Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Year New Mountain

 Roland and I decided that since both kids are on skis and love it so much that each year we will take one or both to a new mountain each year. We are truly lucky to live so close to so many different ski resorts. We decided to try Song Mountain this year. It is only an hour and a half away and the trail map was appealing. We decided to leave Leah home this year since she is still learning and tires easily. Kristen and Lindsey were more than willing to hang out with Leah for the day. Thank you. :)
 We really enjoyed trying all of the new trails and challenges that this mountain had to offer. It had a quad chair life which we was perfect for my two dates and myself.

We are so grateful to have been able to spend the day together. Seth was so exhausted he slept all the way home and both Ro and I fell asleep in front of the fire. Fresh air and exercise will do that to you.

GWL Wrap Up '13

We had the most wonderful time at GWL this year and spent the perfect amount of time. Not too long and not too short. We definitely took advantage of every single activity that was offered and really soaked it all in. Seth almost finished the entire quest this year and could have finished it all, but decided that he wanted to save the really tough challenge for next year.
I swear that quest is super fun for all ages. One afternoon while Leah napped Seth and I went out and did some quests with her wand. Her mom is a big kid at heart.
Seth fought the bear at the end of one of the quests and was so proud of himself.
After stopping for lunch in Rochester with Aunt Sheryl both kids zonked out pretty quick.
Vacation is so tiring.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

GWL Day 3

Day 3 at the lodge was filled with water and lots of it. We swam morning, afternoon AND evening. We were definitely waterlogged by the end of the day.
The boys had such a BLAST together. They swam in the wave pool for hours at a time and never once complained. They loved every minute of the park.
Leah loved all of the slides, the family ride and the wave pool. She is becoming a great little swimmer.
We treated the little girls to their very first pedicure at the kids spa at the lodge. They were so excited.

Leah was able to pick out everything from her soaking fizzy to her leg scrub and finally to the color of her polish.
Love the princess crowns.

Daddy and Seth watched from the window, they looked so funny. It looked as if they wanted pedicures too.
I have to say that I was a little jealous. Good thing I have a gift certificate for a pedi when spring hits.
Warm towel...the works
Pretty toes; pink and purple pattern
Leah and Linds had a blast and the mom's got a little teary as their little one's keep growing way too fast.

GWL Day 2

Day 2 at the lodge was filled with all sorts of excitement. Both kids slept like logs and even slept in so that they were well rested for the day. We spent morning and afternoon in the park followed by an evening in downtown Niagara Falls.
Leah was old enough to really enjoy Cub Club this year. It is an area for little ones that has toys, crafts and a play area. It was perfect to take Leah there after the water park. She loves to be creative so it was right up her alley.
Leah and Daddy being silly.
Ready for an evening downtown; bundled up and warm.
We took in some of the crazy sights along the main street. Seth looks so hysterical in this picture. Let's just hope he never weighs this much later on in life.

Next year I really want to spend the money and tour this upside down house. I am definitely intrigued.
Two days down and two to go...

Monday, February 25, 2013

GWL Day 1

As soon as we got home from Lowville on Sunday morning we loaded up and headed across the state and over the boarder to our new favorite vacation destination...The Great Wolf Lodge.
This years check in was much easier and our room was ready by 2:30pm. The girlie's napped, while the boys headed right to the water park.

We enjoyed story time in the evening followed by this years Quest.
Leah loved Questing this year and had a blast with her wand.
We tried the Wolf Den suite this year and the kids loved it.
Seth almost completed the entire quest and could have, but decided to save some of it for next years festivties.

Sleep Over Traditions

We had our annual sleep over in Lowville last week. We hit the local bowling alley, watched a movie and of course ate lots of Great Gramp's famous popcorn. It was such a great night and wonderful memories continue to be made.
Great Gram really wishes that she could still bowl, but she cheers from the sidelines instead.

Both kids played three games and ate like champs. We can't thank my grandparents enough for treating us so special.
After the movie and popcorn both kiddos conked out.
A successful sleep over was had by all.


Seth was awarded the Achievement Award at school last week. We were stunned and thrilled because this is the very same boy who gives me a hard time daily when asked to read. This is the same boy who fought me tooth and nail to learn his Bear Belt Words. This is now the boy who knows all of his words and is reading like a whiz. We could not be more proud of him. Keep up the hard work Seth or else you mother who is a reading teacher will find you, don't you worry.
We love you and are so very proud of you.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


 It's the day of love and we certainly love and appreciate many many people today. We had an entire counter of goodies all ready for the many special people in our life today, I was SO happy to see it all exit the house and get delivered today. The kids got up and came right down to see the little treat that we got for them (really got for ourselves as a quieting tactic for our impending road trip). Great Gram and Gramp sweetened the day with some money for our vacation.
 I love the fact that Seth likes to actually read his cards now. First grade truly rocks.
 Small Valentine's for two great kiddos.
 All dressy dressy today.
 Boys with their matchy ties.
Mr. GQ and Miss Stylish
Happy Valentine's Day to all. Smooch.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ski Bug

This little bean is now an official skier. She no longer wears a harness or edgy wedgies. She is so stinking cute I can't stand it, BUT she talks more than anyone I have ever met. Speech lessons totally back fired on us ha ha.
She was also given her early birthday gift last night...her very own suitcase. She was more excited than I have ever seen her. Both kids are half packed for the upcoming trip.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed

 I'm not very thrilled about turning the corner towards 40,but at least I have five more years to enjoy my thirties. I can not expressed enough gratitude to my amazing family and wonderful friends for making this a truly memorable birthday. Look up the word spoiled in the dictionary and my face is next to the definition. I was and am truly spoiled by all of the special people in my life. It all started with dinner out with my favorite girls on Thursday night. We went for Korean food, ate ourselves silly and then they surprised me with a gift certificate for a pedicure and cupcakes. It was a really fun evening with some very important women in my life. Friday started out bright and early with a magical birthday snow day from work. I was able to lay in bed and on the couch until my wonderful family sang to me and gave me some special gifties. The day consisted of many phone calls, texts, facebook messages, flowers, cookies, homemade cards and so much more. It was such a chill out kind of day and it was perfect.
 In the evening we Skyped with Uncle J and Seth showed him his "Gangnam" moves. It is truly priceless to see him do that dance. Roland cooked burgers on the grill in the middle of a snow storm just for me too. That's devotion.
Saturday we headed to SYR to do the ropes course, golf and eat fondue. The perfect night in my mind.
We were so stuffed that I think I fell asleep a little on the way home.
My birthday ROCKED this year, thank you to everyone who helped make it super duper special.