Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I have talked about many obsessions lately. Fountain soda, Panera Bread, make your own sundaes from Stewart's, homemade rice crispy treats, taking pictures... I have a brand new one. I went to a cookie swap in December and each person had to bring a number of items to the party, one of which was a bottle of wine. I decided to broaden my horizons and try something new so I tried a wine from the Finger Lakes called Red Cat. Now I just love it AND my sis-in-law Sheryl bought me the magnum bottle for my birthday. It is so great, but Ro likes it so I might have to hide it from him!!!
She gave me the bottle of wine in a gift bag with the best quote on it, it is my new favorite saying!

A real friend
when to listen,
when to stop listening,
when to talk,
when to stop talking,
when to pour wine,
when to stop pouring,
and when
to just hand over
the bottle!

Speaking of REAL friends, I have been the worst this past week and I'm hoping that Ginger reads this. I am soooooo sorry that I completely missed your birthday. I took a look at my datebook today and said oh shit Ginger's birthday was last Friday. I apoligize 10x over. I could make many excuses for myself, but I won't. I promise to make it up to you!
That's about it for this bland Hump Day! Have a good one!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Party 'Til You Drop

Sorry for posting this late today. I worked at our BOCES scoring tests today. The good side of that was I was done at 1:30, went to Old Navy, and picked Seth up by 2 instead of 4! What a great day!
So I will back up a bit. Seth's big party was so great!!! The house was filled with all of our family, except for Justin, Krista and Luke whom couldn't be here! :( I just have to express how lucky I am to have parents that are divorced, but whom get along and can be at social events together. You would never even know. For that I feel truly grateful. So all the grandparents, great-grandparents, and aunts/uncles/cousins were here and filled the house with chit chat and fun. Seth didn't know who to go to, so he milked it and took turns holding his arms up for someone/anyone to pick him up. I was also very impressed with how well he played with Lexy. It must be all the time spent with the kids at Pat's. They played so great together. Well, here are as many pics from the party as blogger will let me upload!
Seth's own cake, a mini Yankees ball!

Digging in to his cake. To quote my husband, he says to Seth, "Dig right in don't be such a girl!"

Ready to eat!

Presents, Presents, Presents! YIPEEE!

I'm sure that you can tell from these pics and all of the ones that I will post on our fotolog this week that we had just the best night. I think that everyone needed the boost in the cold and boring winter. Now we are on to my brother's birthday (tomorrow) and then my birthday next week. So basically we will be partying for 3 weeks straight and you won't get any complaints out of me!

Tonight I am off to my girls dinner for some food, wine, and good conversation! All Lori told us was that she was doing a seafood theme! Can't wait!

Friday, January 26, 2007


I have decided that I need to start depositing my paycheck directly to Kinney Drugs. We have been in that pharmacy more times in the past 2 months then I have in my entire life! Count it, I have my 4th sinus infection in 3 months. I am so flippin' frustrated with my nose that I want to rip it off! I think I made a record though, I could breathe for about a week and now I'm right back to breathing through my mouth! AHHHHHHHH! I went back to urgent care last night and talked with the doc about this problem. She said that the last med they put me on was the strongest, so this time she put me on one just as strong but for 21 days. She also suggested that I have a CAT scan done to see if there is a problem with my sinuses and if it is a chronic thing happening to explain why it doesn't seem to clear up. She wrote me a prescription to have that done at my leisure.

In other news, we are getting geared up for the big party. I took this afternoon off to make the ziti and get the house in order. Last night we dusted and vaccuumed. Then tomorrow we will decorate and finish up all the loose ends. I'm very excited to see everyone and have a house full of people. We love company!

Tonight we got Steph to babysit so that we can go out to dinner with Eric and Sheryl. We are going to Good Fellos and I can't wait to order my fried mozzerella salad and have a big glass of WINE!

Here's to a cake filled and family filling the house weekend! Pics to come!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Seth had a wonderful birthday and it isn't over yet. We still have the big family party on Saturday. He had a great time at Pat's yesterday. I sent cupcakes for he and all of the kids and asked Pat to take some pics with my camera, what she doesn't do for me! I am truly lucky to have such a wonderful sitter!

Seth with all of his buddies at Pat's

Seth wasn't so crazy about his cupcake AKA "the sticky round thing"

The whole crew enjoying their treats from Seth

Now I really need to get going on my report cards, but I'd just like to give a quick shout out to ALL of my family members and ALL of my friends that have been so wonderful to me this past year. It was the biggest change a woman can ever go through and I was sooooooooo very fortunate to have such wonderful people in my life to help me through all the trials and tribulations that have come with my man Seth. So thank you wonderful people, I am so lucky to have you all in my life.

PS: Make sure you go to for our photobooth picture from last night!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I have a quick minute before I have to get to work so I just wanted to wish my little/not so little man a HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY! We have already had many many phone calls this morning and well wishes on our fotolog so the day has started out with a bang! My grandparents called and sang to Seth in between their evident tears of joy. They are so great! Plus Grammy P and Papa/Grandma Charlton called to wish Seth a great day. I can't believe that when someone asks me how old my son is that I can finally say ONE! no more months, just one! Ro and I reminisced a little this morning, we were trying to retrace our steps a year ago. What a whirlwind day it was, but look at what we have now. I remember saying that I wasn't ever going to have another baby after the pain I felt and a nurse said, "you'll forget". I have forgotten and there will be another baby someday. Seth has to have someone to play with!

Tonight we are headed to the mall for our photobooth pic so stayed tuned tomorrow so our 1st photobooth pic!

Here's to many more photobooths, smiles, messy faces, and LOVE!

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Year of Tornado/Lovebug Seth

I'm writing this post a day early because I don't think I'll be near a computer tomorrow, I have to score the ELAs!

One year ago today I had no cares in the world, I was as big as a house waddling around. I can remember this day so clearly. Ro and I had gotten up and gone to Longway's for breakfast, I got my typical order of home fries extra crispy and one chocolate chip pancake. After breakfast we stopped at Pepsi to run some reports and I felt like I had to go to the bathroom, but couldn't go. I'd sit there and nothing would happen. DUH, I was having contractions. So we went home and I rested, took a walk, and rested some more. I had contractions 10 minutes apart all throughout the night and at 8am I called the doc, went in for a check and we were off on our wild ride of a day and evening until Seth Patrick Charlton was born at 9:34pm!
Here is a year in review for our little man...
sponge baths, 1st doc visits, getting peed on, sleepLESS nights, walks in the stroller, outtings outside of the house, 1st Super Bowl and Daddy's team wins, Mommy turns 28, meeting cousins and friends, losing belly button cord, baths, Crissy Beanz, godparents, shots, big crib, growing out of diapers quickly, changing formulas, Pat's, more shots, Lusy is born, Mommy postpones going back to work, dunkin donuts, 1st cold, easter with Uncle Eric and Aunt Sheryl, Maya is born, laughing, Taste of the town on Mommy's front, SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT, visiting Colgate, Lexy turns 5, rolling over, more shots, cereal, jumperoo, sunglasses, hitting the parade circuit, Great Grandpa turns 80, Mother's Day, Father's Day, baby food, pool parties, Mt. Carmel Feast, Aunt Dayna graduates from WHS, Gilbert/Charlton Reunion '06, farmer's market, baptism, playdates with Maya and Lucy, letterboxing, hair trims, more shots, Harborfest, tub ring, storytime at the library, bumbo seat, big boy carseat, lowering crib mattress, crawling, cookouts, holding own bottle, Bravo Fest, Daddy turns 31, rashes, cider mill, pulling up, saying Mamma and Dadda, Storm is born, teeth, family pic, Halloween, duck, ear infections, striderites, new balance sneakers, flu shots, Christmas trees, Luke is born, trying milk, pizza and wings, mommy locks Seth in the car (oops), chicken nuggets, french fries, kisses and hugs, meatballs... I know there is so much more, but this is what came to my mind for the past year.

One a funnier note, we hadn't bought Seth any boots for the winter because he really doesn't need them, but we were at Target on Saturday and they were on clearance for $4.48 so I picked up a pair just in case he needs them. They are a tribute to Napoleon Dynamite and I know he will want to kill me in the future for making him wear them.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Throw Back Friday

I drove myself to work this morning because my carpool buddies took the day off so I was actually able to listen to the radio all by myself and sing for a change. One of the stations was having "Throw Back Friday" and only playing tunes from the 80's and 90's which is right up my alley. I was in my glory and laughing at some of the requests. If there had been a hidden camera in the car you all would have gotten a good laugh at my singing! Anyhow, he are some of the songs that people requested and I CHALLENGE you to think of your favorite 80's or 90's song and share it with me today!

* Heavy D- Now that We Found Love
* Right Said Fred- I'm Too Sexy
* Momma Said Knock You Out
* Spice- Girls- Wannabe
* Beck- Loser
* Vanilla Ice- Ice Ice Baby
* Bon Jovi- Livin' on a Prayer

I love old school music and I try to fill my Ipod with as much as I can.

We went to my Dad's last night for Sue's birthday meal and it was out of this world. He made tacos and homemade carrot cake. It was to die for! Tonight we celebrate my Gram's 79th birthday. My Mom and Tom are ordering Chinese and I can't wait! So basically we are eating our way throw the week and we love it! Plus I'm not doing the cooking and that is 10x better!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody and PLEASE post some good song titles so I can update my Ipod!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blurry Thursday

I feel a little out of the loop today. Seth pulled a middle of the nighter and I'm feeling the burn this morning. Luckily I have 3 classes right now back to back to back and that will keep me busy and keep my tiredness off my mind for the next hour and a half!

Last night was pretty mellow in our house. I made this super bad for you chicken dish for dinner and it was delicious. You take chicken and marinate it in sour cream and worchershire sauce for an hour. Then, you bread it and fry it on both sides slightly. Last you bake it in the oven with a drizzle of butter over it. SO bad for you, but so good going down!

My mom stopped over to visit Seth. She was going through withdrawl after not seeing him for 4 whole days. He was loving having her chase him around and Ro and I loved the break. Mom, if you read this we are sorry that you left so upset. We don't want to move, or at least I don't want to move. We didn't mean to add to your stress levels. We'll see you on Friday for a big glass of WINE!

If just read that and are wondering... MOVE. Basically, Pepsi has and currently does have big plans for my husband. He has turned down 2 job offers already and there is a possibly of another one coming on the table in a few months that would require us to move to Albany. I will support my husband in any way that I can, but in the same breathe I have to say that I LOVE my job, I LOVE being close to both of my parents whom are wonderful to us as well as Roland's parents and the rest of our families, I LOVE our house (especially my new kitchen!!), I LOVE our friends and the friends Seth has made. So, I just try not think about this matter until I absolutely have to. So at least I have verbalized this and gotten it off my chest. I've been doing a lot of that lately and it is definately helping me to sleep better, when Seth lets me!

Funny story... One of my 5th grade students came to class on Tuesday wearing a Coke t-shirt and I harassed him all class about it, told him I wouldn't call on him, so on. He loved the attention. So he comes to class yesterday and he had made a poster that said "Pepsi Rocks!" and colored it with the emblem and everything. I hung it up and he had the biggest smile on his face. I love students like that, he is such a great kid!

My next goal for today is to start my report cards so if you don't hear from me tomorrow then you will know why, but I'll try to make time to check in! Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


CALLING ALL BLOGGY FRIENDS... Alright, it is only January 16th, the dead of winter and I need some inspiration. I have never been one to love the winter. I don't love being indoors. I don't love the cold. Once Christmas is over I'm like alright, bring on the spring. I was feeling a little cagey yesterday being home all day. Seth and I even battled a minor ice storm just to get out of the house for a couple of hours. So if anyone has any suggestions for battling the winter blues please help a gal out! It is just a little over 2 months until the official start of spring and I think I'll start a countdown.

To add to my cagey-ness Seth has his 3rd ear infection in 6 weeks. EEEKS!!! So we are on yet another stronger antibiotic to try and get rid of this thing for good!

So I started this blog on Tuesday when I was feeling a little low and I have been thinking to myself, "don't let this get you down!" So I have decided to make a list of things to look forward to in the up coming warmer months and even yet in the weeks ahead! So here goes...

1. FINALLY going to SYR for a little shopping therapy this weekend.
2. TH night B-day dinner for my step-mom Sue
3. FR night B-day dinner for my Gram who will be 79!!!
4. Seth's 1st birthday, photobooth fun and party on the 27th!
5. Meeting my brother in SYR on 2/3 for his post-b-day dinner. He'll be 20!
6. The musicial Pajama Game will be put on at the TI High School in March! So excited about that!
7. Spring starts (officially/unofficially) March 22nd!!!!!!
8. Trip to DC in June
9. Trip to Lake George in July with The Gilbert's
10. Trip to visit Justin's new college as soon as the snow is GONE!
11. Visits with Seth's baby friends, Morgan, Storm, Maya, Delaney...
12. Going to story time at the library over Feb break!

So here I feel a little better already. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family and friend circuit that when I get down with the winter blues I need to STOP thinking about all the negetives and REMEMBER all the GREAT things I have in my life! I am truly lucky!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter Has ARRIVED

We are finally having winter, not that I'm super excited about it, but it has finally hit and is hitting hard. We are having a major ice/snow/rain storm and the ice is very thick. I am not a homebody so after being home all morning long Seth and I had to get OUT of the HOUSE this afternoon. Luckily I had a few errands to take care of and we battled the wintry mix together. We even stopped in to say hello to Ro at work.

Let's backtrack a bit to the weekend. Friday night we did absolutely nothing. Ro's Aunt AKA Godmother also and her friend Herbis stopped over for a visit and we exchanged Christmas gifts. Seth had a blast walking on the diningroom table, not sure why, but he was happy so we went with it! Saturday we made a surprise visit up to Lowville to visit my grandparents for a couple of hours. They don't get to see Seth all that much and they were so excited that we decided to make the short trip up. Then, Saturday night we went over to Mom and Tom's for Justin's good-bye/good-luck dinner. Tom made chicken parm and it was sooo good, not Gilbert good, but close!

Sunday we were supposed to make a trip to SYR to get all the supplies for Seth's big party, but needless to say we didn't go. It is a long story and I was pretty sad about not being able to go after I looked so forward to it. Hopefully we will be able to go next weekend. One week from tomorrow is Seth's birthday, it's crazy that he will be a year. It feels like yesterday I was bringing him home not knowing what the hell to do with him. Now he is a little man.

Doesn't this look just like a bobble-head doll?

Friday, January 12, 2007

Long Week

This has been an incredibly long week. We had our state tests this week and it was long and out of routine and I am so happy that it is over. Plus we have a short week next week so that is extra exciting. Roland is home from his trip and just in time for Seth to pull an all nighter cutting a new tooth. Poor little guy. Between an ear infection over the holidays and now more teeth he can't seem to catch a break.

I finally fed my chinese craving last night. Justin and Jaime came over and Ro was home in time to pick up the take out. It was sooooo good! Plus, Grey's Anatomy was NEW last night so I was extra excited about that being on after 2 months of reruns.

Roland brought home all sorts of new loot from his training in Albany. Pepsi jackets, pull over fleece sweatshirts, a Pepsi bag, and all sorts of new Frito Lay products. It was like Christmas all over again.

I think we will stay close to home tonight. We had hoped to finally exchange Christmas gifts with Brad and Krista, but they never called back so it doesn't look like that will happen. If you happen to read this give us a call so we can set up a time! Saturday we are going to my Mom's for dinner and Sunday hopefully we can get out of Watertown for a few hours and go to SYR for a change of scenery.

I'm sorry for another post without pics, but there hadn't been much to take pictures of unless you like rain and wet! Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

On My Own

Well Seth, Rocky, and I are on our own for the next 2 days. Ro is away on a business training in Albany for the next two days. If this morning is any indication we will be fine. Seth was wonderful this morning and not a tear was shed. YIPPEE, here's hoping!

Bonnie and Big Ro came over for a visit last night and could not get over how fun Seth is now. He can play and tool around the house and laugh. It is so funny to watch him now. Oh, I'm back to my bad Mommy ways though... I got to Pat's to pick Seth up on Monday and she said that they had an eventful day. I had forgotten his bottles. I am always forgetting something lately. Luckily she had a bottle that he took no problem. Today I double checked his bag before I left the house!

I bought my LAST canister of formula at Walmart yesterday!!! Do you know how happy that makes me? So happy!

Let's see, what else is going on... We are going to my Mom's for dinner tonight and I need to order Seth's birthday present today. Not that he will need it until May, but I'd like him to have it. Roland and I and the grandparents are going in on an outdoor gym for Seth for this summer. Little Tikes makes it and I can't wait for warm weather to see him on it!

Other then that we are just trying to stay warm because it has gotten hella cold in the past few days. Happy Hump Day to you all!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Catching Up

Well, my taste buds reappeared for a short time and have left again. I thought I was over the hump until I got to work today and realized that I was so insanely congested that I could hardly read a book to the kids. I called Ro up and asked him to come and get me. I went to Quick Med and they took one look up my nose and said YUCK! The inside of my nose was/is black because it is so infected. Once again I have a sinus infection so hopefully I am on the mend for a while now.

Let's back up a bit. Friday night we just needed to get out of the house so we went up to the mall for some socialization/food/browsing. I did end up finding my favorite perfume from the Gap on sale as well as a Napoleon Dynamite calendar 50% off, I was so excited! Ro also found the handle protectors he wanted for his 4wheeler. Seth tried chicken nuggets and french fries for the 1st time as well.

Saturday we did a little bit of nothing, but we took Seth to Stefano's restaurant for the first time. It is one of our all time favs. We asked my Mom and Tom and they were thrilled. Seth was amazing and we were even given free dessert from the owner to top off the night!
Sunday Roland went 4wheeling with the guys and we went to breakfast with Mom and Tom. Seth took a big digger on the floor and now has quite the bruise, but he is tough so he bounced back quick. Ro came home with a sprained ankle after falling off his 4 wheeler and having it roll on him. He is in rough shape and has some bad bruises. Will men ever learn?

That just leaves today which I summed up pretty quick. I hope to start feeling like myself by the end of the week. This weekend we have to celebrate Justin's good-bye/good-luck at his new college and we are going to take a trip to Syracuse for some change of scenery on Sunday. It's winter without snow so there isn't much to do. I long for spring and summer!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Reading Teacher?

My husband had to point out that my last 2 posts have had major spelling errors in them. So I better slow down, I am a Reading Teacher who teaches kids to read and write so I better practice what I preach!

Nothing much to write about today. It is rainy and gloomy out here and I still can't find my taste buds. We are going on 5 days with no smell or taste and I'm getting pissy about it! We have no major plans for the weekend. Ro might go 4 wheeling if the weather cooperates. We would also like to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to use a gift card given to us from Eric and Sheryl. We really need a new knife set for the kitchen.

I'd really like to go to Stefano's for dinner if and when I can taste again. Other then that it will be a low key weekend.

I have been thinking about Seth's big birthday and I am totally going to steal Nina's photobooth tradition and take Seth up to our new photobooth in the mall on his birthday and make it tradition every year!!!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend with your kiddies and hubbies!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sickness Free (Knock on Wood)

We are finally free at The Charlton household, free from sickness, runny noses, coughs, and all the other crud that was running through us! Hip Hip Hooray! Seth on the other hand has been waking up very very early in the morning. He will take a bottle and go right back down to sleep. I'm not sure if I'm not feeding him enough during the day, but how can I possible feed him anymore. He still takes 4 bottles plus breakfast, lunch, and dinner of table/baby food. If anyone has any suggestions please pass it on. He's been waking at like 5am. AHHH! He was sleeping until 6:30-7am.

What else is going on... Oh, I finished Seth's 1st Birthday cards with the help of my friend Erin Mayne (thank you soooo much!) and they turned out amazing! I can't wait to send them out to our family.

We had some company last night. Big Ro and Uncle J stopped over to play with Seth and chat so that was fun to see them both. We LOVE company so our door is always open!

I'm completely and utterly addicted to watching old episodes of One Tree Hill. Ro bought me seasons 1 & 2 for Christmas and I'm already through season 1 and halfway through season 2. So I will probably be asking for season 3 for my birthday! Everything has been reruns lately so it has been great to catch up on how the show started! So that is my latest addiction to add to the growing list. I also fed my fountain soda addiction this morning, but I haven't been to Panera in 1 week!

The good news is that Seth had FINALLY started to be cuddly. Thus far Seth has not been a cuddly baby, but he has started to hug and cuddle up and we LOVE it! So great to get a hug from the little guy!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Confessions of a Bad Mom

So I must confess that I have not been the most responsible Mom lately, thank God for Ro or else Seth would be in some rough shape. You are probably wonderful what could she have done....

Bad Mom #1:
Well, on Saturday the three of us went over to my Dad and Sue's for our belated holiday festivities. We had the car jam packed full with presents and all of Seth's gear for the day. Roland and I get out of the car at the same time, I go to get Seth out of his carseat and Ro heads to the trunk to get the gifts when we both realize that the doors lock automatically when you put the car in drive so I open my car door to unlock the rest of the vehicle but instead I lock the entire car up, Seth inside! AHHHHHHHHHHHH, bad Mommy! Luckily we on;t live1/2 mile from my Dad and Ro was able to jet home to grab the spare car keys.

Bad Mom #2:
I have been pretty sick with some type of cold for about 5 days now. Luckily I am on the homestretch if I could only get my taste buds back. If you see them tell them I miss tasting food and I'd like them back!!! Anyhow, back to my story. I went to Urgent Care on Sunday and they gave me 4 prescriptions. I only filled 2 because the other 2 seemed useless. After not sleeping for too many nights to count I finally asked Ro last night to fill the prescription for the cough medicine for the nighttime. No knowing that it has codene in it until I was taking it. Well, 1tsp knocked me out last night, enough to sleep through Seth waking up at 4am and not wanting to go back to sleep. I mean screaming! I heard him faintly, but I was out. Thank God for my wonderful hubby who took care of him and got him back to sleep.

So needless to say I have been a bad Mommy lately, but I'm blaming it on my stupid cold. Here's to cold free days and sleep filled nights for all of the Charlton's!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's in Pics

We had some friends and their families over for New Year's Eve and we had more food then you can imagine. We had lobster, steak, salad, twice baked potatoes, and endless munchies. We were all stuffed and happy AND we managed to stay awake until midnight! That isn't something that we do too often anymore. So here are a few pics of our night...

Seth and Maya

Break Dancing to Vanilla Ice

Our Steak and Lobster Fest

Fancy Toasting China

We hope everyone had a fun night. Jaime if you read this, sorry about freaking about Seth's toy. Ro fixed it on Sunday so all is well with the world. We look forward to our next dinner at The Short household!

Back to work today and more importantly my friend Erin is back. Boy did I miss her and I am soooooooooo happy to have her back. We just gab and gab, BUT we do teach as well. She had a great first day back and they will continue to get easier for her.

I made chili for dinner but since I'm still super stuffed up I may not be able to taste it. I just took some Sudafed so here's hoping.