Monday, October 23, 2017

Let the Soccer Season Officially Begin

 Friday was "Purple with a Purpose" at the kids schools, so we decked them out in their purple and sent them off.

 Saturday was the official start of the Y Soccer Saturdays. We are excited because both kids play on Saturday for this year and our Sundays are now free of the Y.
 Leah played in her first U10 game and even scored a goal. It was a huge change for her, stepping up a level and keeping score now. We love her new coaches and teammates.
 Saturday night I took the boys to the haunted house at the Paddock Arcade and to say it was humorous is an understatement. They were so scared and this haunted house wasn't scary in the least.

 Seth and Cole did well, but Nico and Devin were hysterically scared.

 On Sunday we did a kid swap with the Adams'. We took Lila and Seth went and played with all of the little boys in the Jack's neighborhood with him. It was perfect.
We took the girls for "wagon" rides and they giggled so much. Good times.
This week Roland is home all week. (thank you God) We have sports, sports and more sports.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

LP Tourney Weekend

 We travelled to Paul Smith's College for a basketball tournament this past weekend and had the time of our lives. It was so fun to watch the boys play some tough teams on a college court and then get to hang out with our basketball friends in LP for the rest of the weekend.
 The first game was pretty easy, but the rest were tough.

 Such a beautiful college nestled into the Adirondacks.
 After the first day of the tourney we headed to our hotel in LP for all sorts of outdoor and indoor water sports. The kids and parents had such a blast. Literally the best hotel in LP.
 Water bike

Some of the moms gathered for a little happy hour on top of the boathouse Saturday night. The weather was so gorgeous and the view was priceless.
 We went to Roland's favorite spot for dinner Saturday night.

 Table for 15, no problem.

 Sunday  morning everyone was up and on the lake by 8am squeezing in as much fun as they could handle.
 I even jumped on a SUP and paddled out into the middle of the lake.

 I had to call dibs on the bike from the kids, just had to try it. It was so fun.

 Leah tried a SUP and loved it too. 
 I walked in on a little coachable moment before game 3 on Sunday.
 In between games 3 and 4 on Sunday we headed back to LP to sit by the lake some more. We didn't want to leave, such a perfect hotel.

 We didn't win, the tourney, but the boys played with heart and we all had tons of fun on our weekend away.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Columbus Day Weekend

 Friday night I met up with some friends from school and Erica for drinks and apps at Spokes. What a fun place that I would definitely like to go back to.
 Saturday afternoon we loaded up on our Watertown FC gear and headed to WHS for the last home games of the season. The kids had a great time and it was fun watching a higher level of soccer play.

 On Sunday we headed out on an adventure day.
Our first stop was Greek Peak to try out their mountain coaster.

 Roland and I only went once, but the kids rocked the coaster three times and the looks on their faces were priceless. Even Poppy went and loved it.
 Grandma was super duper nervous, but loved it too.
 The ride up the mountain was absolutely beautiful. 

 Our next stop was at Beak and Skiff to pick apples. It is a gorgeous location and so organized.  

On Monday is rained so we got odds and ends done for this short week. Heading to LP this weekend for a basketball tourney for Seth. We are all excited for a little weekend away.