Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

 We had two items on the "to do" list for 2017 at the house and they are both complete and we are so thrilled. We did a little landscaping out front and added a cement slab out back under the deck. HUGE thanks to Land Pro and Fulmer Masonry. Everything turned out fantastic.

 We have been working our buns off on our yard and it's finally coming together. We had a few setbacks with our mower, but we are off and running now. The grass is slowly coming in and Roland made our fire pit larger.
 Saturday night we held the first and now hopefully, annual Memorial Day bonfire at our house. The weather cooperated and we all had such a great time.
 Girls ride
 Boys ride
 Moms ride

 We almost filled the driveway with vehicles, love it.
 Dads ride

 Chaperone section

 Fire master

 On Sunday we biked in Sackets and had a family picnic.

 On Monday we had Gram and Gramp for dinner.

 Gram is so funny trying out the fidget spinner.

We even got Gram to go for a short ride on the mule.
Very successful weekend with family and friends. Life is good.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Weekend in Review ~ May 20

 On Friday afternoon we headed to the doctor for Leah's 8 year well visit. 8 years, seriously??
 She is thriving in all areas and her height and weight match up so we are good to go.
 On Friday evening we pulled the trigger on the newest addition to our country living. We bought a mule and we are loving every minute on it. The kids were SOOOOO surprised.

 After SYR soccer the Moffett's dropped Seth off and I have never seen him so excited.
 On Saturday we drove to Lowville and spent the morning with Gram and Gramp. We took a drive all throughout Lewis County and stopped at some fun stores along the way. I came home with a homemade pie, two slices of carrot cake, maple truffles and jerked chicken. That is definitely a taste of Lewis County. It was the best morning.
 After our drive Seth decided to climb some trees in Gram's yard.
 Then we had lunch in the summer room.
 In the afternoon since Roland was away at a golf tournament I told the kids they could invite some friends over to play outside. The girls played on the trampoline mostly and the boys never left the soccer field. They played soccer and football all afternoon. It was glorious.

Seth spent the night at Triston's after and we took Leah out to dinner. Saturday was basically the best day. The weather was off the charts.

Seth's 5th Grade Band and Chorus Concert

 On Wednesday night Seth had his spring band and chorus concert. We were very excited to go because he literally NEVER practices his trumpet at home. The band sounded awesome even though we could not actually see him playing. We are very proud of his dedication.

 Leah was super happy that her buddy Olivia was sitting behind us so the littles sat together.

The chorus part of the show was spectacular. Mrs. Faunce is such a talented teacher and we love the musical progress that Seth has made this year. He even wants to try out for Ensemble next year. Yay.