Friday, April 11, 2014


 I've been digging through old picture files this week and transferring discs to an external hard drive and the old pictures that I have found are so special AND hysterical too.
1. Seth was such a chub. Now he is skinny as a rail.
2. All of the kids cheeks were so squeezable, I can't even stand it.
3. The baby faces are gone, but the kids haven't changed too much. They are all still the cutest kids ever.

 Bald is beautiful.

My kiddos are lucky to have these special friendships.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


 This face is exactly how I feel about our upcoming trip that is TOP SECRET. I'm so excited and I bite my tongue numerous times a day as I'm about to tell the kids something about the trip but, can't.
 I took Leah to The Bunny Hop at IHC last night and I was having flashbacks from my wonderful years at Holy Family. They called it The Kiddie Carnival back then, but last night was so similar and Leah had such a great time.
Seth sleeps with his SU basketball: TRUTH.
He sleeps with it like a teddy bear nightly. It makes me laugh out loud.
I managed to sneak pack Seth last night while he was watching TV. It calmed my anxiety just a tad.
The city came and picked up our massive amount of branches from the ice storm in December yesterday and you'd think I was given a $1000 I was so excited.
I called our fence guy and we are on the schedule to get our fence fixed in about a month. Now if the pond in our back yard will dry up we will be in better shape. I love the end of winter, but spring isn't pretty. Bring on the palm trees. 3 days...

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Charlton Recap

 The weekend is a total blur, thank goodness I took a few pictures along the way. We stopped over to Tom and Mom's on Friday night to catch up after their trip and ended up staying for many hours hearing all about their amazing travels. They bought the kids each an article of clothing from Scotland and Leah has already worn her kilt to church on Sunday and Seth plans to wear his rugby shirt during "Lunch with Grandma Ellie" this Friday at school. (That's a whole story in itself) I'm happy they are home from their trip because we missed them a ton.
 It appears that Buffalo Wild Wings is our kids new favorite place to eat so we stopped there on Saturday night to watch the first round of the Final Four. Seth was in awe of the 6 GIANT screen TVs he could watch from. I was happy to sit back, have a beer and people watch.
 Seth has his final soccer game of the season on Sunday and it was bittersweet. This was a fantastic group of kids from my school to play with. They all had a great spirit and played wonderful together. After 26 weeks straight of soccer we have decided to take a session off. Don't worry we signed up for outdoor summer soccer in the next league up, the U10. So if you have the urge to come and watch Seth, he will be playing on Wednesdays and Saturdays PLUS baseball on Monday and Wednesday. Am I totally insane? I think maybe.
 We also finished Seth's 1st Holy Communion banner and he only has one class left. This has been a busy two years of classes and such. He makes his 1st Communion on May 3. Wait until you see his outfit. It is very GQ.
The rest of this week is super busy between basketball, The Bunny Hop at IHC, Leah's last soccer, a sleepover for Seth and then PACKING. I'm itching to pack and the fact that I can't is driving me bonkers.
Lots to look forward to, good things...

Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Recap

I literally took two pictures this weekend. We had a very laid back and unproductive weekend altogether. The kids love to sing along to the songs on Glee so Friday night we decided to stay put and catch up on some old Glee.

Saturday Roland and I took turns going to the gym, then we went out to lunch with the kiddos. Saturday night we had Marchgiving with friends and demolished a turkey. I should really cook turkey more often, it is so delish and the leftovers are even better.

Sunday was a blur of church school, running errands, church, the movies, snowplowing and dinner with family.

As always, I need a weekend from my weekend.

In positive parents come home from England tomorrow night (I've missed them.) and we leave for our secret trip in less than two weeks. The packing hasn't begun because it's top secret, but the lists and the shopping are in full swing.

We have a full week ahead with the ELA at work, dinner dates, basketball, soccer and possibly skiing this coming weekend. Keep the sun out and melt that damn snow. I don't care if it is muddy and ugly underneath, I'm over it.

Happy Monday.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

See You Next Year Boys

Why can't basketball season be year round?
What am I going to do with my nights and weekends now?

Always an Actor

 I got these pictures via text today and it totally made my day. Seth was chosen to be the king at school in a small assembly they had. I can't wait to chat with him after school and hear all about it.
These are the days that I wish I taught in the same school with him. Love it.

Maple Days

 We've been asked to go for years to Maple Days in Lewis County and we have never wanted to get up that early and head to Croghan, but this year we did it and it was absolutely delicious. I don't even like sausage and the Mosher's sausage that they serve is out of this world. We all ate our faces off and enjoyed every minute.

 Since the weather has been very cold most of the sugar shacks we visited were not making syrup unfortunately. We were still able to try many different maple products though. We tried Maple Mousse, Maple Peanuts, Maple Cotton Candy, Maple Butter and Maple Spread.

It was a great morning with friends. After this picture The Charlton's headed to Lowville to visit Uncle Dave who just had major surgery and Gram and Gramp for lunch. It was the BEST day.

Monday, March 24, 2014

SU Happiness then Sadness

We were able to spend some time with a wonderful friend on Saturday night to watch SU play in the NCAA tournament. It was a super stressful game and in the end SU played awful and lost. Our season is over, but at least we were able to have one last night of watching our boys in orange play. Until next season...

Billy Beez

 Last week we decided to try and new place in the Destiny USA Mall to get the kids out of their March, stuck inside, cold, funk. Billy Beez is a giant indoor playground with SO much to offer. It is very pricey, but the kids played for over 3 hours (and the adults too.)
 I loved seeing the huge smiles on their faces and the excitement over the three hours that they played.

 Seth was in heaven with the basketball court too.
We need a Billy Beez in Snowtown, USA AKA Watertown, NY.

Bucket List

 As you know I am a HUGE fan of any type of musical and I jump at the opportunity to go see a show at any given moment. I have wanted to see Rock of Ages FOREVER and when we found out randomly that the show was coming to Syracuse for one night only we jumped at the chance to see it. We've seen the movie, know all the music and I was like a kid on Christmas morning as last week progressed and the slow grew closer.

It was such an amazing show and I'd see it again in a heartbeat.
May the 80s live on forever...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day

Patty Leprechaun came to our house again this year. He left glitter trails all over both kids bedrooms, put stickers all over them in their sleep, left them a Skittle trail to a gold coin and turned our milk green. Boy, isn't he sneaky? I love these memories and hope to hold onto them as long as my cuties will believe. Now, onto Easter...

Weekend Wrap Up

 Last weekend was super busy, but super fun too. We watched SU lose...badly with Grandma and Poppy Puccia, did the Shamrock Run in the frigid temps, spent some time in Lowville celebrating our 5 year old and celebrated a friend turning 4. Busy weekend, but worth every minute.

Weekends are priceless.