Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend in Review ~ March 25th

 We had the very best time Friday night at the Dueling Pianos show at the Harbor Hotel in Clayton. We sang, danced and had tons of laughs.
 A great big thank you to Peter and Molly Beattie for being such amazing hosts at their restaurant Channelside before and after the show. The food and drinks were amazing.
 We sent our old boss a picture text of us three Guardino gals.

 The performers took requests so Vicky and Molly gave them some money along with some expired Old Navy cash. It was too funny.

 Saturday morning was the last day of basketball for this year. Leah's team had back to back games, but loved every minute of it.
 They were rewarded with donuts for all of their hard work on the court.
 On Saturday afternoon we headed out to visit some sugar shacks in the area.
We started out at the Massey Ranch.
 We went on a little hay ride and it felt so great to be out in the fresh air.

 Our second stop was in Copenhagen at Moser's Mapleridge.
 We had a horse drawn wagon ride at this sugar shack and it was priceless. We loved every single minute of it.

Then we stopped in to visit with Gram and Gramp. That was the best part of the day.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Treats & Leah's 2nd Grade Concert

 We received a very "sweet" gift in the mail from Aunt Becky and John Budd. The kids were over the moon excited. We are now working on a little commercial to hype up the candy for their website. Stay tuned...
 Last night Leah had her 2nd grade music concert and it was fantastic. She was all smiles and sang her little heart out. Plus, she looked too stinking cute in her springy dress and colors.

 Leah's buddies Olivia and Grace

 Amalia, Grace and Owen
Aleigha, Owen, Frannie and Aliza
Leah is so blessed to have so many wonderful little buddies.

Monday, March 20, 2017

St. Patty's Weekend!

 Our leprechaun Patty made his yearly visit to our house on Friday morning and the kids were thrilled. I'm pretty sure that Seth is just being a good sport and benefiting from the early morning treats, but Leah still truly believes that a little leprechaun sneaks into our house and makes a mess of her room while turning the milk green. It is truly priceless and I love it.

 On Saturday morning Leah was a basketball machine. She scored nine baskets and was so happy with herself. The rest of the day consisted of Seth's soccer game (they are still undefeated for the second session in a row) and Seth's basketball tournament at IHC. His team played amazingly and won all three games. It was so fun to watch.
 Saturday night I tried to party like I was 21 again. We had an utter blast and didn't get home until 2am. Let's just say that I was tired and napped on Sunday afternoon, but it was worth every minute.

 We all sang ALOT
On Sunday Leah went to the parade with a friend and then had her soccer game. Such a fun weekend.

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Weekend Full of Friends and Sports

 Friday night both kids had a friend spend the night. They all stayed out of each others way and there was no fighting. It was pure bliss.
 The girls had popcorn and watched a movie.
 The boys played basketball while watching the DUKE vs UNC game.
 On Saturday Leah had a basketball game and Seth had soccer. We ended up leaving the Y with three extra boys.
 On Sunday Leah had Olivia over and we played beauty parlor. The girls got such a kick out of putting their hair in curlers. It was too cute.
 Sunday night was the last of our regular basketball season. The boys won both games and played amazingly.

5th grade Cyclone Basketball

Monday, March 06, 2017

Eight is Great ~ Leah's 8th Birthday Weekend

 We look like twins in our new glasses.
 On Saturday morning we were up and out early for a 9am basketball game where Bean made two baskets and for an 11:30 soccer game for Seth were he made one goal. Then, Leah and I headed home for her girlie party.
 She is pretty stoked to be turning 8 and having all of her buddies to the house.
 We had an arts and craft party at the house. We painted and made a leprechaun craft.
 Leah's soccer and basketball buddies plus a couple of extra friends from school.
 Little Leprechauns
 Personalized word searches with all of their names in them.
Grace & Avery
 Rainbow Scavenger Hunt.
The girls had to find all of the candies on the sheet and they made up all of the colors of the rainbow.
 Adi, Alex & Hannah
 Aliza, Grace & Leah
 Lila, Olivia & Caitlin
 Instead of cake we had make your own ice cream sundaes and they were a huge hit.

 Yoga at the end to calm them all down.
 On Sunday we were just as busy, but every minute counted and we enjoyed Leah's actual birthday very much. Leah had a soccer game and scored 2 birthday goals.
 She brought cupcakes for her teammates and they sang to her.
 Then, Seth had two basketball games. They lost the first game by 1 point and won the second. It was tons of fun to watch.

 Seth played against one of my old students Tucker Rosbrook who now towers over Seth. It was too funny.
One of the crafts she was given from her friend Grace.
 During Seth's first basketball game Leah was actually at another friends birthday party learning how to skate and she had tons of fun. 
We ended the night with chicken parm by request from the birthday girl, presents and brownies.
She got this fun new game called Googly Eyes and we had lots of laughs trying to play it.
I definitely need a weekend from my weekend now.