Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend in Review ~ October 23rd

 Seth got his school pictures back for 5th grade and they turned out spectacular, but I am quite biased.
 Friday night we surprised the kids and took them to Orange Madness. We had never gone before and weren't really sure what to expect, but it was tons of fun. We stopped at Varsity for pizza first as always.

 We were pleasantly surprised with the festivities of Orange Madness. For $5 a person we were able to listen to the band, watch the cheerleaders and dancers, they introduced both the men and women's teams, they scrimmaged, had a three point shooting contest and a dunking contest. It was really a great time. Plus our seats were excellent.

 Saturday night we went to the Marcolini's for a Halloween party and we had so much fun. My throat hurt on Sunday from so much laughing and singing. The costumes were off the chart and everyone had such a great time.

 Yes, my husband the nun won best costume.
 Our entire kickball team looking amazing in our costumes.
 The whole party
 Leah scored a goal in her first game of the season and ran her buns off.
Saturday night during the party the kids went to Grandma and Papa Charlton's for a sleepover and played games. They had an amazing time.
 On Sunday night we put Grandma and Poppy to work on Leah's homework. They love it. Although, the quote of the evening was...(Grandma Barb: "Poppy is better at Math so let him figure out how to play this game first.")
Fabulous weekend, but as always, it went too quickly.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Roland's Garden Club Bonfire, Farewell to Coed Soccer, The Badger's and Leah's Harvest Playdate

I didn't get any pictures of Roland's Garden Club bonfire Friday night, but let's just say that the men drank many beers, someone rode their bike from Ball Ave to our house and fell in our neighbors utility ditch, a truck was driven across the lawn to get more firewood and the last of the men left at 4am. I was inside sleeping and I didn't feel like crap the next day. Win win.
 On Saturday Seth's team played their last coed game together. We say farewell to Willa and Jade and move to an all boys team now. We also had to say farewell to our wonderful friends The Badger's who are moving to Hawaii. We will miss you Jacob, Xander and Shawn.
 On Sunday we hosted five of Leah's friends for a good old fashioned harvest party. We did five different crafts, three games and ate yummy fall treats. It was just plain simple fun and the kids LOVED it.
 Leah and Hannah
 We bobbed for apples, the kids absolutely loved it.

 Seth and Devin were my helpers.


 Apple decorating bar

 Balance a mini pumpkin on your head.

 Balance a pumpkin candy corn with your mouth.

It was the best gathering we have every had with the kiddos. Total success.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Columbus Day Weekend

 We packed as much family fun into this weekend as humanly possible. We started out by meeting the family at Stefano's in Carthage for dinner Friday night. Gram and Gramp don't get out of Lowville very often so they were thrilled.
 Gram ate three dozen clams and Gramp ate one dozen plus calamari. They had smiles from ear to ear.
 On Saturday I took Leah to the Appleumpkin Festival at the library. She loves to do crafts so she was super happy to go.

 Then she was went to a friends donut themed birthday party.

 On Sunday we headed over the border to try a new hiking trail. IT WAS AMAZING.

 We can't wait to go back and hike this again. The trails were so interesting and we all loved every minute of it.
 Landon Bay, Ontario

 On the way home we stopped at the 1000 Islands Skydeck Tower and the views were incredible.
 Sunday night we celebrated Poppy's birthday and worked on Leah's "community" project for school. 
The weekend basically rocked.