Monday, February 12, 2018

Jenniforty Weekend

 This weekend we were lucky enough to take a Christmas gift and turn it into a birthday weekend event in Boston. Justin and Joan did not disappoint and we all had the most memorable weekend ever.
 When we arrived on Friday afternoon we took a walk down the street to Harvard Common where they had food trucks and all sorts of games set up to play. We played outdoor bowling, shuffleboard and curling. It was chilly, but we had a ton of fun and then rewarded ourselves with fresh waffles slathered in Nutella and fruit.

 Friday night was the Celtics game which we had given the kids tickets to as a Christmas gift. It was our second time in TD Garden so we kind of felt like old pros this year. We definitely felt more comfortable maneuvering around the building.

 We figured out how to get down to the court this year, so that was incredibly neat.

 Cheers to 40

 At one point in the game the Celtics were down by 26 points and then made a comeback to almost win, but in the end they lost. It was definitely an exciting game to watch.
 On Saturday we headed downtown on the T.
 Our first stop was Chinatown. I had never been to Chinatown in Boston so it was neat to walk around the streets and check out all of the action.

 We stopped at one of my favorite bakeries for some yummy treats too.
 Late in the afternoon we went to a place called Boda Borg. It was basically different types of quests that you needed to complete using either your brain or your physical strength. You were given a certain amount of time in each room to complete the task and if you failed you could simply try again. We laughed a ton and completed a few, but it was definitely a team activity. Super fun.
 Saturday night we took the T again to a really neat beer hall for dinner with Molly and Jordan.

 Roland was in heaven with over 100 beers on tap.

Molly and Jordan ended up giving us a ride home so we all crammed into their Jeep.
It was the perfect weekend with my wonderful brother who made turning 40 extra special. Thank you to EVERYONE who called, texted, facebooked, etc. Lots to look forward to this year, this was only trip #1 out of 7 planned so far. Let's do this 40!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Sports Filled Weekend

 Friday night the girls and I drove to Oswego to see a chick flick and to celebrate a belated birthday for Erica. It was fun to be back in Oswego again and the movie was just what the doctor ordered. I love a good romantic movie.
 On Saturday Seth had a basketball tournament in Sackets Harbor. His team won three games, but lost in the final round. They hustled and worked as a team very well. They were also super fun to watch.

 On Sunday Leah's team won their first game. This little team has come SOOOO far. They lost their first game three weeks ago 20-0 and the second game 10-2, so this win was just what they needed to overcome their fears and keep hustling. I am so proud of how hard Leah is working at this sport. Her defensive skills this Sunday were on point and she was all smiles. Yay Bean.
Onward to another week and the sun is out so all is well with the world.
11 Days until our Boston trip, not that I'm counting or anything...

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Happy 12th Birthday SPC!

 Every year it gets a little tougher realizing that Seth is not a little boy any longer. He is growing up to be a wonderful young man. He is smart, talented musically, athletic, kind and loving. Of course, we have our moments and he is not perfect by any means, but we are proud of the man he is becoming, how he treats his family and the wonderful friendships he has made.
 These pictures of Seth and his buddies were all taken within the past year. I could have added so many more pictures, but these were the best of the best. He is SO lucky to have these boys in his life. the bond between the 5th and 6th grade friends is truly special.
 Family means the world to us and Seth is so lucky to be surrounded by a kick butt family. There were a few people left out of this collage because I couldn't find any pics on my phone, but we love you all so very much.
 Instead of gifts, we are most often looking for life experiences and boy have we had some in the last year. Anything we can find to do outdoors plus any sporting event is right Seth's alley.
 Our Christmas elf always makes a birthday appearance and this year he wrapped Seth's sneakers in foil and left him a letter. Such a tricky little elf he is.
 Let's do this 12...
Seth fell in love with his 5th grade teacher Mrs. Johnson and loves any excuse to go and visit her. She sent this picture to me this morning and asked if she could have him back? LOVE HER. The right teacher makes a world of difference.
Today has rocked so far...I had a 2 hour delay allowing me to take the kids to school, I enjoyed the birthday boy this morning and we have a fun filled evening ahead!!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Gram Turns 90

 We had the BEST time celebrating my Gram this past weekend. 90 is such a testament to true health and a great life. We are blessed to have her.

 My mom made her a new collage for their sitting room and she loved it.

 Seth got his birthday gifts from Great Gram and Gramp a few days early too. He was thrilled.
 This weekend was FULL of sports. All day Saturday and all day Sunday. Leah had two games prior to Seth on Sunday and she had a top row cheering section. The boys were so sweet and supportive.
Sunday night we celebrated with the grandparents before Daddy leaves for the week.
Seth officially now has every piece of Celtic apparel known to man and has replenished his wallet after buying himself the Xbox One last summer when it hit zero.
I'm getting out early due to impending freezing rain so its a bonus day for me right about now.