Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We finally got some great pictures of the four kids together. No one cried or threw a temper tantrum, just smiles all around! SUCCESS!
Hey Jake, let me just poke you in the mouth for a minute!
Seth is so programmed to smile on cue that he looks like a smiley statue!
We definitely need to print come copies of these for a frame!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Looking Forward to...

* chicken parm for dinner with good friends that feel like family!
* one more swim class for a few weeks
* the sun
* warm weather ahead
* getting outside to walk and go to the playground with the kids
* making Easter cookies and coloring eggs this Friday with Granny Puccia
* Home Depot Day
* Maple Days
* warm weather
* Easter
* egg hunts, finding baskets and tons of pictures
* Spring Break
* time spent with friends and family during vacation
* Mama Mia
* warm weather
* Crocs and flip flops
* new spring and summer clothes on the kids
* being light outside later and later
* every new memory made...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Our friends Shaun and Beth live in Syracuse and they throw the best birthday parties for their daughter Lucy. Last year it was at Syracuse Tents and Events and this year it was at The Most Museum. All of the kids had so much fun together. I forgot my camera so I had to use my cell phone and it took crappy pictures so bear with me.
Seth & Mariana. Look at all of her hair!
Leah was almost tall enough to get her hands on a few toys.
Our smiley guy!
Lucy's closest friends and family!
Thank you to Shaun, Beth, Lucy and Mariana for including us once again and HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY LUCY!


Friendship is a strong bond and our children have definitely made lasting friendships at a very young age!
Seth and Jacob have been friends since they were a little over 1 years old and look at them now!
Jacob gets so tired of a camera in his face every time he is with us so it isn't often that I get a smile from him!
Lindsey is still new to Auntie Jen's camera and it doesn't bother her yet!
Hey Lindsey would you just take this toy I want to share it with you!
Can't you move yet? I'm ready to play with you!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thursday Night Dance Party

We had Kristen and the kids for dinner last night and the boys couldn't wait to dance.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear March... have been a very long month and I am ready for you to leave us. We were happy when you started because we were anxiously anticipating Leah's 1st birthday, but on the first day of your month Leah came down with her first little bug. That went away and then she caught a different form of the bug one week later. That went away and she caught a cold with a cough and runny nose. That went away and then her ear started oozing and I started panicking because I thought her tube had fallen out. Luckily, it is only an ear infection so she is on the mend, but SERIOUSLY this month needs to end and our little girl needs a little reprieve. So farewell March, we are in no huge hurry to see you again anytime soon! Bring on the warm, sunny weather please!

The Charlton Family

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All About Her Food

If there is one thing that I know about my daughter that is not to come between Leah and her food. She loves food and if you take it out of her hand or away from her she will not be smiling like the pictures below.
I will say that she is just about the happiest baby I've ever met. I am a little impartial, but she is just so smiley all the time that she melts our heart!
Plus, those nugget teeth are just too cute when she gives you a big old smile!
In other news...I've been trying out new names for the blog and yesterday something a friend said to me just stuck so that is why the blog finally has its rightful name...LIVE FOR TODAY! It is The Charlton Family's new motto! We have a very busy week ahead. Tonight we head to The Castana's for Mexican night and to say our "see you soons" to Lee. Wednesday we have swim class and we have invited Great Grandma and Grandpa to join us. Thursday we will have The Castana's minus one :( for dinner to keep them busy! The weekend is just as busy, but we are trying not to think about it yet!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Very spur of the moment...we took a trip this weekend with our close friends The Castana's and boy are we glad that we did. Thank you to Kristen & Lee for sharing this fabulous weekend with us. I was a little nervous to take a care trip with Leah and for her to miss her routine, but I am so happy that we did. Both Seth and Leah were amazing in the truck on the drive to Rochester. They were awesome as the museum and in the hotel overnight. Now, Roland and I can't wait to plan our next mini get-a-way with the kids! Here are a bunch of the best pictures from the weekend! Thank you also to Aunt Sheryl and Jess for meeting up with us for a bit. I can't believe that I didn't get you girls in any of the pictures!
Look at that bow, it is just adorable as is Lindsey!
This was the best we could get with 4 kids. Of course Miss Leah had to be the uncooperative one!
Rock climbing with a little help!
Let me try!
The whole day was so interactive. Seth was in heaven!
It felt like we were back at Sesame Place as the boys sat on the steps of Sesame Street.
Miss Kristen wanted to see what it was like for Roland and I in high school and college working at a grocery store.
Seth may possibly follow in Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Justin's footsteps.
Even the big kids had fun!
Leah was in awe as she watched herself in the monitor with Elmo.
Who wants to see the show??
" I want to drive, no I want to drive!!"
Roland swears he could not fit on this train so I had to go. That's alright, I loved every minute of it!
Lego Land
Mid afternoon cat nap after all of the excitement.
We watched some gymnasts and a ballet dancer so the boys were dancing around during the show.
Pretty Girls!
After a long day at the pool the boys were very excited to head to the hotel and go swimming.
It is amazing what great swimmers they both are.
Leah checked out the pool too!
I'm tired Mommy!
Heading home after a fabulous weekend with the best friends we could ask for!
Since we stayed in West Rochester we took Route 104 home and stopped in one of our favorite places...Oswego! We showed Kristen and Lee Ontario Orchards, SUNY Oswego campus and a few of our favorite Oswego places.
This weekend was extremely bittersweet. We had the most amazing time with our children and friends, but we also know that Lee will be leaving this Thursday for a year to Afghanistan and we really don't want to see him go. We made so many wonderful memories with him this past year and a half that we don't want them to stop. We also know that when he returns we will lose all four of them from our daily lives. So any way you look at it, it is extremely bittersweet.

Friday, March 19, 2010

For a Good Laugh

Leah is definitely in her independent stage and she wants to do everything on her own. She really dislikes when I have to feed her something like yogurt or applesauce. Last night at dinner I went outside of my comfort zone and just handed her a spoon and her small bowl of applesauce and let her have at it. This is what happened! HYSTERICAL!
She was covered, but had an utter BLAST!

Spring Has Sprung!

The weather has been absolutely fabulous this week. The sun has been so bright and it is actually warm out. All of the snow has cleared in our yard AND at the playground so we made our first official trip with Uncle J to the playground yesterday! It was also the first time that Leah has gone and been able to play. Last year she was a blob and sat in the stroller. She was having herself a grand old time this year!
Seth can officially do everything on the playground without any help!
All of the after school SAC kids were at the playground so Leah was doing some serious people watching.
The swing was huge for her, but she still enjoyed it and smiled away!
Thank goodness for Uncle J's extra eyes to help with Seth so he didn't fall and break a bone!
Thanks for spending time with us Uncle J, we had a blast with you as always!

St. Patty's Day Continued

Patty Leprechaun was so sneaky that he snuck back into the house while we were gone on Wednesday and turned our milk green. Seth's eyes just about bugged out of his head! Maybe the Easter Bunny will turn the milk pink next!