Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy 26th Birthday to my LITTLE brother who isn't so little anymore. Love and miss you tons Justin. Hope you have a wonderul day.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Birthday Finale

 Can we make memories and celebrate a birthday or what? The finale of Seth's birthday was taking one friend (Jake) to Chuck E. Cheese and then for a sleepover. All three kids were amazing and had a blast. They ate and played for two hours.

 When we got home the boys were dying to play Skylanders. They played for two hours while Leah napped. After dinner Seth opened his final gift and couldn't have been happier. Jake bought him an SU basketball, a Steeler's pennant and a Polamolu figure.
 Seth was extremely bummed that he couldn't go right out and play basketball.
 They actually fell asleep before 9:30pm and didn't wake us up until 7:15am. Not bad for a kids sleepover.
A GREAT big THANK YOU to all of our wonderful family and friends for making Seth's 7th birthday so very special. We love you all and thank you greatly.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Seth's Family Party

 Friday night we held Seth's family birthday party. Thank you Mother Nature for letting the weather cooperate so that my grandparents were able to drive in from Lowville. Seth was over the top excited for everyone to come over especially his cousins.
 Seth requested his favorite football player's jersey as his cake theme this year and we weren't disappointed. It turned out amazing and Seth's eyes lit right up when he saw it.
 We are pretty lucky that at 85 and 87 my grandparents are still able to make the trip into Watertown for all of our special occasions.
 It was Friday night after a long week so we ordered the largest pizza we could find. It was a 30 inch/50 slice and it barely fit through the door. We put a major dent in it and there wasn't much left over.I won't share my sad salad story, but let's just say that you shouldn't leave a freshly made salad anywhere near where it might freeze....because it will.
 The cousins were thrilled to hang out and have fun together.

 Seth decided he had no problems with being the center of attention and brought his chair down to sit in to be the king of birthday presents. His loot included Target gift cards, new swim trunks and top, movie passes, an alarm clock, a new backpack and some summer clothes. Can you tell his mom thinks ahead??
Next up...Chuck E. Cheese and his sleepover.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Seth's Choice for Dinner

 Ever since we took Seth to Ruyi for his kindergarten graduation he has been in love with it. He thinks it is hysterical that they squirt lemonade in your mouth, start fires in front of you and throw food at you. Every boys dream. We have never taken Leah before and now we know why. She didn't like it at all. It was kind of comical actually.I made her smile for this picture, but the last picture of this post sums up her feelings about Ruyi.
 Seth even tried the children's chop sticks this time and did well with them.
 Leah was scared to death, not only of the fire and food throwing, but she wouldn't even look at the Japanese chef, waiters or waitresses. She wanted to crawl into her coat.
 This 7 year old loved every minute of it and can't wait to go back.
This sums it up; Seth's dream come true and Leah's worst nightmare. You have to love it.
I'd say we are headed to McDonald's for Leah's birthday...oh joy.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow Day Birthday

 School closed in honor of Seth's birthday yesterday. Well, actually it closed because it was totally frigid outside and not safe for students to walk to school. Either way that you look at it, Seth was happy. He was able to spend the day with Grandma Puccia and they did all sorts of crazy things. We started the day with Cody the elf making his yearly birthday appearance. He even left a little gift.
 For breakfast we had the traditional pancakes with a 7 out of chocolate chips. I'm having flashes of my mother saying the word "traditions" going through my head. We certainly hold true to that word in this family. During the day Seth and grandma ended up getting all sorts of swag for throwing out that "birthday" word. Seth ended up with $10 from my mom's mechanic and 10 free donuts holes from DD. I think its a combination of cuteness and birthday.
 In the afternoon the kids used all of the technology in our house to Skype with Uncle J and Joanie and Facetime with Aunt Sheryl. Seth also received a special treat from his BFF; a basket of his favorite candies.
 I'll post dinner pictures at another time, but after dinner (below) we finally had time to open presents. So far Seth ended up with a new blanket from his sister, the Skylanders starter pack/game, a gift card for Target from Nana and Grandpa and a special day from Uncle J. This is only round one. He was over the top thrilled and very appreciative.
Tonight we get a birthday breather, but tomorrow night is Round 2.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seth Turns 7

Happy 7th Birthday to a sweet, musical, funny, athletic and kind little boy. We won't be able to call you little for much longer, but we with savor the moments that we can. We love you to the moon and back SPC.
It is so hard to believe that our little boy used to be THIS little. SPC was born at 9:34pm on January 23, 2006.

We have been watching tons of old home movies lately just soaking in all of Seth being little because he is growing so  fast.
Seth's 1st Birthday: Yankees theme.

Seth's 2nd Birthday. Look at those chubby cheeks.

Seth's 3rd Birthday: Diego theme
Lost the entire year when Seth was 4 due to some computer issues. :(

Seth's 5th Birthday: Dino-Monster Truck theme
Seth's 6th Birthday; Kindergarten craziness

We have four days of birthday madness coming up. It all starts tonight with a request from the birthday boy to go Ruyi or as he calls it, "The place they squirt lemonade in your mouth." Tomorrow Seth will celebrate his birthday at school and Pam's since he had a snow day today. Friday night is our family pizza party and Saturday Seth has chosen to go to Chuck E. Cheese and have a sleep over. Sunday we will rest from all the birthday madness. I'd say he is one LUCKY boy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MLK Weekend of Celebration

We pulled off the super special 85th birthday surprise and my Gram was the happiest I've seen her in a long time. She was thrilled that we all showed up and brought a big feast. It was so wonderful to hang out like old times with the whole family. Some of my BEST memories ever are at that house. I only wish that at each birthday the years would start to subtract now. Love her to pieces.
Also, I think we might have won some type of award for the loudest household during the SU game.
With Leah's new hair do she definitely looks just like I did at age 3. I love this drawing my grandparents have in their dining room.
It was a vest kind of a weekend. I picked Seth up one at Crazy 8s during their big sale and of course in our house as of yet if one gets something the other wants it. It is kind of late in the season and I couldn't find one for Leah so a special friend came to the rescue and now both kids have vests and are thrilled. Too bad we are currently suffering through arctic temperatures and I can't let them wear them this week.
Happy vest girlie.
Yesterday we had a day of play. We watched Lindsey for the day and it was honestly the easiest babysitting ever. The three kids played and when Seth got sick of the girls the two of them played so well together. I cooked and baked all day for Seth's big birthday celebration tomorrow. Let's just say that I'm an over achiever mom this year. He is bringing in a treat for school, Pam's and for music class. He won't have any room for his special dinner. I love to make their special days extra special. They won't be little for long. Sniff sniff.
Bean opened the bathroom door at 6:23 this morning and wanted to sit on the toilet and chat. I'll take it. Love this girl.
Now onto the big birthday week.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday!

A great big shout out to Sue AKA Nana Sue today because it's her 25th Birthday!! Ha ha not 25, but still very young. Happy Happy Birthday Sue. We hope your day rocks.

A second great big shout out to my grandma AKA Great Grandma Mihalyi tomorrow because it is her 85th birthday. I hope to be just like you at 85 Gram. Love you to the moon and back.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Birthday Surprise, Thanks Aunt Laurie & Music Class Returns

Roland and I had been scheming for the past couple of weeks and we were both so excited to be able to plan a special pre-birthday surprise for Seth. A great big thank you to Bonnie for watching Leah for us all day. We told Seth that we needed to drive one hour for a birthday surprise for him. He asked tons of questions, but had no idea what or where we were going until we handed him a white plastic bag with an SU basketball t-shirt inside. His eye lit right up and he was over the top excited. This was his first time to the Dome for basketball. Pepsi was wonderful enough to give us floor seats about five rows back from the players and a parking pass so we felt very blessed.
Seth even won himself a special t-shirt for making two of four shots.
Seth went to the Dome for a football game in the fall and since then he has been obsessed with that sport. After this game he has shifted his focus and has been shooting hoops whenever possible.
The winning shot.
Thank you for this outfit Aunt Laurie, I love it.
Stage Notes Jr. started back up and Sophie joined the group so I held homework club at our house after school yesterday before dropping the trio off at Ticia's for class. How do parents with triplets do it? Juggling the three was interesting. Both first graders completed their take home reading and Sophie completed her ELA, but when she asked for help with fractions I had to draw the line. I told her Mr. Ro does all the Math homework in this house. I'm horrible at it. :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


We have created a ski lover and rather quickly. She took one lesson and now asks to go all the time. She loves it and we are so relieved. It is so wonderful to see both kids enjoy something so much and in the future we will be able to take all sorts of fun ski vacations.
We skied both days last weekend and at the end Seth was beyond exhausted. He passed out on the couch on Sunday afternoon and it was killed to wake him up.
Now Mother Nature decided to thaw all the snow, what the heck? Bring it back at least for the next two months so we can enjoy it.

Leah is Skiing!

We finally talked Leah back into trying skiing again. We pulled the "Your best friend Lindsey is taking a lesson too." card. We was all sorts of excited until the instructor came over and tried to take her away. Then the lip started to quiver and she almost started to cry. We promised her we would stay close and watch and once she went down the small hill a couple of times she was all smiles.
We are so thankful that she likes it and that she wants to go now.
During her lesson
I was even able to take Lindsey up after her lesson and have her practice with me. Both girls are hooked and we are all so happy. Now all of the little girls have learned minus Charlie. The next generation of skiers have started.