Thursday, June 21, 2012

Girl Time

 I love my family dearly, but sometimes you just need "girl time". This was the second year in a row that Kristen and I have planned a NYC Girls Weekend. She is so kind and always lets me accomplish my many bucket lists. So this year I had a ton on my list and we actually got to it all. I was shocked because it was a big list of silly places I wanted to see. She even stepped it up and got us tickets to be in the audience for the talk show The Chew. What an amazing experience and fun way to start our trip. We also had the amazing Smith Sister's as tour guides. Becky and Laurie graciously took us all around NYC for two whole days of fun. I'm sure Laurie would not say that she had fun after the crazy blister she got after day one and Becky might never let me ride in her car after day 2, but let's just say we ROCKED NYC. Check out The Chew on August 6th and look for us all in the audience.
 After our five minutes of fame we walked to Dash, the Kardashian store in Soho. I just wanted to say that I went because I'm a silly reality junky. We checked it out and it was over priced and there were far too many people working in a little store.
 We caught a glimpse of The Naked Cowboy in Times Square.
 On Friday we went to Ellen's for lunch and the best part of the whole lunch was when they granted my request and sang "Don't Stop Believing". Everyone in the restaurant sang along and it was so much fun.
 As if we didn't eat enough, right after lunch we walked to Serendipity for frozen hot chocolate. I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but boy was that yummy.

We also went to Dylan's Candy Bar, Chinatown and Little Italy and YES we ate at every single stop we made. If you see me biking or walking for the next few weeks you know why. It was a truly wonderful trip with some rocking ladies whom I adore. Next year will be a huge challenge to make this tradition continue, but we will make it happen even if we have to fly from separate states into the Big Apple, it will happen. A GREAT big thank you to our wonderful husbands and grandma's for helping to make this happen too. Without you all this mama would have had to stay home. THANK YOU, I love you all tons!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Just Lemonade!

Seth's final lemonade shot of the night...
LOVE the giggles.

A Special Night for Special Boys

It was the last night of kindergarten so we HAD to celebrate. We decided a while back to take the boys to the Japanese hibachi in town since they had never been before. We thought it would be fun and interactive for them.
When the chef pulled out the bottle I flinched a bit until I realized it was lemonade instead of sake. The boys had a BLAST with this and must have done at least four lemonade shooters.
Jake had great form.
The boys weren't sure whether to duck or try to catch the zucchini in their mouths. I'm also not sure who was more entertainment; the chef or the boys.
Seth got smart with the lemonade shooters and decided to protect himself.
Let's try junior chopsticks.

What a fun night and memorable too. Kindergarten is over, look out first grade.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh, What a Year!

 It is hard to believe that we just attended our sons first end of the year awards assembly. I'm used to planning and organizing them at my own school, but it felt great to be able to attend one as a proud parent. We have been extremely happy with Knickerbocker Elementary this year and Seth's has grown leaps and bounds. We were thrilled when we were given an invitation to come to the assembly and had no idea what type of award he might be getting.
 I felt a wave of shock and then the tears flew as Seth's name was called for this award. He has Roland's natural math ability, but it has been a struggle to get him to sit and read this year. We couldn't be more proud that he was given this amazing award.
 By the look on his face I think he was surprised too. We are so proud of you Seth Patrick.
He was a little sad that we weren't signing him out for the day, but we both had to go back to work and he only has a few hours left in kindergarten, sniff sniff.

That's a Wrap

 The tears are flowing as I upload these pictures and think about how fast this first year of school has gone for Seth. These first two pictures are of Seth on his very first day of kindergarten. He looks so much younger and shorter and almost baby faced, but my how he has grown in every way.
 It is also crazy to see how much Miss Leah has grown and how long her hair has gotten.
 He is taller, his feet are huge and he can read, write, add, subtract and so much more.
 We even read a special book last night to get ready for his last day. He isn't sad, but boy his mom is. First grade sounds so much older and if this year flew I know that next year when he is in first and his sister is in nursery school it is sure to fly.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rock Out Cancer

We gathered up the family and joined my schools relay team this year. It was so much fun and everyone really enjoyed the evening. Our theme was "Rock Out Cancer" so we had tie dye shirts made, sold light up guitar glasses and dressed like rockers.

Seth made a new friend named Aidan and we caught up with Jacob and had him walk in the parade with us too.
Leah stuck to Daddy like glue.
Our Survivor
We couldn't have asked to be part of a better team, my school ROCKS.
Survivor Lap
Yay Ro
When it got dark out the fun began with light up glasses and necklaces.

Monday, June 11, 2012

More to Come

Here is a sneak peek from last weekends Relay for Life '12. I have tons of pictures of our team in the parade and thereafter. I will post them later, but until then please enjoy the dance moves of our oldest and most creative dancer....SPC. Notice that Leah is no where to be seen, she sat in a chair, ate popcorn and watched everyone else make fools of themselves. She is super shy.

Kindergarten Concert

 Here are a few pictures from Seth's concert. Sorry the video is so blurry. It was a great night and a great big thank you to all that came to see Seth. He had a great cheering section.

 Seth with Maya
 Seth with Wyatt and Lily
Seth and Mrs. Oliver

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Sneak Peak

Last night was Seth's kindergarten concert. Here is a sneak peak of one of the songs. We are very proud of our almost first grader...sniff sniff.

More Parades

 Saturday night we headed to another parade and the kids were psyched. It seems like around our area there is a parade every weekend, but the kids jump at the chance to watch AND get candy.
What a crew...BFFs for life.