Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle J

We love you and hope you enjoyed your morning serenade! See you tonight!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


It seems like winter lasts for so long and we are cooped up in the house or at work for many many hours a day so here are a few positive things in my life that keep me going on a daily basis...

* Excited baby steps taken by Miss Leah as she toddles 3 to 5 steps here and there.
* That fact that Seth can name each and every car in his "collection", give descriptions and tell you all about them. Plus, how he lines them all up and has a fit if his sister comes anywhere near them. "MOM, Leah is touching my collection!"
* When Seth says, "Mom can Leah come play in my room with me?"
* Sitting on the couch watching OTH with Roland on Monday nights. It is the only night we watch TV together and I love the extra time with him.
* Weekly visits from my Mom and Tom after school. Extra adult conversation, I love it!
* Helping out friends in any way I can.
* Forming a much closer relationship with my SIL. Love it!
* Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea
* Skiing, we have gotten back into it this year and it is a great feeling to be outside in the fresh air.
* Emails and early morning chats with my Gram.
* The hope and anticipation that spring is on its way.
* Planning Leah's 1st birthday bash. Get out your pink and brown!
* Planning summer vacations to MA and Lake George.
* The HOPE of finding Seth a new sitter for next year. Cross your fingers for us please.
* Cuddling up in my snuggie.
* Family
* Friends
* Family
* Friends

What are you feeling positive about lately??
The drive in this morning was HORRIBLE! My new thought is that whomever is in charge of making the ultimate school closing call for a district should get out of bed and take a drive down the road and REALLY see what the roads are like and what danger he/she might be putting these children into. Can you tell that I'm a little upset? It was scary and I get to turn around and do it again in 4 hrs. Serenity NOW!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Thought...

I wish children were born with teeth. It would save them the pain and us the pain and be much simpler in general! Thoughts?? I know you will agree with me!

Denver Testing

We went for Leah's 10 month Denver Developmental Testing this morning and we couldn't be more pleased. She is saying and doing everything age appropriate and beyond. We are so proud of our little lady. The doctor also told us to start slowly introducing milk into her formula so we will try a little tonight. It is so hard to believe that she is almost 11 months and before we know it her birthday will be here! Get your pink and brown ready party goers!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Photobooth 2010 + 4 = Craziness!

It didn't work out so well to have all 4 of us in Seth's photobooth pic so for Leah's birthday I think we will just put she and Seth in the booth! It was fun and is a memory from his 4th birthday we will always have!

Family Birthday Celebration!

Friday night we had a family birthday celebration at our house for the family members who were not at Seth's friends party. I made pulled pork BBQ, twice baked potatoes and my Dad made his famous cole slaw. It was fun to get everyone together for our big four year old!
Seth wanted a Lightning McQueen cake and it turned out amazing. (Thanks Lorraine!)
Seth's dinner was also an excuse to put this cute dress on Leah!
Great Grandma and Great Grandpa came early to spend some quality time with the kids.
Seth's girlfriend Joan was able to come to the party too!
He insisted on having his piece be the motor of the cake. Not sure why, but his wish was our command!
Papa & Grandma Charlton bought Seth a train set so when everyone else left we set it up in the living room.
We had some technical difficulties and laughs while putting it together!

It was a weeks worth of birthday fun and now we move on to Uncle J's birthday this weekend! Look out Joe's, here we come!

Saturday Birthday Skiing

We had arranged it with Mom and Tom to watch Leah on Saturday morning while we took Seth skiing for his birthday. The weather could not have been more perfect and we all had an absolute BLAST! Seth is getting really good at turning and Roland is getting really good at steering the harness. I even tried one run with Seth on the harness. It isn't easy, but I enjoyed trying it and could do it again. Sheryl, Jess and Bonnie came up to watch which was so much fun. Seth was very excited to show everyone his skiing skills.
Sheryl and Jess are going to come back up in February so hopefully the rain will stop and it will snow between now and then so we can all go back up and ski/snow board together.
Seth and Roland getting off the lift.
Skiing down the hill. Family ski pic!

It couldn't have been a better day to ski. The temperature was amazing and we had such a fun time!

Attention Texas Roadhouse Guests....

....Seth is turning 4 today, let's give him a big Texas Roadhouse YEEHAW!

He was not shy at all!

After an hour in the high chair Leah was done and wanted out!

Grandma & Papa Charlton joined us.

Daddy's boy!

His special birthday sundae.

Seth HAD to sit with Aunt Sheryl!

As you can see we took Seth to TR for dinner on Saturday night. We wanted to go somewhere they would sing to him and make a big deal that it was his special day. That wish was granted and he loved all the attention.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Flashback Friday ~ Seth ~ 9 to 14 Months Old

All right this is the last of the flashback photos for today, but it has been a blast looking through these oldies and thinking back to all of the amazing things we did Seth's first year!

1st trip to Chuck E. Cheese's

Maya, I really want that spoon. Seth used to have to carry something/anything in his hand for the longest time!

Seth's 1st holiday commercial at Channel 7

1st Christmas card picture

Meeting Santa for the 1st time

Christmas at The Charlton's

Christmas at The Buckingham's (Seth still sleeps with this crazy fish my Dad got him)

Christmas in Lowville

1st Birthday @ Pat's

Yankees themed 1st Birthday party

Flashback Friday ~ Seth ~ 6 to 10 Months Old!

These pics will make your day!1st day in the big boy car seat!
Seth & Lucy's 1st play date!
Story time ~ Summer 2006No teeth, but all smiles!
Always checking out what is new in his world.
One of the best gifts the Gilbert's have ever given us, I love this onesie!
Bravo Italiano ~ September 2006
Our young Yankees fan
Seth has ALWAYS been a Daddy's boy!
I made the poor kid wear a duck costume his first Halloween.
On the move...
We found you!
Almost walking