Sunday, August 31, 2008

All Good Things Must Come to An End

If you read my blog or have read it in the past you know that by this time in the summer I am usually more then ready to get back to work. I have always said that I am not a housewife and that I need to get out of the house and work. WELL, not this year. I have had the most amazing summer with my little guy at home that I truly do not want to go back to work. I am dreading it! Here is a little glimpse into what our summer was full of...

* story time at the library

* kidnastics

* trips to the beach

* multiple parades

* multiple fairs

* zoos

* trips to old mcdonald has a farm (as Seth calls it)

* playdates with Jacob, MJ, Morgin, Lucy, Sophia, Maya, Parker & Brendan

* parties

* trips to various playgrounds

* cookouts

* Thursday nights with Grandma & Poppy

* letterboxing

* boat tours on the St. Lawrence River

Basically, you name it, we have done it and had a blast in the process. I am truly sad to have it all end and now I'll have to miss the day to day moments in Seth's life. BUT, I plan to enjoy the moments that I do have and cherish each and every weekend. To a very fun fall!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Toby Keith the 3rd Time Around

Last night I went to see Toby Keith for the third time and I have to tell you I'd see him again in a heartbeat. He puts on the BEST concert and even though you have heard his songs over and over, they keep getting better and you still want to keep singing as loud as you can! For his encore he played his two songs that are dedicated to the American soldiers and I have never been so moved in all my life. My friend Kristen's husband is over in Iraq for his 3rd tour so these songs meant the world to her, of course she started crying so I started crying, which got me to really think about the words and about her husband and what all of the soldiers are sacrificing. It was very emotional.

To back track a bit, before all of the concert festivities we got their early to walk around a bit, people watch and eat some good old fair food. That is exactly what we did and I have some interesting pics to prove it!
Deep fried snickers bar, sooooooo yummy!Scary little man trying to get us to go in the haunted house! Seriously you can eat just about anything at the fair!!!

Kristen: Beer 1 of 5, poor girl had to go to the

concert with 2 pregnant friends, but she made the most of it!

We all had a great time and we've created memories to last a lifetime. I guess it was the last hoorah for the summer, the rain has come in today so we will have to find some fallish activities to do!

Big Boy Changes

We have finally taken the plunge and Seth is now in his very own big boy bed. I was nervous as I am for every life changing event, but Roland and I have been pleasantly surprised. He is still doing a bit of adjusting and his sleep patterns have changed a bit/not for the better, but he stays in his bed and that is what we were most worried about. Seth was also very excited to give his crib to the baby and now it is waiting in the spare bedroom for March to come.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

End of Summer Kidnastics

Yesterday I was that annoying mom taking pictures of my child's every move at Kidnastics, yes that was me! It was the last class of the summer so I wanted to capture all of Seth's progress.

... And here are the videos, now you can get a real glimpse!

Circle Time

Bubble Time

Closing chant

Kidnastics was wonderful this summer and Seth had a blast with all of his friends. We will be taking a haitus from Kidnastics in the fall in order to get back to swim lessons, but watch out because we will be back in the winter and ready to learn!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Videos from BBQ

As promised, here are the videos from the party as well!

Summer BBQ

We couldn't have asked for a more perefect day to have our BBQ. After a long August of rain rain rain, we had the most beautiful day you could have asked for full of tons of food, great family and friends and the laughter of children!
Waterslide action
Gwen and Elise came all the way from Potsdam and even made some new friends!
Ro had a few too many beers and tried to dry off the slide with his butt for the kids.
The most action the playhouse has gotten all summer.
Our closest family and friends all came out to have some fun!

Some of the little kids and one big kid!
Ro needed an assistant to help with the massive amount of meat.
Bonfire fun!
I'll post some videos of the waterslide fun later today too! Thank you to everyone to made this party possible and for coming to enjoy it with us! We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in our life!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Buggy for Books Bash

Yesterday Seth and I went to the end of the summer reading celebration at the library and when I use the expression, "MAD CHAOS" I'm not joking! It was crazy, busy, kid filled madness, BUT Seth had a blast so that is all that matters. Actually, the library staff was very creative and there were lots of activities for the kids to engage in. They had a craft area (Seth used a glue stick for the first time!!), they had a bean bag toss, pin the bug on the web game, bowling and then pizza and a variety of kiddy food for lunch. Here are some of the pics!

Crafty timeIt is the best when you are surrounded by good friends

who you have spent a GREAT summer with!

Friday, August 22, 2008


This morning Seth and I debriefed about his night at Grandma and Poppy's and I swear I'm talking to a miniature man.

I said, "So what did you do at Grandma and Poppy's last night?"
Seth said, "Ate dinner and swam in the pool."
I said, "What did you have for dinner?"
Seth said, "Pasta, meatballs and bread!"
I said, "Did you go in the little pool or the big pool"?
Seth said, "We went in the little pool AND the big pool."
I said, "What did you do after dinner?"
Seth said after a pause to think real hard, "To get ice cream."
I said, "What kind of ice cream did you get?"
Seth said, "Prinkles on it, look at my belly!"

This conversation was utterly priceless and I wished I had it on tape. He was so serious and was thinking so hard as to what they did and what they ate. Our little toddler is growing up at warp speeds!

FYI~ Seth is also giving up his beloved crib next week and giving it to the baby as he says. In all actuality he is getting his very own bunkbeds. Pics and tales of bedtime woes to come, but hopefully the transition will go smoothly!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Last night Kristen and Jacob had Seth and I over for dinner while Roland was at golf and during our time outside the boys found a huge box of Ring Pops. The reason for a huge box of Ring Pops is a story for another time, but it got me to thinking about candy from our childhood days. So my challenge for you is to think of some of your favorite childhood candies.
I'll start us out...

* Fun Dip
* Foot long Pixie Sticks
* Nerds

What were your favorite candies in the past?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun w/ Poppy

Seth's favorite thing to do now is pick the veggies out of the garden and last night was no exception. We got him a bowl and he picked away!

Today my little, but not so little anymore brother leaves for his final, last and senior year at Cornell! It is very bittersweet for us all. We are happy to go and visit him and we know he loves being at school, but we are sad to see him go. Going to the Big M just isn't the same now without his smiling face their to greet us! We wish him the best of luck for his last year and I can't wait to come and visit in October!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Letterboxing Adventures Pirate Style

Today was the first day in a long time that is wasn't raining so we grabbed some snacks, the stroller and of course Grandma for some letterboxing adventures. I went online and there are 3 new boxes in the Alex Bay area plus it is Pirates Week so it was perfect! We only made it to 2 of the boxes because we got a little sidetracked with pirate boats and a little shopping at my favorite store in the bay, Good Dog Charlies!

The excitement of opening the box!

We are so lucky to live by the river!
Seth was thrilled to be walking over the mini bridge

Seth LOVED seeing the pirate ship (so did I)

I totally forgot to take some shots of the actual stamps in the letterboxes we found. We went to one box that was hidden right in Scenic View Park in the Bay and the stamp was carved of Boldt Castle. The second box was located right by the TI Bridge and it was carved of the bridge itself. They were great searches and it was a GREAT morning!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter

Tuesday nights are golf league night for Ro and Tom so my mom and I try to plan dinner together from time to time. Last night she had my grandparents and Seth and I for dinner at her house. Late in the spring Tom and Mom planted a little (or so they thought) garden with Seth. So all summer long we have been waiting patiently for the fruits of their labor to produce and boy have they!

Their little garden massively grew and grew and this is the result!

Seriously, these cukes are HUGE. Huge scary, but delicious!

My grandparents also have a garden at home and apparently it must not be doing as well because my Gram kept saying to my Gramp, "Well, how come our cukes are so small?"

It was an adrenaline rush looking for all the veggies because they seem to hide until that moment when you see them and you are so utterly excited to pick them. I just kept saying, "I found ANOTHER one!" It was so much fun!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Watch out Tiger Woods...


Saturday night after our wonderful day on the river we decided to take Seth golfing and what a difference 10 months makes. We took Seth golfing last fall and he liked it, but he was bored and didn't always listen to us. Saturday night he was the BEST! He really had a lot of fun and Ro taught him a little bit along the way. It was a great night with great pictures to remember it by!

Check it OFF the List

At the beginning of the season I had an internal list in my head of things that I wanted to do with Seth this summer. Most of which we have accomplished and a few that we hope to squeeze in in the next 3 weeks before the summer ends and I have to go back to work. I have been bugging bugging Ro to take Seth and I on a boat cruise in the bay all summer and it just hasn't been the right time. Saturday we had no plans so I suggested we go. Ro said there was NO way he was going to the bay on the opening of Pirates Weekend, so I was super bummed, but I respected his feelings. So, Saturday morning we all showered and got ready to go letterboxing or so I thought, but Ro really planned for us to go to the bay and on a boat tour! YIPPEEE! It was the most perfect day, it was warm, but not hot and the tour was amazing.Did I mention that we'd like to be rich and own a house on the an island on the river?? Well, we do!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Zoo Buddies

On Thursday my friend Sarah and I decided not to waste a beautiful day and to take the kiddos to the zoo in town. Seth would go to the zoo every single day if we let him as he loves loves loves animals in any shape and form. He was thrilled! The main priceless moments were when the kids held hands through most of the park. We found if they helf hands, they wouldn't run and fall. It worked out great and they had a blast.
On a side note, I have to say how sad I feel for the animals at this zoo, they all look so sad and their living areas are not well kept. I left feeling horrible for them all.

On a second side note, I have a ton of pics from our wonderful day yesterday, but I still need to upload them, so that will be top on my list for Monday.

On a third side note... Happy Anniversary to US today! We have been married for 6 years! We have know each other for 14 years and been a couple for 12 years. It is crazy how life seems to be speeding up, but no worries with this blog we won't forget a thing! We enjoyed a wonderful anniversary dinner on Thursday night at our favorite restaurant, Ryan's Lookout. Thank you to Mom, Tom & Uncle J for taking care of Seth while we enjoyed our night out! Today we are cooking a big feast and enjoying every minute of our time together!