Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just a Little Preview!

We got our family pics taken last week and here is a little preview that we were given. We go back next Thursday to sit down and look at all 100 taken and try to pick the best of the best for ourselves and gifties for Christmas! Let me tell you it isn't easy to plan four outfits, four smiles and the weather, but I think we did darn good!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


The week started out slow with a ton of pool and at home time and since Wednesday we have been more than busy. We went white water rafting yesterday with some friends and had an utter blast. Our friend Tim has the CD of the pics so as soon as he gives us a copy I will have all sorts of amazing pics to share with you all. After our adventure we had enough time to pick up the kids and get all cleaned up before we headed out for our first family of four photo shoot at Creative Imaging. We have been going there since Seth was 10 months old so after lots of thinking we decided to head back there to get some overdue pics taken. The rain gods were looking out for us and held off until we literally pulled out of the parking lot. Thank goodness! They took about 9 different scenes of the four of us, the two kids and then Leah alone. We are so excited to see the proofs next week and will even get a sneak peak on fb soon.

Today Seth and I are off on our own little adventure. We are driving to Kristen's parents in West Pittston, PA to spend the night and then head to Sesame Place tomorrow morning...just the mom's and boys! Seth only knows we are going on an adventure and nothing more so I can't wait to see the look on his face! We went last year, but Kristen was WAY pregnant and Leah was so little that she and I didn't get to have all the water fun with the boys. This year it is our turn and thanks to the military and Kristen's generosity we all get to go for FREE! I will have tons of pics and blog posts to share early next week!

Thank you to my Mom, Pat and Ro for covering Leah duty! We love you all!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thank You Mother Nature

Our decision was like a yo-yo yesterday. One minute we were going and the next we were staying home and then finally the weather broke and we decided to take a chance and head to Lowville. With a caravan of friends and kiddies we made the drive and boy are we glad that we did. Not only did it not rain, but the weather was perfect and the lines were almost nonexistent.
I'm not sure if Leah liked the smell of the horse barn or not, but either way she had that pointer finger going the entire time. Her newest thing is to point at anything she thinks is amazing and there were many things to point at last night.
If you read this regularly you know by now that our 4 year old son is girl crazy. He took last night as an opportunity to snuggle up to Sophia. He is definitely into the older girls and sadly doesn't pay much attention to Maya. Poor Maya is always left out.
They literally held hands all night long. I didn't mind so much because Sophia is Miss Safety and kept Seth with the group and in line.
Seth had to go in the fun house again after falling in love with it on Wednesday night.
I think by the looks on the girls faces that they loved it too!
The carnie made Rod and I go with Seth and Maya which at first I was bummed about until I realized what a blast it was. We went so fast that I swear we were off the slide and in mid air.
Ashley and I decided to take the babies on the carousel which they loved as well!
It was Teagan's 1st official carnival ride!
Sharing; a mother's dream!
It was another fantastic night and week for that matter at the Lewis County Fair. The countdown begins to next year and watch out world because Leah is going to want prime seats on those rides all by herself!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wall of Fame

We have this small cork board in our kitchen that I hang the best of the best pics and such. It isn't big enough so I have to change it out every once in a while. I love to look at it and remember that we have some of the best family and friends that anyone could ask for. We are truly blessed!

This is our latest photo booth from LG and a special pin that The Gilbert's got us. We will treasure it always!

Best Job Ever

Can I just reiterate that being a teacher is the best job because I love it of course, but also because summers off rock! I love that I don't have to miss moments like the ones Seth, Leah and I had yesterday. We decided to stay home and enjoy the warm summer sun. I started with just putting Leah's swim shirt on and her regular diapers. Well , she enjoyed the pool a little too much and her diaper almost exploded (not made for water at all). So I took it off and let her go bare bum for a while until I got worried that her butt might get burned. Look at that cottage cheese butt!

Next, we decided to have a water balloon fight and that was hysterical!
This is my life on most days and I wouldn't trade it with anyone!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Evening at the Fair

I decided yesterday afternoon to pack up the kids and head to the fair. I felt like I didn't get to spend much time with my grandparents during all the craziness of the parade so it would be fun to drive to Lowville and take the kids down to the fair. I was a little nervous about the looks of the skies, but we went down anyhow.
I told Seth that we could go on 4 rides and play some games. He was so excited!
After the roller coaster at The Magic Forest he now has a love for them just like his mom. He was thrilled that they had a small roller coaster at the fair.

We ate at Goober's, played some games, got some taffy and checked out the animals before....we got soaked in a down pour. I ran so fast up that hill to my grandparents house that I had shin splints. If any of you know my Gram she doesn't like to get her hair wet so if I could have put her on my back I would have. As soon as she got to the bottom of her driveway I ran down with an umbrella and she was laughing so hard. Times have changed!
Let's hope that it doesn't plan to rain again tomorrow when we plan to go back one last time!

Wednesday's are the BEST!

We always look forward to Wednesday's because we get to go to the farmer's market and eat summer fun food. This year they have stepped up the food and they have potatoes on a stick and chocolate covered strawberries. These are my personal favorites! Seth wanted to try the potato this week and he loved it. I am so proud of him lately, he has been making an effort to try new things and has been liking just about everything.
This week was extra special because the fire truck was there and also Seth's favorite fireman. It is crazy that he remembers this man from school this year and from Home Depot's fire safety day. He would have sat their all day had he been able to!
This is how Leah chills out at the farmer's market.

1st Harvest

We picked our first round of tomatoes and gave them to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa yesterday. Today we picked another bowl about this size and Seth helped me wash and cut (yikes) them for a cucumber and tomato salad. Now I can't wait for dinner!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Best Tradition of the Summer

Last night was the evening that I look forward to most in the entire summer...The Lewis County Fair Parade! It has been a tradition for as long as I can remember to gather at my grandparents house for dinner and play time and then all walk down to watch the biggest parade of the season. When my grandfather owned his own business years back we would sit in front of his office, but since he has sold it my grandparents now park their car downtown and then we have a designated spot to sit without having to hang out downtown for hours before the parade. As the years pass I truly treasure this evening because we never know how long it will continue. In the past 2 years we have included The Castana's in our tradition and last night will be their last parade with our family :(. We also included Lisa and AJ with us last night. The kids got record amounts of candy and we enjoyed it so very much.
Pizza, fruit, family and friends!
The best army wives ever!
Just a small view into this massive parade route.
The kids armed with their candy bags.
Leah and Daddy
Seth will talk to anyone!
One float was handing out freeze pops and they left Seth out so my cousin Chris ran down the street and made sure he got one. Thanks Chris!
Since freeze pops are our families craze right now both Seth and Leah were in heaven.
One happy boy!
The whole night was the best and I loved every minute of it. We are heading back to Lowville tonight to enjoy some fair festivities and good fair food. Can't wait!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Savoring THIS Summer

This will be the last summer that I (we) get to spent with some of the very closest people to us, who we love dearly...The Castana Family! This time next year they will be relocated to the middle of nowhere in Kansas. All I can think of is the Wizard of Oz and the giant tornado and I hope that weather isn't really there. Anyhow, we are trying to spend as much quality time with our friends before the craziness of fall hits and then the year will be gone before we know it.

Jacob has learned to ride his bike without training wheels now so he had to show us his new skills.
Could we have a cuter god daughter??

Grilled Pizza

Probably a year ago some friends of ours made grilled pizza and it sounded not only fun, but delicious too! Jump ahead a year and take a glance at our first grilled pizza experience!
Shaping the dough was the hardest part of all. It was very uncooperative. We now have new found admiration for people in the homemade pizza industry.
Is your mouth watering??
Seth gave it a thumbs up!

So did Leah!
It was super fun and we all loved it!