Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Recap...Soccer, Moving, Football, Moving

 We knew that this weekend was going to be busy, but we also knew that we would get to see some of our favorite people within all the craziness. Saturday Seth had a game and we had quite the cheering section. The game was FANTASTIC and Seth scored 5 goals. We were so excited for him to feel some success this season. It had a rocky start. I was happy to catch up and chat with Sara, Sheryl and Rachel in between cheering too. After the game Seth headed back to Rochester with the aunties for some fun. The rest of us helped Grandma and Papa Charlton moved into their new home.
 Leah helped by being the door girl. It is a very important job.
 Many loads were taken and many boxes lugged.
 Seth missed all of the moving and helped Aunt Sheryl as her assistant for the evening.
 He was in football heaven.
Sunday we bribed Leah with cider mill donuts after church and then spent the rest of the day helping Roland's parents some more.
We are definitely tired and sore today, but all of the big move items are in.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Grateful Not a Be a Full Time Single Mom

 Roland was gone this entire week and I had lots of time to think on my way to and from work about how much respect I have for single parents. It's a ton of work and I really appreciate Roland when he is home and how much he truly does to help me with the kids and the house on a weekly basis.
With that being said we fared well this week with tons of help from Grandma Bonnie and Grandma Barb and Poppy Tom. We had sports multiple evenings and Open House at school too. Leah asked to make small pizza's like at Miss Kristen's, so her wish was granted and she was all smiles.
We went to Open House last night and I really enjoyed seeing where the kids spend 7 hours a day. Leah was so excited to show us everything and Seth just wanted to play with his friends on the playground. I love Seth's art work (shown above). It made me chuckle.
The weekend ahead isn't very busy thank goodness. We have a Watertown FC team building activity tonight, a game tomorrow and helping Roland's parents move the rest of the weekend. Low key is the name of the game this weekend and I love it. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Recap ~ Sept 20th

 Since Seth and Devin aren't in the same class this year they go through withdrawal not being able to see each other (I'm perfectly happy with it during school-Seth is doing great this year and not getting into any trouble for talking to his friends in class haha) so we had Devin over for dinner Friday night and Roland took them to the WHS football game in the evening.
 Karaoke machine was put to good use also.
 Lindsey sent Leah a paint set from Germany so Leah has been having a blast painting all sorts of pictures. She dropped one off for Judi, Great Grandma and she is working on many more. She's been having so much fun being creative.
Sunday we headed to Lowville for the second round of the soccer shoot out. Seth didn't win, but he had a great time watching his friends and playing around. We enjoyed getting to see grandma and grandpa in Lowville also.

 Seth had to bring Devin with him.
 Watertown FC represented
 A little rain didn't stop anyone.
Good effort buddy, good effort.
Roland is gone for this entire week to Texas so I am very thankful for Grandma Bonnie and Grandma Barb for all of their help in the mornings and afternoons. They will help to keep me calm and sane during this busy busy week.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

 Friday night we were invited to Tennis Island to a friends river house. It was truly breathtaking. The location and the property was truly beautiful. It was located right across the river from Boldt Castle too. The boys actually kayaked to the castle and they thought was that the coolest things ever. It was the perfect fall evening for a fire and the kids played while we all chatted. What a neat experience.
 Saturday marked the start of soccer season. We play the entire school year and this year since Seth is part of the U10 age group he plays on the BIG field for the first 6 weeks. What a change that was. He loves every minute of it and he is on an amazing new team this year. Life is good.
 Sunday we took the advice of a friend (JV) and tried a new hiking spot; The Robert Wehle State Park in Henderson. We absolutely loved it and it was the perfect day to walk right along the lake. What a gorgeous spot for a hike.

Here's to many more soccer and hiking filled fall weekends ahead.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Natural Athlete

On Saturday I was dress shopping with Joan when I received a text with this picture. When I left in the morning the only plans that Roland and the kids had were to go to Seth's soccer practice at the Y. Well, practice led to a soccer shootout at JCC and to make a long story short...Seth won the contest for his U10 age group. That kid is such a natural athlete. He certainly does not get it from me. HA. He competes in Lowville in another couple of weeks at regionals. The whole thing is absolutely crazy, but we couldn't be more proud of him. Way to go buddy. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happenings this Week

 Roland turned 39 this week so we had a little dinner to celebrate him. I had a hard time trying to decide what to get him this year, but decided to get him the SU corn hole game. He was thrilled and they all started playing immediately.
 We are trying to spend tons of time with Justin and Joan before they leave for Spain next week. Leah and Joan have gotten close this summer and she really enjoys time with her new auntie. I enjoy girl time with my new sister too.
The kids are loving being able to go to the same school for the first time ever. They walk together, ride their bikes, seek each other out in the hallways, etc. This week we even dressed them like twins. I love this time and will enjoy each and every minute of it.

 I had the great pleasure of going dress shopping with Joan this past weekend and it was SO fun seeing all of the dresses, watching her try them on and even trying on bridesmaid dresses. It was such a great day.
That's a little glimpse into our world this week.

Back to School

 I have no idea where the time goes. Each and every day flies by and I'm only left with memories and tons of pictures. I can't believe that Seth is a 3rd grader and Leah is in kindergarten. I'm happy and sad all rolled up together. It was very hard to let go of both kids on the first day of school. Time is just going by way too quickly.
Seth has adjusted really well and he is loving 3rd grade and all that it offers. Leah is adjusting, let's just leave it at that.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Welcome September

 At the end of vacation we tried to squeeze in every last bit of sunshine, lake and outdoor activities that we could. We took an evening ride in the boat to Sackets for dinner on the Friday of Labor Day weekend.
 It was the most gorgeous evening.
 Saturday we took a trip to Talcott Falls. The kids had never been and they loved it. They didn't want to leave. I think we will have many more hikes in our future this fall.

 Later that day we drove to the Black Pond inlet to Lake Ontario and went to the beach. It was a perfect beach day and the kids loved swimming in the waves.

 On Labor Day we hit the boat again and swam our hearts out.

It is SO hard to believe that Leah is now a kindergartener. She is adjusting OK. She is a nervous nelly, but we all know that. She will do fine and will adjust in time.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

A Few More AUGUST Pics

 Leah has been overcoming many of her fears this summer. She now goes all the way under the water and jumps off the side of the pool and off the back of the boat. Way to go Beaner.
 I hope they rebuild quick. So sad.
 We were able to get together with the Sweet Family in August and spend some time at my mom's pool while the moms chatted.
 We spent countless hours at the pool eating ice cream bars and begging to swim naked.
 We also spent countless hours on the lake, soaking up the sun.
 C is for Charlton
 Kids loved the mini roller-coaster at SeaBreeze.
 Girls drinks on the beach in Rochester
 Movie night with Lexy
 Taking the ferry to VT
 Thank got for $.99 ponchos at the marina in a down pour.
 Wedding party plans
 Farwell to my adopted little sister Sara's pool party
A cookout with Knick friends
August you ROCKED.