Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seth in Action @ Bristol

Bristol Mountain

Sheryl and Jess have been asking us to come and ski with them at Bristol all winter, but as always we have been busy busy. We finally found a Saturday and I sent Seth and Roland on their first ski adventure together while Leah and I spent some quality girl time together at home and when I say girl time I mean shopping, napping and eating. It was a great day for the whole family even though we were apart. Seth came home with all sorts of interesting stories and they had a blast!
This is no Dry Hill! I was so jealous, but we will all go next year when we get the Beaner on skis.

Seth thought that the quad chairlift was the best!
Our little daredevil is now obsessed with skiing in the woods wherever he goes.
I am so proud of Seth's accomplishments this winter and so excited for future ski trips. I'm already planning them in my head!
I have the best picture of Seth and Roland from this day, but I just accidentally deleted it so I will post it later tonight!


We thought it would never grow, but low and behold it started and created the craziest mullet ever to enter our family. The time came to shed the mullet and Aunt Dayna was happy to come and give Leah her first hair cut.
So long crazy hair!
Aunt Dayna used to cut Seth's hair and oh what an experience that was. Seth has never liked getting his hair cut and actually threw up on Dayna once while crying so hard. Leah is the direct opposite of her brother and sat very patiently while eating a lollipop. She never whimpered, just smiles all the way.

The new and improved AND almost 2 Leah Bean!
We love you sweet sweet girl!
Thank you Aunt Dayna for coming over and being part of this milestone.

Ski Week

Since Seth is a crazy solo skier we took full advantage this week and skied three days in a row. Thursday we skied with Mackenzie and MJ and Friday we skied with Jaime and Kelsey. Both days were a drastic difference in conditions. Thursday was icy and clear and Friday was a blizzard and the snow was super deep. We had a blast both days though. Saturday Seth and Roland went on a ski adventure, but that's a whole other post.
Seth and MJSeth and Kelsey


I'm trying very hard to cut back on Seth's TV and Wii time since it seems to be all that he wants to do these days. We got out the arts and crafts basket and tapped into our creative sides for a change.
Toothy smile!
We are so ready to get back outside and run run run. The playground is calling our name!

Memory Lane

This week we decided that Seth was old enough to do one of my most favorite activities as a child and have a sleepover in Lowville. I spent the better part of my childhood with my grandparents so I wanted to show Seth what a blast it is to have a sleepover with them. Since my mom doesn't like to miss out on anything fun she tagged along with us too. Leah stayed home with Daddy while we had fun in Lowville. We ate out for dinner and then came home, snuggled into our jammies, had popcorn and ice cream and watched Annie. It was so wonderful to relive some old memories and go through some old photo albums too. We found a bunch of pictures of me and solidified that Leah and I look so very similar. Thank goodness one of them looks like me since Seth is a clone of Roland's.

Check out my Gramp's have to love them!

Seth is covering up in one of my old baby blankets...awww!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Since it has been over a year I thought it would be fun to check out story time at the library for a change today. Leah goes with Judi, but Seth and I haven't been in such a long time. It used to be our special time together, but since Leah arrived we have forgotten about it. We listened to four stories and made a dog craft. Both kids had such a good time and it was fun to watch them interact with one another.

I love vacation!
Skiing for the next two days!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Booty Shake

Last night we tried Leah's training undies on just for the heck of it and from this video you can tell that she definitely likes them. We were dying laughing at her new dance moves. We are not ready to potty train just yet, but we are prepared when the time does arrive with brand new undies. Go Leah go!

Only a week and a half until she turns 2...sniff sniff!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wintervention Weekend

Since we are saving for a big Florida trip next year we decided to take a mini vacation this year and go to the indoor water park in Lake George. We had no idea what to expect and it was truly a great time, but very strange to be putting on a bathing suit in the middle of February when it was only two degrees outside. We decided to ask The Voss' who jumped at the chance for a wintervention, but in true Voss fashion had a major crisis at the 21st hour. Poor Maya came down with a 24 hour bug so she and Rod had to stay home. We were super bummed, but made the most of our time with three of the five of them.
There were a few glitches when we arrived and we should have known that going to an indoor water park in the middle of the winter AND during winter vacation/President's weekend would be a mistake. Let's just say that wall to wall people was an understatement plus a shortage of people on their cleaning crew equals a long day minus our room. We made the most of it and I was so proud of Leah who was awake from 7am to 7:30pm with no nap. We started our adventure by eating at the Johnny Rocket's on the premises. YUM! Very hungry children after our LONG car ride!

Bellies full and ready for the water!
Leah in her new suit and flippies!

Leah was a little dare devil.

No fear of the water at the park, yet he has a fit in the bath tub when water gets in his eyes. What the heck??
After waiting a very very long time for our room we were more than happy upon arrival. The room ROCKED! It was a suite that slept 10 people. It was HUGE and super comfy, well except for the pillows that felt like bricks. Other than that the room was amazing.

The kids bunk room.
Pancake Sunday LG style!

Water slide action shots!

Wintervention success!
It was a great trip with my great family and fantastic friends.
We missed you Rod and Maya.
Thank you to all of our family for helping with Rocky!!