Monday, April 18, 2016

Outdoor Weekend

 We had the best weekend and 95% of it was spent outdoors. Yipeee.
Friday night Seth and Leah had The Overton's over to play for a few hours and they all had a blast.
 Saturday was the Battle of the Books at the library. Seth's team was down one member due to illness, but they still worked extremely hard. They did not win, but they get tons of points for reading many many books and competing so well.

 Saturday night we had The Pettit's over for dinner and a bonfire. It was such a great time with tons of laughs.

 We finally cleaned out the front yard of the old Christmas trees and burned those suckers.

 Sunday we soaked up the sun in Sackets with a bike ride and a picnic. It was family time at its very best.

Leah even flew her kite for the first time.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Our Sunny Week

 We've been super busy this week enjoying family and enjoying the start of spring weather. On Monday night we headed to Lowville, brought dinner and did some exploring in my grandparents loft. We found all sorts of "interesting" items and had tons of laughs.
 It was right out of an episode of American Pickers...old bikes, toys, deer heads and much much MUCH more.
 Tuesday was the day that I was excited-dreading. Leah needed to have a baby tooth extracted and I didn't tell her until it was time to leave. She definitely had some tears, but Dr. Katie was amazing with her. We are so happy we switched dentists.
 Our favorite find in my grandparents loft was this old sign from my grandfather's business. Roland has been working on his man cave in the basement and he proudly hung this as soon as he cleaned it up.
 After one full year this storage trailer was finally picked up last night and taken off our front lawn. I feel like someone gave me a million dollars. Feels so great to have it gone and the front lawn wide open.
We also ate on the back deck for the first time.
It's been a great week. TGIF.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Tourney Weekend

 Friday night we took the kids and a couple of their friends to Family Bingo Night at Sherman. It was tons of fun and the kids had such a great time.

 Saturday we were up bright and early to start our double tournament day. Seth's U12 team started their first game at 7:30am. Luckily we won and had a little time to grab breakfast before the second game.
 The second game went into 6 overtimes and unfortunately they lost, but boy did they hustle and play hard. Seth had the largest cheering section on the bleachers also.
 Way to go Watertown FC U12B

 Our U10 team also worked super hard and made it two rounds in the tourney.
 They were rewarded with a pizza party at Weston's house after and they continued to play MORE soccer.

 Leah also had her last game of the year this weekend. Her U8 season is now over. She grew as a player so incredibly much this year.

After her game we had a couple of her soccer buddies over to play.

On Justin's way back to Boston he stopped in to visit with Gram and Gramp for a few hours and sent me this picture. Love it.
I love Etsy. After searching endlessly for something for Leah's walls I finally found this gem and couldn't be happier.
This week sports get much simpler. Leah is taking swim lessons and Seth is down to one soccer team. I may actually get to be home in the evening. Yay.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Final Four Weekend

 We sported our orange attire all weekend long in the hopes that our team would win. They didn't, but it was a heck of a season and March Madness was super exciting this year. We don't know what to do with ourselves now that basketball is over.
 Leah got some cooking utensils and a cookbook from her friend Noey for her birthday so she asked to do some baking this weekend. She truly loves to cook and having her own tools was so fun for her.
 Leah is also following in her uncles footsteps and has starting writing stories and books. I love her creativity.
 Last week was rough. Leah was sent home from school on Wednesday for a high fever and it lasted for four days. We had her tested for the flu twice and strep and thank goodness it was neither, but it just lasted so long we were stressed. The nurse at our doctors office even had to bribe her with 6 lollipops to swap her nose for the flu.
 Saturday night was the BIG game. I knew in my heart that mostly likely they wouldn't win, but it was such a fun few weeks watching them beat the odds.

 Roland worked on installing the windows on our back porch on Sunday. That man loves a good project and he worked his heart out. It looks amazing out there and we are so excited for the weather to warm up so we can start using it. No bugs will get to us now. 
 On Sunday Leah had her friend Alex over to play and they had such a great time.

You can't get into your dream college if you don't study Seth.
So that's what we were doing last night, studying science vocabulary. I even put on my teacher hat and had him write out the words and definitions for the ones he missed during our review.   
This week we finish up soccer for Leah, Seth takes the state tests and it's the big tourney weekend at the Y. Seth will take part in both the U10 and U12 tournaments this time. Saturday will be super busy needless to say. All good things