Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It was quite chilly and windy, but it didn't stop us from going and doing one of our favorite summer activities...the farmers market! We brought Grandma along with us and we ate our way through it. This year they have some new foods and we tried some of them. We tried french fries on a stick and chocolate covered strawberries. Both were awesome and definite do overs!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1st Play Date of the Summer

In true Kristen fashion she invited us over for a play date and lunch today. If you remember back to when I was on maternity leave 15 months ago I spent many a day at Kristen's for lunch and I never pass up a chance to hang out, let the kids play AND eat one of her yummy lunches!
I also took the opportunity to put my favorite god daughters hair in a mini pony tail today. Since it might be another year before I am able to do this to Leah I couldn't resist putting a pony in Linds' hair!
Buddies to the end!
Let the bouncing begin!
It was Leah's first time in a bounce house and she loved every minute of it. I think I enjoyed watching her even more.
Taking a little rest!
We made the big kids take a rest and let the little one's run loose. Ben wasn't keen on it so the girls took it over.
After all the running, riding and jumping it was time to eat.
It is so hard to believe that the babies can now sit at the picnic table. CRAZY!
7 kids to 3 adults, we are SO out numbered!
Thank you to Kristen, Jacob and Lindsey for a fantastic start to the week!
It was also great to see and hang out with The Sweet Family too!

Gramp's Green Thumb

My grandparents yard is huge and has so many beautiful flowers covering it that I had to take a few quick snaps of my Gramp's incredible green thumb, something that was not handed down to me unfortunately.

I could have taken a dozen or so more pics, but I was following Leah around so I couldn't!
They are beautiful Gramp!

Dinner in Cowville (Lowville)

Now that we are on summer vacation we are making a much bigger effort to get up and see my grandparents either weekly or biweekly. Last night we loaded up and with that I mean we brought my mom along! ha ha! We had the most enjoyable evening. The kids played, I brought dinner to lessen the stress of my Gram cooking for all of us, tried the new playground at school, had baths and headed home. It was GREAT!
This is my Gramp's pet chipmunk. I snapped his pic quick before he ran away!
My grandparents have a huge yard and a hill that leads to the upper part of the yard. Leah has finally mastered it so we don't have to follow her around all the time.
Seth HAD to hold what he now calls Grandma from Lowville and Grandma Puccia's hands.
There was this giant spider web that he could climb into the middle of. He loved it and would climb in and out in and out.
Gram got down, but needed a little help getting back up.
Check out the red face, he loved this playground.
Thanks for a fun evening Gram and Gramp! We love you tons!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lazy Day on the Lake

It is finally getting warm enough to enjoy the lake to the fullest so we did just that Sunday afternoon. We got right out there at 11 and played in the water until meltdown time (2pm). Right outside of the channel from the marina is the perfect sandbar so we anchored and had a blast playing in the water and having lunch.
It was a little chilly at first, but once we were all used to it, it was great!
Leah was a little unsure.
Seth was so excited that he could touch the bottom.
Then he started jumping.
When we were going back to the marina at the end he said, "Thank you Mommy and Daddy, this was the best day!" It melted our hearts.
I bought water guns for the boys and they had a blast spraying each other.

Leah was content eating as always.
We would like to request more hot sunny days so Mother Nature if you are reading this please grant our request. This daily rain is a big bummer!

Another 1st

We had been invited to dinner with friends a couple of weeks back so on Sunday night Leah had her first chance riding on a Power Wheel and in true Leah fashion she loved every minute of it. She was so enthralled that we had a hard time getting her to look at the camera, she was checking it all out.Seth wanted to be with Sophia so he didn't look so thrilled.

They all had a blast!

Thank you Sophia for giving Leah a great ride. She loved it!

Mt. Carmel Feast

Friday night was one of our favorite summer traditions. The Mt. Carmel Feast always lands on our first Friday of vacation and we get so excited not only for the rides, but more importantly for the fried dough, stuffed shells, Rollo and now taffy. We met up with many many friends and Mom and Tom so it was such a great evening.
Seth's 1st ride!
Leah and Lindsey
Leah's 1st ride ever!
She loved every minute of it and was all smiles.
We call this the stroller brigade.
Seth's 1st taffy experience. He loved it so much he couldn't put it down.
As in true Leah fashion, if Seth was eating something, she had to too!
Grandma and Poppy
Lucy requested Seth on a ride so he jumped at the opportunity.
We always get so excited and then the evening always goes by so fast and then we have to wait another year for another feast! Until next year...

Last Day at Pam's

Thursday was Seth's last official day at Pam's as a full timer so I wanted to make sure I took a picture of his buddies for him.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blog Stalkers!

Ok, so I know many of you out there blog stalk us, but seldom leave a comment. I'm totally fine with that and many of you comment to me in person which I totally love. It's that once in a while comment from people that you never expect that make me smile so thank you!

PS~ I hope you have a fantastic summer too Julie! We need to get your smiling face upstairs one of these years. That would be a blast! Enjoy Trevor while you can. Thinking of your family today on graduation day! Congrats!

PPS~ Thank you to everyone who reads our blog, it means the world to us!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

1st Swim of the Season

Roland had a big meeting and dinner in SYR yesterday so Mom invited us for dinner which turned into some unexpected swimming and fun. It started with dipping our feet which turned into up to our knees and before we knew it Seth was swimming naked and Leah was stripped down into just her diaper. If you are a mom you know what happens when a regular diaper is submerged in blows up to about three times its size. Leah didn't care and she loved every minute of it.

Thank you to Mom and Tom for a very very fun evening with you!
PS~ Yes, my mom is fully clothed and in the pool. She didn't plan to, but since I didn't bring a suit she just ended up in the water. It was so funny!

Seth's Last Day

Today is Seth's last day as a full time child at Pam's. It is so sad because she has been the best influence on him this year. He has loved every minute of his time with her and we have loved having her as a sitter. If she doesn't get a teaching job next year we will be the first to sign up on her roster. I made these fruit kabobs for the kids for his last day since one of the boys has an egg allergy I wanted to make sure he got a treat too. They turned out awesome and I wanted to eat the whole platter! We will miss you Pam!