Friday, December 21, 2012

Let it Begin...

Tonight is the start of the holiday festivities. The start of gifts, food, laughter and chatter and most importantly it's a time for family. We are looking forward to the next 5 days greatly and we hope that each day and night go by slowly so we can enjoy time with the one's we love.
My plan is to relax and not run around for the next 10 days of vacation. My plan is to sit and enjoy the awe and joy on my children's faces. I am a very lucky lady and I truly appreciate all of the special people in my life. The people who take the time to stay in contact any way possible. In this busy life we lead it is very hard to stay in touch. I am so lucky to have wonderful people in my life that sent us beautiful Christmas cards, people I stay in touch with via Facebook, Instagram, text, email, snail mail and even by phone. Thank you each and every one of your for letting me be a part of your life. Cherish this time because each day goes by in the blink of an eye. I tell Leah all the time to stop growing because she and Seth are growing way too fast so I'm trying to savour it.
Here is to a fantastically fabulous Christmas 2012.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Almost Christmas

 Since the finale of The Littlest Elf  we  felt as if we could finally breathe and truly spend some time together as a family and at home all cozy snuggled up by the fireplace watching holiday movies. That is until...Roland got the flu. :( We decided that we wouldn't let it get us down and after quarantining him and washing every blanket and hard surface in the house we decided to have a special movie night with popcorn and chocolate covered flies. We even let Rocky snuggle on the couch with us. (he never gets to do that.) I introduced the kids to the movie Elf and we all laughed and laughed and it was just what the doctor ordered. Laughter and family time.
By Saturday Roland was feeling much better, but still not 100% so we sent him to his parents house to rest while Sara babysat and I went out to celebrate Kristen's 35th Birthday. We started with a couple of Tom & Jerry's and then a delicious meal at Karen & Jasper's. I really missed my hubs, but was glad that he was able to rest and recuperate. 
 Thank goodness by Sunday Roland was almost back to himself and able to attend Seth's winter music recital. He was so excited and not shy in the least in front of a huge crowd of people. All of the kids in his group sang and danced beautifully. I definitely got teary watching him up there. We couldn't be more proud.

 Now that we are one week until the big day I have been asking the kids to help out with lots of goody making in the kitchen. Yesterday they helped me make Peppermint Bark for some special people.
 As you can see they loved beating the candy canes into a pulp. Love those smiles.
 Today was Pajama Day at Leah's school and she was over the top excited to get to school this morning. It was a big three year old fashion show as we walked into the hall. I can't wait to hear all about it this evening.
The largest news of the day is this Subaru pictured above. Roland picked this brand new vehicle up in Syracuse this morning. It will now be Roland's work vehicle. The next step...get rid of his old car. Stay tuned...
What's up the for rest of the week you ask? Tons and tons of celebrations, one more chance to celebrate a 35th birthday (and not mine), Christmas with The Buckingham's, Christmas with The Puccia's, Christmas with The Charlton's and that's all before actual Christmas Day. After all of that we rest and hopefully ski. Bring on the snow.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Future Stage Stopper

 Here are a few of the pictures from my phone of the BIG weekend. I'll have to download the rest from my camera this week at some point. It was a wonderful weekend full of young talent and Roland and I have never been so proud of our six year old. I actually got very teary as I drove Seth home on Sunday afternoon after all was said and done. I told him how incredibly proud I am of him and then the flood gates opened. He told me he was sad that it was all over. What a kid.
 I have plenty of videos to share as well.
We brought Leah to the Saturday evening performance and she LOVED it. She sat the entire time and was thrilled to see her big brother on stage.
 What an amazing and memory filled weekend.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sneak Peak

Thank you Poppy for not fully retiring so we can carry on this amazing tradition!!

Monday, December 03, 2012


Let's see what is on The Charlton agenda for the week, oh yes, elves, elves and more elves. It's the crazy hectic holiday elf week the kids have worked so extremely hard for. They have 3 more practices and 5 performances between now and next Sunday. Seth came home last night and totally crashed. He was snoring so loud that I had to laugh OUT LOUD. He loves every minute of it, but he is tired. We are trying to embrace it because it will be over in the blink of an eye. Huge thanks to our carpool partners in crime and to all of the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that are helping out this week with Leah duty and who are coming to a performance. We love you all.

Piggy Tails

Despite the constant whining this chick is so stinking cute.
Love you Beaner.

Quality Time with Beaner

 Seth had a super sized Sunday elf practice so we decided to take Leah to The Crystal for dinner and Tom & Jerry's. The Crystal is very special to Roland and I as it was the location of our first official date way back when. When I was 17, Roland and I were invited to a wedding of a co-worker from Super Duper. He asked me to be his date and asked to take me out to lunch before the wedding. We were both so super nervous about the date that we decided on The Crystal for who knows what reason. It is still very special to us. It means a lot that we can share it with our children. Leah loved it and her special alone time.
Making Daddy extra pretty.

Festive Weekend

 Friday night was our only night off from elf practice so we took full advantage of some down time and stayed put. We built our gingerbread house, ordered in food and watched Christmas movies by the fireplace. It was a picturesque family evening and we loved every minute of it.
Saturday the elf madness returned. Seth had a four hour practice followed by being in the Sackets Holiday Parade and then a visit with Santa. We returned home, lit a fire and watched another Christmas movie. We are definitely in the spirit.