Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend in Review ~ Leap Weekend

 We had our friends The Knapp's over on Friday night and the kids had an utter blast. They ran full steam until 10:30pm and then they crashed. It was a lovely evening and we enjoyed it.

 On Saturday Seth had a double header for his U12 team. The second game they played FX Caprara and a friend of ours son was on the opposing team and she asked if we could get the three #11s in a picture at the end. It's too cute. (Seth, Lucas Lavarnway and Nico)
 Saturday night we loaded up and hit the hill. Between sports and basic life we haven't skied as much as normal so we took this chance to have some outdoor and family time. It was the perfect night and we had a great time.
 Jack, Noah, Seth and Nico skied together all night.
 On Sunday the kids snuggled for a bit between church school, soccer and basketball. We never have much time at home, but when we do we take full advantage.
 We even spotted 7 deer next door yesterday afternoon.
 We threw together some Naan pizza for an early dinner last night. It was so delicious.
Dessert ended a near perfect weekend. Our kids LOVE dessert and since they only get it every other night, they truly enjoy those nights.
Here's to another busy week, but we enjoy each and every day.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

February Break '16

We started off February vacation with a bang by travelling to Lowville in -25 degree temps to see our favorite people. We brought dinner to Gram and Gramp and enjoyed a night together as a family.
Seth celebrated his first Valentine's Day with an actual "girlfriend". They were so stinking cute exchanging their gifts at the Y. They got all rosy cheeked and then went to play soccer instantly.
Leah scored 3 goals on Valentine's Day also. She was SO excited.
She then went from being a soccer machine to a girlie girl with Grace at our house after the game.
On Valentine's evening Seth's basketball team had a tournament and in between games the Adam's hosted a pizza party for the boys and their little sisters. It was a ton of fun.

On Monday we had round 3 of Parents VS: Kids. I was home sick, but Roland represented for the both of us at both age levels.

Just in time for his soccer clinic with the Syracuse Silver Knights, Seth's new hoodie arrived.
We spent the bulk of our vacation with our wonderful friends at the Great Wolf Lodge. The kids are at such a perfect age for it and all 15 of us had an utter blast. The days flew by.

We missed you Pete.

On the way home we made a pit stop in Rochester at the aunties for an overnight. Seth and Leah were given their birthday gifts and we went to a super yummy Mexican restaurant.

On Saturday Seth had Vincent over to watch the SU game and they had such a great time together.
Leah returned to school on Monday and rocked her spelling test AND was awarded the "Bucket Filler of the Month" award in front of the whole school for February. Yay Bean. We are so proud of you.