Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Loving the Lake

 Friends of ours recently took the plunge and bought a cottage. I have nothing, but wonderful things to say about this piece of property...they did good. It has a beautiful piece of water front, a great front and back yard and it is super cute on the inside. It is fantastic and we couldn't be happier for them.
 The kids had an utter blast playing in the water, fishing, jet skiing, jumping on a water trampoline and anything else you could imagine. They were so exhausted that they slept all the way back into town.

 If you invite me to a party... I'm going to bring glow sticks and the kids were thrilled.
Polite, smiley faces...
Goofy, silly faces.
Thank you Matt and Mack for being the best hosts. We had a blast.

Maiden Voyage

 It was delivered, the weather cooperated, the boat started right up AND we were able to get out of the channel in super shallow water...SUCCESS. We were all pretty happy boaters.
 We can not say enough wonderful things about our latest purchase. It was a smart move and it fits our family much better.
 We took a ride towards Henderson and then Sackets, stopped for some snacks and water gun action followed by our first order from The Pizza Shack of the season. I'd say that is one successful afternoon.
Captain Seth, reporting for duty.

Starting the Weekend off Right

 Friday evening we had our friends over. The weather was perfect so the kids played in the water table, rode bikes and just took it all in.
 The kids even braved the sprinkler a little and coolest off the old fashioned way.
 After dinner we had our first camp fire of the season which included sparklers, some random fireworks and of course...s'mores.

It was the perfect way to start the holiday weekend off right.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Island Girl Has Arrived

 The marina at which we purchased the boat was kind enough to deliver it for us on Tuesday so we gladly met them. She started right up and was put safely in our slip. Seth, my mom and I are going down tomorrow morning to vacuum and scrub her down for use this weekend.

Let's hope for wonderful weather this weekend and every weekend after that.


 This week has been full of a whole lot of nothing. The weather has been beautiful so we are trying to enjoy it as much as possible and with that comes some sparkly toes and SU jersey's; both very special requests from The Charlton Kiddos.

Future student and basketball player at SU? Anything is possible.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Welcome Home Chad and Lindsey

 Chad and Lindsey made their yearly visit to Watertown this past week so we were all able to coordinate a zillion different schedules and all be together on Sunday for a Buckingham fish fry. It was great to see the whole family. Since Ryan and Katie moved to Canada we haven't seen them since last July as well as Chad and Lindsey who live in Florida. It was a very laid back evening and great to see everyone. Plus, the endless fish was the icing on the cake for this lady. Lindsey and I joked about having a fish eating contest the next time they come to town. She thinks she can take me, but Chad warned her that I am the champ.
We can't wait for their next trip home, at that time we will be able to meet the newest addition to the family...Caydance. We wish them the best of luck with the new babies arrival.

Island Girl

 Welcome the newest addition to our family...Island Girl. We sold the old boat and upgraded this season. She will be delivered this afternoon to our marina and we hope to start using her this weekend. Please let the weather gods bless us with fabulous weather.

We can't wait for the season to start.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Budding Artist

 We are proud parents of a budding artist. This we know due to the amount of tape, construction paper and markers that he goes through as well as the crafts and books he creates on a daily basis. We love that he is creative and we love that he was one of just a handful from his school chosen to be shown at the Tri-County Art Show. We gathered the crew and headed to the State Office Building on Monday evening to share in his success. He was so excited to show us his work and to look at others.
Hopefully there will be many more art shows and concerts to come. We love his love of the arts.

Mother's Day '12

 For the 2nd year in a row we loaded up the bikes and headed to Syracuse for the day. We lucked out and the weather was beautiful once again. We biked three miles along Onondaga Lake, stopped and played on a couple of play grounds, had some treats from a food truck and then headed to SU hill.
 Last year when we did this Leah has no hair and didn't talk at all. My how the times have changed. She had a blast and loved it all.
 There was a brand new state of the art play ground and all of us had a blast trying it out.

 I did not dress the kids alike. I dressed Leah in her SU shirt and then Seth picked his out on his own, but how perfect was it? They look so cute next to Otto on Marshall St.
Leah would have loved to bring him home. She got such a kick out of him.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ryan's Lookout

'Tis the season so head back to my favorite restaurant...Ryan's Lookout. We gathered the gang minus The Sweet's and had so many laughs. It was a great night in honor of some wonderful moms and friends. The men were there too, but I forgot to take their picture. Oops.

Little Money Makers

 On Saturday we had our annual family garage sale. Seth has been asking to have a lemonade stand for forever so I decided to up the anty and make it a cookie and lemonade stand. The kids had a BLAST. Seth dressed up in his super hero cape and Leah wore some of her dress up clothes and they got more money just for being cute than for actually selling food and drinks.
 In the end the kids made $87, yes I said $87. I put $50 in the college fund and let them keep the rest for the ice cream truck and a possible trip to Target.
Don't you LOVE Leah's outfit choice?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Outlook for the Weekend

This weekend will be full of so many things, I just hope it goes by SLOW. We are very grateful to celebrate Mother's Day with our wonderful mothers and grandmothers. We are unloading the house for the annual garage sale. The garage is more than heaping full. We are going out to dinner with our wonderful group of friends to my all time favorite restaurant...Ryan's Lookout. Sunday we are going to head to Syracuse to bike Onondaga Lake Park for the second year. After going last Mother's Day, I told Roland that I want to make it a yearly tradition. So much fun for one weekend. I am blessed.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I apologize if you are missing our blog. I haven't had time to update it lately between testing at work, our annual May garage sale, Mother's Day preparations, our bathroom remodel and my obsession with a book series that I am reading. We are safe, healthy and alive, but you might not hear from me for a while until things calm down a bit.

Get outside, off the computer and enjoy life anyhow. Don't worry I'll be back.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Correction to Mud Day...NOT all of our friends went. The Castana's were out of town. Maybe they will be brave and join us next time. :)

Monday, May 07, 2012

Mud Day

 Every year we get together as couples for a day in Lewis County on our wheelers. For the most part, the men take the kids on these rides, but once a year we try to make it an adult day. This year Matt and Mackenzie were able to borrow wheelers and Lisa and Zeke borrowed Rod and Jen's while Rod and Jen borrowed Rod's dad. The main idea of my rambling is that everyone was able to go and we all had such a great time. The weather was perfect, there was enough mud for my liking and everyone was in great moods.
 We started at Timberview and made it to 6 other stops. We didn't win any money in the end, but still enjoyed the day.
 When in Lewis County you must drink Genny Light. It is all that I remember of my childhood on both sides of my family. My grandpa's favorite is Genny Cream Ale. My grandpa would be proud to see Zeke drinking this beer.
 We had lunch at Tug Hill Hook & Ladder. It was there I found my new drink...Hard Arnold Palmer. I drink that iced tea like it is going out of style and now they make it with alcohol. I'm in heaven!
 Close to the end we were so dusty and muddy. I had to wash my hair twice.
 We stopped at the top of Whetstone Gulf to check out the view, it was amazing.
The famous tree that the kids had their pictures take at a few weeks ago and Matt had to deflower it.
Until next year...

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Happy 59th Mom & Grandma Barb

 Sunday evening we celebrated my mom's birthday a few days late. Thankfully it was a beautifully sunny day so we spent the afternoon and evening outside. The kids ran around the back yard while the adults chatted.
The kids and I made Grandma an art project that I found on Pinterest. I love that site and she loved the gift. 
Happy Birthday Mom and Grandma...next year is the big 60.

Food Filled Friday Night

 Last Friday we were invited over to The Castana's for a food fest. Kristen made gumbo, fresh calamari, tossed salad and stuffed strawberries. YUMMOO, that's all I have to say. I may even still be possibly full. It was such a fun night after a long, cold and crappy week.
 The girls were super excited to see each other.
 The boys were even more excited and I don't think we heard a word from them all night except for when they were hungry.
 These are quite possibly the most delicious dessert and so easy to make. I'm stealing the idea and using it very soon.
I believe at last count, Seth ate 8 strawberries. He definitely approved them. Such a fun evening.