Tuesday, February 28, 2017

VT Day 3 ~ Touring

We decided on our last day in VT to take some tours and learn some new things. We toured The Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory and the Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

 We learned all about where chocolate comes from and what they do to it to turn it into the delicious treats that we love so much. We also got to taste test quite a lot of chocolate and then try their homemade ice cream.

 At the Vermont Teddy Bear Company we learned all about how teddy bears are born. It was actually very interesting.

VT you rocked and we can't wait to come back. We already know that we want to tour a different brewery and also Cabot cheese  next time.

VT Day 2 ~ Sugarbush

 Each year we try and ski one new mountain and this year we headed to VT to ski Sugarbush. My main reason for wanting to ski this mountain was that there are actually two different mountains and they have a lift that connects them that runs horizontally. What an experience.

 It was in the high 40s at the base of the mountain. We were sweating.

 2 mile horizontal lift. It was the most interesting experience and just plain beautiful. My husband who is deathly afraid of heights did not love the 15 minute ride so much.

 Felt like we were at the top of the world.

 Lunch break...chowder and VT cider
At the end of the day we went to The Skinny Pancake for Nutella and strawberry crepes. We definitely earned the extra calories.
This was our favorite mountain so far.

Monday, February 27, 2017

VT Day 1

On our first evening in VT we went to a cider brewery and met up with some old friends. It was literally my heaven. They had about 15 different ciders and you could get a flight. They had snackie foods so the kids were happy as can be. 

 Pete and Roland have been friends for 25 years, they have been in each others weddings and even though lots of time passes between our get togethers, they never miss a beat when they get back together. They can talk for hours and hours and hours.
 After we sufficiently tried enough ciders we went to a Japanese Steakhouse for some fun for the kids.

We ended the night feeding some huge coy fish. It was so great to see Beth and Pete and catch up. Day 1 in VT was a total success.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

39th Birthday Wrapup & Valentine's Day

 Shannon planned a super fun girls night out for my birthday last Saturday night and it definitely did not disappoint. We had an utter blast. Tons and tons and tons of laughs were had. We started at Ruyi for dinner which was delicious. So lucky to have these girls in my life. I am blessed.
 Then, we went to Joe's for some darts and the jukebox. We even ran into Chris Hill (Justin's BFF).

 Kelly graduated high school when Chris was born so the whole night she said she could be his mom and he called her mom. It was too funny.

 Lots and lots of singing commenced. The jukebox certainly got a workout.

 What did I do before Snapchat, it's too fun.
 Last night we wrapped up my 39th birthday festivities with dinner at Dad and Sue's. It was beyond delicious and I had two huge helpings. We got to snuggle with Gigi and Coco so that was a bonus also.
 This morning the kids woke up to love notes on their door. Their faces were priceless and I loved every  minute of it.
 I hope they remember their childhood as being truly wonderful and that their parents love them SO much. It's the little things.
 Seth loves to hold all of his hair back and wear a headband now. Oh lord help us.
Happy Valentine's Day Snapchat style. Smooch.