Friday, July 27, 2007

Videos from the Trip!

I hope that you have some time because here are some of the videos from this weeks vacation! We highly recommend that you go to Lake George, NY! It is such a great family vacation destination. We also loved this 60's theme park called The Magic Forest! It was quite interesting, but the best place to take kids Seth's age and up!He had a blast and it was trippy for us adults!
The Magic Forest

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The Countries Only Diving Horse!

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Rompa Room Fun!

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Jumpy Jumpy

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Trip to Remember

I can't say enough wonderful things about our first official family vacation. We had the time of our lives! Seth was awesome and we had such a great time with The Gilbert's! I labeled all my pics today and I took 99 pictures on the trip! AHHH!!! So here are just a few!
Pool fun
Magic Forest Family Self Portrait Chilling like a big kid

LetterboxingBall pits are the best!

I have many many more pics that I will try to post in the next few days. Plus, I need to write a tribute post to the theme park that we took the kids to, The Magic Forest! Look for it in upcoming posts!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


I have gots lists all over the house, upstairs and downstairs, in my head and in my dreams. They are taking over my brain at this point. I'm in vacation dreamland and I can't wait! I just pray that our time with The Gilbert's goes slow and that we all have a blast! I think it is going to be awesome. The kids are at such great ages and I know that Seth loves to experience and SEE new things so he will eat this whole trip up!


Today we are going to our second parade of the week and it is a good one. We are headed to Sackets for the Can Am Parade followed by nap time followed by a birthday party followed by dinner out with Erin and Jason. We seriously aren't always this busy. The birthday party came up unexpected. Tomorrow we leave for four days so we will have all sorts of adventures to tell you about when we return! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Everyone Loves a Good Parade

This is by far my most favorite week of the whole summer. It is the Lewis County Fair week and it makes me so happy. My husband, that is another story, it doesn't make him happy because he works like a dog this whole week, but me very happy! Anyhow, last night was the fair parade. We always go up to my Gram's for dinner and then walk down to the parade. It is the biggest event in the whole county and just about everyone is lined up on Main St. My grandparents even take their car down at noon and leave it there so we get good seats. I wasn't sure how Seth would do because he doesn't like to sit for too long anymore, but he was amazing and he loved all the big trucks and tractors. His eyes lit up!
As soon as Seth wakes up from his very long nap we are headed back up to Gram's for Children's Day at the fair. Seth loves rides so I can't wait for some good old fair fun! We are also bringing some friends with us. It should be a fun filled afternoon!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fun in the Rain

Last night we pulled together a little summer cookout which turned to rain on us, BUT we never let it stop the fun. The kids played in the rain and the adults watched and had a few cocktails! It was a great evening! We are truly lucky to have such a wonderful family and such wonderful friends!

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Seth, Sophia and Maya dancing on the deck.
We can call it "The Rain Dance"!
PS: Nina, John Pigs, Joey and Gray
we will see you

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Winning Streak

First I won a raffle basket worth $300 from the Relay for Life and last night at our friends Christmas in July Party I won "Best Christmas Created Tank Top"! I'm on a roll and I NEVER win anything! I mean never, well I guess I can't say that anymore can I! Here is my creation, but I can't take all the credit because Ro helped me brainstorm ideas!The party was a lot of fun. We had to bring our senior pics with us and we voted for best smile, best hair, best makeup, etc. It was so funny to see some of the 80s styles. I was one of the youngest so I just looked young with big bangs! Today we are headed to the French Festival and the boys are having a boys day!


Friday, July 13, 2007

Date Night Great Night!

I'd like to say a special thanks to my Mom and Tom for making Date Night possible once a week. Many of you probably know that I love to go out to eat and an added bonus is not having to shovel the food in so fast as I do when I eat with Patters. So Date Night is the BEST! We have been going for three weeks now and Ro and I have had the best time together. Talking, eating and having a couple of cocktails together is so great for us. So, Thank You for making that possible! Last night we stayed close to home and went to Texas Roadhouse. We had such a great meal and I even ate my whole plate of ribs! OOORAAA! To top off the evening Big Brother was on and I'm addicted! The night as a whole was a success!

Today we are meeting Erin and Storm in Sackets for our walk. Then we need to get Papa Charlton a birthday gift because.....

Tonight we are going to a Christmas in July party and trying out a new babysitter so wish us luck!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Grossest Motherhood Moment Thus Far

Tuesday was the hottest day this summer so far, I think it reached about 95 degrees with full humidity. You walked outside and instantly dripped. BUT, I"ll take it over snow so there were no complaints out of me. We found ways to stay cool. I hauled out all of the water toys and filled up the pool. I stripped Seth down to a diaper and then realized that he was getting pretty wet so I thought to myself, "Nina always lets her kids run around naked, it can't hurt!" So he is playing in the pool and then with his short attention span he gets out of the pool and starts to play on his slide. I run to get the video camera and start videoing him naked on the slide when I zoom in and.......................he poops right on the slide. He literally looked like a dog. THEN, he proceeds to step in it. Luckily he had his crocs on and not bare feet. I throw the camera and try to grab him and of course he gets mad at me and screams! Isn't life grand!

Lesson learned....Put on a swim diaper at all times, I have a unscheduled pooper!

Monday, July 09, 2007

"Seth what does a lion say?"...

...with both arms flexed out in front of him and face all red, he says ROARRRRR!
So on Saturday my wonderful husband says to me, "Let's go on an excursion." I am ALWAYS up for fun so I hopped in the shower and we were off to the zoo in SYR. Mind you I haven't been there in like 15 years. We had the best day, as all days in the summer are the best, but this day will go down in the record books. Seeing Seth's face light up when he saw the animals was another PRICELESS moment. The best part was when he would get super excited, he would gasp super loud. We would just laugh! After the zoo we headed to our favorite spot in Oswego and we had a late lunch at Rudy's on the water. It was Seth's first taste of Rudy's food and we heard no complaints out of him. Saturday was just a wonderful day! Thank you to my hubby for planning such a great spur of the moment day! I LOVE YOU!
Seth after his day of fun!

Today we went to story time at the library for the first class. It is hard to believe that this time last year Seth wasn't even sitting up on his own at story time and this year you can't get him to sit still. He loved the songs and interaction with the kids. He is such a ham, just like his dad.

This afternoon we headed to Morgin's for some play time in her pool. The kids had a blast and Sarah and I chatted. Oh, a Happy Birthday to Sarah today too! I know I already gave you your gift but here is an added well wish!
Tonight was girls dinner and I was the host. We had a huge meal and everyone went home stuffed. The good news is that I don't have to host again until December! It is much more fun going then hosting, far less work!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Beautiful Piece of History

Friday mornings my friend Erin and I walk together with the boys. We decided to make it interesting and to choose a different location to walk each Friday. The first Friday we walked in Clayton and went to a used book sale for the boys. Yesterday we choose to walk in TI Park for many reasons. There was supposed to be a letterbox there, it is on Wellsley Island so we had to go over the TI Bridge, and it is an amazing part of old history and to be able to walk and take it all in over there was AMAZING! Well, we searched for the letterbox and it was a dud, we couldn't find it. But, we had a great walk around all of the old picture perfect cottages, churches and old buildings. You feel like you are on Martha's Vinyard and so far away from the busy world. They had a kickball game going and people fishing and the most intersting thing we saw was at the church there was an outdoor covered theatre and they have movie nights four times a week... Then, we stopped in the middle of town where there was an old playground and Seth had so much fun. Erin and I just looked around in amazement at how neat the whole place is!

Erin and Storm

The rest of the weekend we actually have no plans for once. Well, except Ro and my Dad are golfing tomorrow. Today we have no plans so I hope the clouds clear and the warmth comes back. It is summer you know or you'd think. I'd like to know who is getting the warm weather??

Thursday, July 05, 2007

No Water Fear Here

Seth and I started Mommy and Me swim class today and there was no sign of fear. Seth had so much fun and I got a huge workout. He got to lounge and I was put to work, but it was so fun and seeing him smile and laugh was PRICELESS!

After swim class we headed to the farmers market because we were starving. So at 10:30am we both had a hot dog and walked around a bit.
Tonight is date night so Seth is headed to Grammy and Poppy's and Ro and I are off on our date night. We haven't decided where we are going to go because of the weather, but I'm sure we will have fun wherever we are together!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Sitting back while Seth played in his pool I thought to myself how grateful I am to be able to spend these moments with him when who drives in...Daddy! We were both thrilled. We miss him so when he is at work, but appreciate him even more when he comes home to spend time with us. Today was another wonderful summer day and we walked and played and we are headed to Grammy and Poppy's for dinner while Ro plays golf.
Here are some of my grateful summer thoughts for today...
~ morning walks with Seth and my Mom
~ trips to Sackets to Crissy Beanz
~ Ro's secret stops home during the day
~ farmer's market on Wed
~ afternoons in the kiddie pool with water toys
~ upcoming vacation planning with The Gilbert's
~ Thursday night date nights with my hubby
~ family clam bakes
~ family and friends
~ playdates
~ swim lessons starting on TH
~ story hour at the library
~ Friday walks with Erin and Storm
~ bag book sales for $1
~ Sunday trips to Panera
~ parades
~ letterboxing
~ trips to Oswego (soon)
~ wine tasting and a day on the river next week
~ four wheeling with Ro next week
~ girls dinner here next week
~ Christmas in July party next week
As you can see next week is jam packed with fun summer fun!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Clam Bake

Summer just isn't summer without a good old fashioned clam bake and our family has started a new tradition this year. My step brother, his wife and family moved to Potsdam a year ago and this past weekend we had our first family clam bake. Now it is going to be an annual event! We had so much food it fit on two large tables. I LOVED it. I love to graze all day long. We had clams, fruit with dip, antipasta salad, macaroni salad, veggies with dip, cookies, cake, chips, shrimp, salsa, etc. It is a good thing we played badmiton and lawn games or we would all weigh 300lbs!! It was a wonderful day, THANK YOU RYAN, KATIE, GWEN AND ELISE for a wonderful and relaxing day! Have a great time in New Finland for the next month!
Sunday we decided that our diningroom was looking kind of crappy. We decided that it needed a fresh coat of paint and a fresh coat on the trim especially. I now call ourselves the "WEEKEND WARRIORS". We finished the whole room and put it back together in only about 12 hours. Our only saving grace was that Ro's parents came over and took Seth to Wendy's for dinner so that we could both finish up at the end. Thank you Bonnie and Ro, that was a HUGE help! Our next project it to hire someone to come and refinish the hardwood floors in the diningroom. The carpet has to go!

Today is a mellow day. We are walking and grocery shopping this morning. Then tonight The Richards are coming over for dinner and a playdate with Morgin! Thus why I need to grocery shop!