Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend in Review

 Leah and I like to dress alike to spice up the long winter days...ha ha.
 Friday night I took the kids and met up with some friends from Seth's soccer team to watch Annie at WHS. It was great and we especially enjoyed seeing many of our Stage Notes Jr. friends in the cast. I actually think that the Wiley performers stole the show and made it awesome.

 Leah loves learning to read and write and woke me up bright and early on Saturday with this love note.
 Saturday night we celebrated Thanksgiving early with The Charlton's and had so much fun. We ate and drank and laughed, etc. It was a great night.

 We almost forgot to break out the turkey hat, but once I remembered the festivities really began.

 My little brother's wedding announcement was in the paper on Sunday. It is so exciting.
 Sunday we started our long awaited family tradition of watching SU basketball together. We all broke out the orange clothing and cheered on our favorite team. BONUS...they won.
Rocky continues to get weaker and weaker. We continue to love him as much as possible. His favorite past time is snuggling.
This week is full of double sports, Roland going away again and an upcoming weekend of nights out with friends. It's been a long time since we have gone out two nights in a row and it might put us in nap mode come Sunday.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Veteran's Day

 Hooray for a day off in the  middle of the week and hooray for the all the men and women who fight for our country past and present. We respect you all greatly.
 We spent part of Veteran's Day with our favorite veteran; my grandpa. We went for lunch at the diner in Lowville and a mysterious couple even bought our lunch in honor of my grandpa serving in WWII and being a veteran. The kindness of strangers was so touching. progress...tree removal progress.
 I hope you can make these out. It was hard taking pics with the sun on that particular day.
 It's all truly exciting. I met with the bank on Monday and now as soon as we decide on a house plan the contractor interviews will begin.
Rocky is suffering and I often find him like this because his legs give out. It is heartbreaking. I love that furball so much.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Land Update

 See all of the brush? Working to get this cleared out soon so we can have a backyard in the future.
 Hopefully when this is cleared we could see Dry Hill from our future back deck someday.
This is the front yard that needs to be thinned out.
After pictures in the near future I hope.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Thank You Pepsi

 Once again we are so grateful to have been invited to watch the game in the Pepsi booth at the Dome. It was packed this year and the kids had a blast.
 Leah ate her face off and it wasn't fruit this time. She has no idea what happened during the game, she people watched and ate junk food.
 During half time many area bands performed together on the field. It was interesting.
Seth and Jake enjoyed the cheerleaders the most I think.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Let's GO Orange

 Traditions Traditions...every year we go to an SU football game with our friends from Pepsi and every year the food gets better and better and we eat more and more. This year was no exception.
 Grill master Lewis did not disappoint this year.
 He even brought homemade Tom & Jerry's and they put The Chrystal Restaurant to shame. They were out of this world and so perfect on a cold wet fall day.

 The kids played corn hole, soccer and of course football.
 Leah mostly ate...thank goodness she mostly ate fruit kabobs.
 The boys even made a friend.

Kabobs of all kinds, half hots, chili and tons of adult beverages were consumed.
Such a fun day...oh and we went to the game too. HA.


Halloween was a success. The kids got gobs of candy and had more fun giving out candy.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The 'Stache

In honor of Aunt Sheryl, Rachel and Uncle Justin's love of the 'stache I had to buy this shirt and Seth wore it proudly to school today.

We Love Soccer

 Leah is on her very first soccer team and we were so excited to see her play her first game last night. Leah was able to join the U6 Davidson team with some kids that she knows from Sherman Elementary and she did so well. During Kicks for Kids she tended to pick her nose and chew on her jersey, but last night she really tried hard. She was running and she got the ball a few times. It was the highlight of my week.
Such a great little group of kiddos.
I was thinking last night that we should have bought land near the Fairgrounds Y, we are there three to four times a week now, but we love soccer and love the fact that the kids love it. We are very proud of them.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Feeling Blessed

My students know that I love Kit Kats and today I got the BEST gift from a sweet 5th grader. It totally made my whole day and put a smile on my face.
Feeling grateful for great people in my life.