inside and out. God love her.
My dad was in charge of putting things together and hanging window treatments. He got so much done and it was so exciting to see things start to come together. We are truly thankful for the help and support of our friends and family who came out to help us last weekend. It was way more work than I had envisioned. Many hands made things go much quicker. 
Sunday Leah had her first U8 game and she did so great. She scored a goal and ran her buns off. What a huge difference from last year in U6. We are so proud of her.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

 The house continues to push forward with each day bringing new things. All of the plumbing is hooked up now. This is part of our half bath minus the mirror.
The fridge has been installed and just in the knick of time. We moved out of our rental on Friday so all of the food went right into the new fridge.

The stone on the front of the house was completed on Friday as well. 
Saturday was Seth's big tourney so we all wore purple to support our favorite player. 
The aunties came to cheer Seth on too. 
 In between games the girls ran off some energy.
Such a fabulous team. 

 It came down to a tie and with 12 one minute overtimes we were finally defeated. I'm pretty sure that I lost years off my life from all of the stress. The kids played their hearts out and we were so very proud of them.
 Seth was in goal and unfortunately got defeated. He took it pretty hard, but with some support from his teammates and his buddies from the other team he wiped away his tears and moved on.

 At the end the "A" team came out and made sure our team knew that they supported us and told us what a great game they played. It was very touching and brought serious tears to my eyes.
 Then we cheered the "A" team on to victory.

Sunday we went to church and church school followed by a lazy day at Grandma and Poppy's. The kids started rehearsing for their Stage Notes Jr. audition on Saturday. Seth rocked it and Leah is still super nervous.
We anxiously await the weekend ahead for the start of a new soccer session; Leah will be in U8 and Seth U10-A. We will also start to unpack that tractor trailer and start to settle in to the new house.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Finishing Work

 We continue to plug forward on the house. All of the big stuff is done and all of the little remains. The painter is working her tail off to finish and make everything look perfect. Yesterday she put the first coat of poly on the mantel and it looks ten times better than this picture. Today they installed the refrigerator, carpet and they are working on the septic. The water will work today and the cleaning crew started. YAY.
We move back to my mom's tonight and will hope and pray that the counter tops are installed soon so we can move in.
Seth has a BIG soccer tournament tomorrow and we are ready to cheer him on.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Some House Pics

 They continue to work on the fireplace and mantel. Since I took this picture last week they have finished the stone all the way up to the mantel and I believe they are finishing it all today and staining it. Next week the fireplace people come back to finish their install.
 They installed the dining room light, but I had them stagger the jars. Haven't taken an updated picture of that yet.
All of the hardwood flooring is done now also. I guess I better go up and take some updated pictures.
This week they work on the septic, hooking the well water to the house, finish up painting, insulation in the attic, railings on the back deck, etc. Still quite a bit of little stuff to do. We hope to move in within the next two weeks. Patience. I'm still working on that.

Columbus Day Weekend

 We were so excited for the long weekend and we started it off right with a trip to Lowville to visit Gram and Gramp. We had Chinese, bought my Gramp a giant beer and just relaxed for the night. It was perfect.
 Saturday was Poppy Puccia's birthday, but they went away for the weekend so we texted, called and Facebooked him a Happy Birthday.
 Every Columbus Day we take a trip to Old McDonald's Farm and this year was very bittersweet. Seth is too old to go now, so he and Roland went golfing while my mom and I took Leah. She loved every single minute and I hope she does for a couple of more years to come. It was a gorgeous day and we took full advantage of it.
 Goats on the roof, what the heck? HA.

 Pony rides
 Hay rides
 That cows face was gigantic.

 This chick always seems to get a hole in one.
Yesterday was picture day and even though I'm biased, I think they look pretty stinking cute.
The rest of the week we prep to move once again. We move back to my moms for a bit before the final move. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger correct?