Saturday, June 27, 2015


 Tis the season to SUP.
Recently went on a little SUP trip and got my paddling groove back.
 Such a great time and amazing exercise.

Let the summer begin.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Knick Awards Assembly

 It was our last Knick Awards Assembly and it definitely brought many tears to my eyes. It has been such an amazing 4 years at Knick and we are sad to leave.
 Congrats to Mr. V on his retirement. He has been a great teacher and role model for our kids. They love gym class.
 Words can not express how thrilled we are that both of our kids received the best awards of the day. Leah was given the award for having a 90%+ average in Math and Reading for all 4 quarters. Yay Bean. Many of Leah's friends were given this award too. Congrats to Teagan, Cooper, Emma and Steven.
Seth was given the award for having a 90%+ average in Math, ELA, Social Studies AND Science for all 4 quarters. Quadruple yay and I definitely shed some tears upon finding out this information. As we watched the other students who received this award we felt extra amazed because all of Seth's best buddies received the same award. This means that he has smart, athletic and well rounded friends and from a parents point of view we are thrilled. Congrats to Maya, Evan, Tanner, Devin and Parker for being super duper smart kids and great friends.
We also found out last night from Coach V that Seth accumulated 165 miles this school year for Mighty Milers and was the Top Runner at Knick.
I'm feeling beyond proud of our amazing kids and their amazing friends.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


 The garage frame is up as well as all interior walls and the plywood is up all around the house. Trusses get started today.
Looking like a real house now.

Last Day of School

 It is so hard to believe that the school year is over once again. This year flew by extra quick because both kids were in the same school (yay) and we have been crazy busy selling and building. It was a fantastic year for both kids in school and we are so proud of them.
 3rd and now onto 4th
 Kindergarten and now onto 1st grade

 Farewell Knickerbocker and Mr. V, you will both me missed like crazy. Such an excellent school and coach.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Strawberries & Sand

It's that time of year again...strawberry picking time. I have been going strawberry picking with my mom for as long as I can remember during the last week of school. This year brought my thoughts back to last year and for a minute I shed a tear. One year ago our besties left and I remember picking strawberries the day after they left last year and crying all the while. At least we have one year down and only two to go until they return.
 We all had tons of fun as usual and got lots of red juicy berries. I'm sure you can guess what dessert was last night.
 We stopped up to the house after berry picking to find out that the sand had been delivered for the garage and porch fill. Our contractor was still there and told me it took 26 dump truck loads of sand. Yikes. It's getting very exciting.
 The kids didn't want to leave, they were playing hide and seek. Priceless.

Monday, June 22, 2015

1st Weekend of Summer

 Friday night we hung out with some friends and played soccer at the WHS track. The little's got bored later in the evening so I walked them over for some fruit snacks at Grandma and Poppy's house.
 Saturday we took a boat ride and tried something new...grilling on the boat. It worked out perfect and we will definitely be doing it again. It was SO fun.

 We even came across a family of geese. The kids loved it and even snuck them some food.

 Saturday night we had a long overdo "Parents Night Out" with some friends in Clayton.
 I highly recommend the bread sticks at the Wood Boat Brewery and the BLT pizza. To.Die.For.
 We stopped at Coyote Moon for some cocktails on the river too.

 We saw the most gorgeous sunset and even a big ship to add to the scenery.
 Happy Father's Day Ro AKA Dad. The kids made all sorts of homemade goodies at school and Seth wrote the kindest letter to his dad. (See below)

 Finally...I bought him a new golf bag. His was about 20 years old and falling apart, it was time for a new one and he was very surprised.
Father's Day consisted of mass, breakfast, golf, family time and a meal of Roland's choice. It was a pretty perfect day.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Farewell Mr. V

Seth and Leah have loved their time with Mr. V as their gym teacher, but sadly he is retiring and they are switching schools. Today all the kids at Knick were asked to wear sporty clothes in his honor. All of the Watertown FC players wore their uniforms and Leah wore her favorite soccer t-shirt. They looks stinking cute.

Happy 89th Gramp

We celebrated my Gramp's 89th birthday last night. We surprised him by all being at the Legion in Lowville to give him a special plaque for being a veteran.
 Gramp's first time FaceTiming with my aunt in MD.

 My uncle gave a great speech with an overview of his service in WWII.

 After the Legion we headed to Jeb's for a family dinner AND some dancing in the street. I love my family.
Gramp's only request was that Seth and Leah sit on either side of him. Priceless.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


 Almost all of the exterior walls are up minus the family room because it has higher ceilings so it will require higher walls. Some of the interior walls are up and what isn't up is framed out on the floor. It is such an interesting process.
 Living room walls are not up quite yet, but maybe today.

 Seth's room
 Leah's room
Last night on our family bike ride we had the most interesting experience. The kids were stopped by the police for wearing their helmets and given certificates for free ice cream. It left such a great impression on the kids.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Fabulous Weekend

 Such the teacher/mom...had to wear our Flag Day apparel on Friday to school.
 Saturday was the day that the kids had been prepping for and were so excited for, their Stage Notes Junior performance.
 Thank you to Sara and Ticia for whipping those kids into shape and for such an amazing performance once again.
 This year Seth's buddy Devin joined the group and I can already tell that in years to come these two will be fighting for solos. They both love to sing.
 We were so proud of Bean. This is her second year with Stage Notes Junior and she did a fantastic job.
 Seth is an old pro and has no fear of the stage.
 Johanna even came and surprised the kids.
 "You've Got a Friend in Me"
 Such a great group of kids

After the performance we brought my grandparents, Bonnie, Mom and Tom up to the house to see the progress. The main floor, floor boards are on so you can actually walk on the main floor now. It is very fun to envision the future rooms now that you can stand in them.
 Finally, later in the day we headed to the lake for a ride and dinner at The Hops Spot. It was the perfect end to an amazing day.

 Sunday we took the kids to Mom and Tom's pool and Leah had a birthday party.
Two weeks until summer vacation and I am ready.