Monday, September 30, 2013

1st Win

 Seth's team had their first win this weekend. It was my first time to one of Seth's games so I was super nervous and such a typical soccer mom. I stood, I sat, I couldn't decide what to do and it's only U8. Seth did a fantastic job in goal as well as on offense. I was super duper proud of him and I can't wait to watch him again this Saturday.
Until Saturday...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall is in Full Force

 Leah is loving every minute of school so far. This week they celebrated Johnny Appleseed's birthday by having a parade and making applesauce in his honor. Leah loved the parade, but my picky daughter didn't like the applesauce. "It was lumpy Mommy."
 Thank goodness I made friends with Leah's teacher who texted me these cute pics.
Last night was Seth's Open House at school. He was thrilled to show us around and to have us meet his teacher. I really love her for a number of reasons and I am very grateful that three years in a row we have lucked out with teachers for Seth. Seth is doing well so far and loving school as well. Life is good.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Little Trip

 I took a little trip recently, a well overdue trip and one that we have done for three years now. It has come to be known now as our NYC GOW (Girls Only Weekend) and it is a weekend that I cherish. Not only do I get to spend time with my very best friend, but her wonderful sister(s) who make me feel like part of the family.
 We walked a ton and ate a ton and laughed a ton and people watched a ton. I'd say our first day away was a HUGE success.
 I could never get tired of the interesting sights that NYC has to offer.
 We also saw a show this year. A show that we have wanted to see for a very long time. You have to be a very open minded person to go and see The Book of Mormon; which we are. We laughed, we swayed with the music and we enjoyed every single minute of it. Thank you Sara Glover for the soundtrack that we now sing along with also.
 I loved every minute of my GOW and I thank my wonderful husband for holding down the fort at home and taking such wonderful care of the kiddos while I was gone.
 This time next year we may be flying to get together for our GOW. In any event we plan to get together yearly and make more memories.
But don't worry NYC we will be back in less than 3 months with the kids as a Pre-Christmas surprise.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

August Recap ~ A Few Months Late

Plain and simple August ROCKED.
 August totally rocked. The weather was fantastic and we were on our boat every single minute that we could be. We used it more this August then we did all last summer. We made some amazing memories this August that will be cherished always.
This August our friends from NH made the trip up and we had a fun filled NNY weekend. We started with a shrimp boil followed by a day on Lake Ontario and an evening of kids playing and parents relaxing.

 Pregnant with "double rainbows".
 Roland went out of town with his siblings in August for the PGA so the kids and I hit our favorite dinner spot while Dad was gone.
 We spent tons and tons and tons of time on the boat. It was truly lake love this August.
 We celebrated our anniversary with Brad and Krista this year. We went to Ryan's Lookout and had an amazing dinner. We laughed because we hadn't been out to dinner together in probably 10 years.
 Seth and I hit Water Safari in August too.
 While we sadly counted down the days until Uncle J leaves we caught an Uncle Sam Boat tour in August too. It was really fun since we hadn't done it in many years. We played the role of tourist for a few hours.
 One weekend Kristen's sister Becky and fiance John came into town so we spent an entire day from sun up to sun down on the boat followed by a golf tournament the next day to support some friends of ours. This was the BEST weekend of the summer.

 We took Joan out for a farewell lunch before she headed to England.
 We took Sara out for a farewell breakfast before she left for Geneseo.
 Seth headed back to Beaver Camp for a week of day camp.
We worked on our Sand Bucket List and on a beautiful August day we walked over the TI Bridge, jumped into the River at TI Park and had a sweet treat at the Guzzle. It was my second favorite day of the summer.

Halloween in August was a hit again this year. We missed a friends BBQ because of it, but just couldn't be missed. The kids loved every minute of it.
We tried a new water park also. We took the kids to a super retro park in Fulton for the day. They loved it.
More and more and more boating. Our gas bill for the season was pretty out of hand, but we loved every minute of our time on the lake.
We entered a family 5K. The boys ran while Leah and I walked.
The finale was family camping. The rest of the family LOVED it, me not so much.
That was AUGUST and it ROCKED.

Friday, September 20, 2013

July Recap ~ A Few Months Late

 In keeping with my "catching up" theme I went through the best of the best pics from July and here are a few of the MANY things that made up July for us this year.
Seth played baseball for the first time and absolutely loved every minute of it. He had a great coach with a love for the game and patience with the kids.
 We celebrated the 4th with friends and family and even lived through a downpour on the boat and came out smiling and laughing about it.

 After our trip to DE we were able to spend some time with the kids cousin Zoey from California. She was so great with the kids and swam with them for at least two hours. They thought she was amazing.
 The fair week was very HOT so we made it to the parade, but never made it back to the fair. It was sad, but we survived.
 Leah went to the dentist for the first time and Seth is an old pro.
 On a cool July day I took the kids to the zoo and ALL of the animals were out. We had such a blast watching them be so playful. It was such a memorable day with the kids.
 Roland celebrated his 20th high school reunion this July. It was very fun to chat with people we haven't seen in ten years or even twenty. It was a fun filled weekend of reminiscing.

 Seth also went away for his first overnight camp. I was SO nervous, but he had no fear and no tears were shed when we left. When we picked him up thought he was covered in bug bites despite the huge bottle of bug spray that I sent with him and he hadn't changed his shorts or underwear in three days. He had a BLAST and got two awards, but he was disgustingly filthy when he got home. Oh well.

 At the very end of the month we caught up with our friends from Clayton and had a rainy day playdate with them. The kids had a great time and it was fun to see some new faces.
Now onto August...