Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Week

This is one of my favorite weeks of the year and we started it out great last Friday night with a trip to Stefano's with my grandparents. We drove into Lowville, picked them up and drove into Carthage for a fun filled meal together. My grandfather LOVES calamari so he ate a huge plate and my Gram ate two dozen steamed clams, her favorite. Each day is a gift with them and we are enjoying as much time as we can.

 Seth's pizza was larger than his head.

 Saturday night we celebrate 45 years of wedded bliss with Roland's parents. Thank you for cooking an amazing meal for all of us Bonnie.
 Yesterday I had the honor of helping out in Leah's classroom for their Thanksgiving feast. It was so much fun and I am so happy that I was able to be there. We are truly blessed to have amazing teachers for both kids this year.
Last night was the BIG reveal. Poppy has been refinishing a desk for Seth and it is finally done. We absolutely love it and are so grateful that Tom gave it to Seth. Seth was over the top excited and it matches his SU room perfectly. 

Thank you SO much Poppy.

I love that Leah enjoys cooking and baking with me. Last night we did a ton of baking and prepping for a little shin-dig that I'm hosting tonight and I couldn't have done it without my little helper. It's so fun getting to spend this time with her.
The rest of the week is filled with all sorts of family, activities, food and festiveness.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Boston ~ Saturday

On Saturday we got up bright and early and headed out for our Duck Tour. We did this as a family back when Leah was one and Seth was four, but they didn't remember much so this time around they LOVED it. Our tour guide Flo was awesome too. She had a thick Boston accent and she was super duper funny. We loved every minute of it.

Seth drove the Duck, but Leah was a bit intimidated by Flo so she passed.
We stopped by the Hay Market. You wouldn't believe the amazing prices for fruits and veggies. It was incredible.
Next we stopped for a pre-lunch treat at an Italian bakery. The kids chose chocolate covered strawberries of course.

The selection was to die for.
Paul Revere's house

Quincy Market for lunch
We watched the BEST street performance, it was excellent.

My fave...chowda
The graveyard where Paul Revere resides
That evening we walked from Justin and Joan's apartment to a restaurant about ten minutes away.
Our cousin Molly, who also lives in Boston, met us for dinner.
Thank you for an amazing weekend Justin and Joan and thank you to Poppy Tom for going with us and being an amazing travel partner.
Next time I'm going by myself for my birthday...yay.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Boston ~ Friday Night

Our trip to Boston was such a blast despite the fact that Roland stayed home after being gone for a week for work and Mom had to stay home because she was really sick We missed them greatly.
 Friday night when we arrived in Boston we instantly took a drive passed Joan's school on our way to Cambridge. Joan works as a teacher at the "German International School Boston". She told us all about it and I was fascinated by how different it is than a public school.
 We walked through part of the Harvard campus. It was a gorgeous night to be outside strolling in Boston.

 We stopped at a restaurant for a drink and were able to sit outside without jackets on November 6th. It was glorious.
 Someone LOVES their Aunt Joan.
We went to a different restaurant for dinner and it was super delish.

Thursday, November 05, 2015


 Here are few pictures that I took over the weekend. The house has a few odds and ends left to tie up, but basically it is done and we have the official COO to prove it. What an interesting and exhausting journey we have taken over the last 6 months. We feel blessed to call 23930 Gotham St Road home now.
 Roland's office

Our impromptu family room for now.
Thank you to everyone who supported us throughout the last 6 months, helped us move in, clean, listened to me when I was frustrated, gave advice and on and on and on. We are very lucky.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Halloween '15

 Halloween week was super crazy busy with the completion of the house, a crazy wind storm and all sorts of fun activities at school. Thursday we went to a PTA sponsored scarecrow making event at school and Leah had so much fun. We were paired up with her teacher so she was extra happy.
 Friday morning was the annual parade at school. It was very very cold outside, but fun to see the kids and all of their friends all dressed up.

 Friday night was the MUCH anticipated dance at school and to say that the kids had fun was an understatement. They had a BLAST. Seth danced his little heart out with all of his buddies and Leah found a few friends and had fun as well.
 Seth and Augusta doing the cake walk.

 The kids were thrilled to see their cousin too.
 Bust a move Seth.
 Saturday night we trick or treated in our old neighborhood and even got a glimpse into our old house. We are such stalkers.

Leah was super excited to just hand out candy.