Thursday, June 21, 2018

That's a Wrap

 Where has the time gone????
Seth and Leah had another spectacular year in school. Their grades are outstanding, they had fantastic teachers whom they were so sad to say farewell to and we couldn't be more proud.
 We were so lucky that Seth had Mrs. V this year. He had absolutely no behavior issues and his grades were through the roof good. He had some great friends in his class and he even tried his hand at engineering and judged music. We can't say enough positive reviews about Wiley and we are so sad to say farewell.
We were so lucky that Leah had Miss Walbroehl this year. She is a kind, soft spoken and creative teacher. Leah thrived this year and accomplished all of her multiplication and division facts quizzes. Leah took her first state tests and we are so proud of how hard she tries in school. I have had a couple of moms of girls in her class tell me what a good friend she is and that she doesn't get involved in all the girl drama. Those of the things that make you most proud as a mom.
I'm definitely sad to see the year end, but extremely happy to make some amazing memories this summer with my kids. They are growing too quickly and before I know it they won't want to hang out with me at all. For now I will take every second that I can get with them.

Leah's 3rd Grade Fieldtrip

 Leah's class went to the Syracuse Zoo for their 3rd grade field trip and the weather was absolutely perfect. The kids were so well behaved and the entire day went off without a hitch.

 Penguins were a huge hit.

 We are so lucky to have met so many wonderful families and Leah has some amazing buddies. Sherman is such a great elementary school. We are definitely blessed.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

6th Grade Track and Field Day

 Seth won the high jump for the second year in a row at the Wiley Track and Field Day. Who knew we had a semi track athlete in our house? He loves these types of days and loves to compete.

 His team also came in second place for the relay race.
I'm so grateful that three different people sent me pics and videos who were there on Monday. We will definitely miss Wiley so much.

Sherman Fun Day

 Leah had Sherman Fun Day on Friday and had a blast.
They had 13 stations to complete.

 Tug of War
 Water Pass
 Ice Ice Baby Station AKA Take a Break and have a Freeze Pop
 Minute to Win It Station

Great morning, great school and great memories...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Field Trips and Birthdays

 Yesterday I was able to go on our 4th grade field trip to Rock Island Light once again. I love love love light houses so getting to tour one and eat lunch on the island is my kind of day.
 My work bestie was able to come too so that made it even better.

 Yesterday was also Gramp's 92nd birthday so we celebrated with some of his favorite foods and ice cream cake of course.

It's certainly been a busy few days.

Castana's Come to Visit

 It's been two years since The Castana's have come to Watertown so we were thrilled to have them stay the weekend with us and catch up with all of their old buddies here in town.
 The kids literally pick up right where they left off the last time we saw them like no time had passed. It is truly wonderful.
 On Friday Leah needed to go to school for the morning so she could participate in Sherman Fun Day with her class so Lindsey was very anxious to get her friend home from school.
 In the afternoon we hung out by the pool and let all the kids play.

 Friday  night we hosted a BBQ for all of the friends the Castana's had while they lived in Watertown.
 There were tons of kids every which way and they all got along wonderfully. Phew.
 Leah finally had some girls to hang with also.
 I loved catching up with some old friends.

 We burned a few more trees.
 On Saturday we hit the boat for the first time in two long years and it felt great to be back on the water.

 Seth's new thing is to give cold, wet hugs to the closest dry person the boat. Oh, it's lovely.

 We ate at Caprara's Waterside on the deck and that was super fun too.
 On Sunday they packed up and headed to PA to spend Father's Day with Papa Drew.
 The ring toss game was a HUGE hit all weekend long.
Last minute mule rides.
See you soon Jake and Linds and see you in 4 days Kristen. Woot woot.