Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas Around the World

 Parents were invited to Seth's school yesterday for a sampling of foods from around the world. Seth researched Germany and did a fantastic job on his slide, poster, report and food item. We couldn't be more proud of the young man and student he has become. (We were a little annoyed with the fact that he forgot to tell his teacher that he had actually been to Germany... silly boy.)

 Buddies; Tanner and Cole

One more day until vacation...I can feel it at my reach.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Seth's Christmas Concert

 To say that last nights concert was amazing and spectacular is such an understatement. It blew me away. We are so thrilled that Seth tried out for the Ensemble this year because they stole the show. The songs, the solos, the dance moves...WOW.
 Seth and his buddy Brady G.

 Ensemble Crew...special boys
 This is such a special opportunity for these two cousins to be a part of something together. It's so fun to watch them together.

 The Fab 4
It was the very best way to start this holiday week.

Concerts, Sports and Cookies ~ Holiday Spirit at its Best

 Last week Leah performed in her 3rd grade Holiday Concert at Case. It blows my mind what these music teachers are able to create with these kids. The concert was AMAZING.
 We are so lucky that Leah has made so many wonderful buddies at school and in sports.
 The Wiley Squad sat together off to the side and sang along with their siblings.

 Our elf made Leah a little upset this week when he decided to sit in her favorite boots.
 Seth's 6th grade basketball team went 3-0 in their tournament this past Saturday. They worked SO well together and I was extremely proud of each and every player. I think this is going to be a fun team to watch this season.
The 6th graders cheered on their 5th grade friends too.
All the awesome athletes from both the 5th and 6th grade teams.
On Sunday, Leah was invited to a cookie decorating party and I was invited to come help keep things running smoothly and organized. It was tons of fun. We came home with far too many cookies, but that's OK because my grandparents came down for dinner and my Gram ate 7 cookies herself. Gotta love her.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Let it Snow!

 Our elf continues to make the kids, mostly Leah smile each and every morning.

 Leah and Maya had their second annual baking day this past Saturday. They baked and hung out for over 3 hours and then dropped treats off for Judi. It was the BEST way to spend the day.

 I drove down to Lowville on Sunday morning to visit with Gram and Gramp since I hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving. They love the company and the help. I brought them some holiday popcorn and they dug into it instantly.
 This is the funniest picture. Gram is waiting for Gramp to give her some of his special chocolates. They eat their weight in candy weekly and it is SO funny.
 Sunday afternoon the kids went skiing. Seth had tons of buddies up their and Leah found a couple of friends. I didn't ski this time around, but plan to very soon. Leah is very proud of herself that she can go on the lift without any adult help now.

 Sunday night we finished up the weekend with Gingerbread House Wars. The kids love to "compete" against each other to see who is the most creative. They both turned out amazing and they had tons of fun doing it.

Two weeks until Christmas and more snow heading our way.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Welcome December and All that it Entails

 Our elf made his appearance a couple of days early due to overwhelming peer pressure. He flew right into our tree with a crash landing.
 He also made a big mess in the bathroom.
 Friday night we went to the Watertown Christmas Parade as we do yearly. It was the perfect night to be outside and the parade was great.

 Saturday was the Sugar Plum Ball. Sommer was kind enough to come over again and do Leah's hair. It looked so pretty and we all loved it.

 Leah with her buddies, Alex and Grace.

 The moms and sons decided to go bowling while the Dads and daughters were out dancing it up. We had a great time.

 On Sunday Seth invited some buddies, plus his cousin Luke over to play and they ran around for over two hours. It was amazing.
This morning our elf was back at his old tricks again. Always making a mess of our house.