Sunday, May 30, 2010

Surprise Party Weekend

Friday night we were invited to the Voss' house for dinner and because we had very special "secret" house guests coming to stay with us they we also invited to dinner. They fed us like kings and we had such a great time. It had been so long since we had gotten to together to hang out we had a lot to catch up on.
Seth and Sophia can officially ride their bikes without training wheels so they made about 100 laps around the driveway Friday night practicing their skills.
Then Aunt Sheryl took a spin on Seth's bike. HILARIOUS!
Thank you so much for having us all! The dinner was so delicious and the company was even better. We were also able to keep Sheryl and Jess a secret without any sightings!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Swim Class Until The Fall

Last night was the finale for swim for this session and for us for a while. We figure between the boat and all of the pools in our life that we can take a break from swim classes until the fall. Seth really enjoys swimming and he is making such fantastic progress. We are so proud of him.
He primarily swims with the noodle, but is getting braver and trying to swim without it too!
Seth has no fear of jumping into the pool any longer either!
Action shot!
We will start taking classes again in the fall!

Ahhh...To Be Young Again!

The weather has been so fantastic this week that we have been trying to savor every minute of it that we can. Yesterday after work we pulled out the kiddie pool and let the kids play in the water. The water was extremely cold and both Seth and Leah were totally unphased by it. They are troopers.
Croc feet!
Seth took a few laps and decided to strip down and get wet!
Trying out the pool for the first time!
Then we decided to ditch the diaper and really have some fun!
Both kids had a blast and I enjoyed sitting and watching them have fun!


On Monday night after Jacob got his hair cut by Aunt Dayna the boys hopped on their bikes and the girls hopped into the BOB. We took a long stroll and enjoyed the evening!

Chubby baby legs and toes!
Seth always stops on this big rock when we ride by. He pretends it is a stage and he does a little dance. I love the creativity!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Sheryl!
We Love You!

Small Moments

I am in love with small moments like these...
where I get to hold the hands of my two favorite kids in the whole world...
even if only for a brief second I love every minute of it and cherish it always!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Family Time

I look forward to family time each and every day. We have tried to simplify our life and not have so many plans all the time so we have more time to just spend with our family. We could be sitting in the backyard, going for a bike ride or hitting golf balls; whatever we do always ends up being fun because we are together. After dinner on Sunday night we took a drive up to the park and hit some golf balls in one of the fields. Let's say that I am more than a little bit rusty and I need some refresher classes.
Leah was content to sit and play with the tees and golf balls. She is a simple girlie!
Ro practiced with my clubs.
Seth has got a really good swing.
We decided to take a little walk down one of the paths and came upon some old exercise equipment so we tried it out.
It was quite a walk so Leah was pooped by the end of it and decided to snuggle with Daddy for a minute.
To many more quiet and fun family outings this summer!

Happy Birthday Nolan!

On Sunday we were invited to a birthday party for Seth's friend Nolan at the YMCA. It was a gymnastics party and I think I can safely say that we ALL had a lot of fun. We had never been to a party there and by the end we were all exhausted from all of the activity. Roland took a video of me on the tumble was so FUN! I won't show you though to save myself the extra embarrassment.

Happy 4th Birthday Nolan! Thank you so much for including us in your fun party! We loved it!

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Toys

Saturday was the most fantastic day we have had thus far for weather and we tried to soak up as much of it as possible. After the kids naps we broke out the water table for the kids to play in. It was a brand new toy for Miss Leah because last year she was still in the blob phase. This year she loves each and every toy that she sees and wants to try everything. At first we took off her shirt, but by the end she was stripped right down to her diaper and jumping in all of the water puddles her brother was making. By the end of this adventure I had fully decided that she needed her first pair of Crocs so that she could play like this in the water all summer long!
Even though Seth has had this table for a couple of years he really enjoyed playing with his sister in it.
A little timid at first.
Check out that Buddha Belly!
No Seth, no standing in the water table!
This is what our Bean looked like after a few hours outside in the fresh air!

Our First Little Garden

If you know me at all you know that I don't have a green thumb and I often end up killing all of our flowers by the middle of the summer. I really want to be better at the whole planting thing, but I either over water or under water. We have really wanted to plant a small raised garden for a few years now so we finally started it. Roland built the garden box on Saturday and now we just need to fill it with dirt and decide what to plant in it.

Stay tuned for the finished product and hopefully some yummy veggies by mid to end of the summer!

Lending a Helping Hand

On Saturday we headed up to Kristen's to help her with a few pre-summer projects. When I say we, I really mean Ro helped her with some manly projects. He hung a baby swing, a tire swing and installed two air conditioners. He did all the leg work and we all got rewarded with a yummy lunch. Not too shabby!
Lindsey worked very hard, ha ha!
Leah had a blast!
I'm pretty proud of Ro, he managed to get two different types of swings hung in one tree.
Leah tested it out for Lindsey while she slept!
It works!