Friday, April 17, 2015

See You Soon Castana Family

 Monday morning we were up and out early to head back to Munich to catch a flight. Seth looked like he needed to sleep for about 8 more hours.
 Leah spent some of her money at the airport on this stuffed dog which literally kept her happy the entire 8 hour flight.
 We love you Kristen, Lee, Jacob and Lindsey. See you in December.
 Our kids were utterly AMAZING on the flight. No fighting, no whining, nothing. They watched TV, did crafts, played on the ipad and just hung out. They were AWESOME.

 Then they crashed on the ride back to Watertown. They fell asleep until we stopped at a McDonald's, ate and then fell right back to sleep.

The finale of the trip was Seth getting an ear infection the very next day.
 He fell asleep at the doctors office on the table. Can you say jet lag??

Easter GE Style

 The Easter Bunny came all the way to GE this year to deliver the kids baskets and he even hid them just like at home.

 That sneaky bunny, he hid Leah's in the oven.

 After all of the baskets were found Lindsey and I got busy making monkey bread.
 The boys had a Pok√©mon battle
 We decided to dressed the BFFs in matchy clothes for the holiday.

 Ready for the Easter Egg Hunt??

 Nap time for Jen and Lee.
 In the afternoon we headed to the Rocket Playground on a nearby base. It was awesome and the slides were off the charts. They were seriously SO high and fast.

 A little game of 2 on 2

 Castana's versus Charlton's for a friendly soccer game.

 Our final hours in GE
Roland and his favorite girls.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Saturday Night Bonfire

 Saturday night we bundled up and had a bonfire and s'mores.

The boys jumped the entire time on the trampoline and then crashed for the easter bunny.


 Our last big city to visit of the trip was Rothenburg. The girls and Lee decided to stay in Ansbach for the day so the rest of us went to tour this magical city. It is a city that was built during medieval times so it was built within large stone walls with over 30 towers within the city.  
 You are even able to walk up to the top and walk within the walls.

 We toured this church that was built in 1479.


 Sausage and beer...Roland was in heaven
 Most of the restaurants that we visited gave the kids free dessert too.

 We browsed in the famous artist Kathe Wohlfahrt's store.

A truly magical city.