Wednesday, January 18, 2017

MLK Weekend '17

Can I just tell you how much I love 3 day weekends? So very very much.
 Saturday was the best day in a long time. Leah had a basketball game and she made two baskets. Woo hoo Bean. She is really enjoying her time with her buddies as a Little Clipper and she even decided to play another session. In between games of the soccer tourney Seth and his buddies even stopped by to watch their siblings. It was priceless.

 Seth's U12 soccer team ended up winning the tournament and coming out 13-0 for this session. The games were SO much fun to watch and jam packed full of excitement.

 We are so blessed to have Seth on this team with these amazing coaches and friends. It is the best soccer family we could ask for.
 Winter 1 Champs
 Saturday night we celebrated Erica's birthday. We had a delicious meal at Pete's and then went to Savory to listen to the band. So many laughs were had. I'm so grateful for all of these women in my life.
Soccer moms unite
 On Sunday Roland and Steve started to prep for our spring bonfire. They drove around the city collecting abandoned Christmas trees. We now have 10 waiting to be put in the bonfire come spring.
On Sunday night Mom and Tom invited us over for dinner and it was super low key and relaxing.
On MLK Day the kids went skiing with some of their buddies and by the end of the day Leah was going on the lift with her friend Hudson and not Mom and Dad. Sniff sniff, but oh so fun for her.
By 2pm Seth was absolutely exhausted from the weekend of fun and crashed big time.

Long weekends are the BEST.
This weekend we celebrate SPC turning 11.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Winter Weekend

 It only took a year, but we finally found exactly what we wanted to create the most beautiful collage on our huge wall in the living room. I'm so happy, I just stare at it all the time. If you get the chance stop by the new store called At Home at the Destiny mall in Syracuse. It has so many amazing items in it and very fair prices.  
 I also redecorated the mantle now that all of the holidays are over. Thanks to my sister-in-law Krista for the advice. It turned out awesome and we couldn't be happier.
 On Saturday Leah had a double header in basketball and she even scored. It was fun to watch, but two hours was brutal.
 In the afternoon we watched the SU game and just lounged around until we skied in the evening.
 Skiing on Saturday night was the BEST. We all enjoyed the time outdoors and the skiing conditions were excellent.
 Seth brought Devin with us and we also saw lots of people we knew. It was tons of fun.

Leah was so thrilled to see her cousin Lexy up at the hill.
This week is filled with sports and clubs as always. Never a dull moment in the Charlton world. Thank goodness Roland will be home all week.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

NYE Weekend '16

 We decided very last minute to take a mini trip away for NYE this year. We just wanted to spend it together as a family. We hadn't been to Bristol Mountain in a few years so we decided to head there to ski Saturday evening. They had a wonderful special on lift tickets and all sorts of kids activities so it was tons of fun.

 Leah was very timid because it was her first time on the slopes this year. At one point it was snowing really really hard so we decided to try a blue trail, but when we got to it, it was closed so we were forced to go down a black diamond. Leah was NOT thrilled, but skied it like a champ. We were so proud of her.
 At the end of the night Bristol had a torch light ceremony and also fireworks. It was so fun and gorgeous to watch. 

 To say that the kids were exhausted is an understatement.
 On Sunday we headed home, but stopped at Destiny first. It was dead and we were thrilled. We had lunch at PF Changs which is a fave. Yummo. Seth even tried lettuce wraps.
 The kids were given gift cards for Wonder Works a year ago and we finally used them. (Thank you Brad and Krista) The kids had such a blast in the all experiments.

 Then Seth and I did the ropes course. I'm such an adventure junky.

On Monday we got caught up for the week, Seth skied with friends and Leah played outside. It was a gorgeous day.
Welcome 2017, we are ready for a fantastic year.

Christmas Vacation Week

 This year vacation was absolutely PERFECT. We planned just enough, but not too much so that we could just catch up at home and relax. Life in December was full of sickness so we were beyond psyched to be on vacation.
Tuesday night Mom and Tom took us all out for an early NYE dinner at Goodfellos. It was wonderful to all be together. The food was amazing and the company was even better.

On Wednesday Seth's basketball team played a round robin match at Lowville Academy so we grabbed Gram and Gramp and all watched Seth and his team play.

On Thursday night we planned a spur of the moment gathering at our house with some soccer friends.
On Friday we celebrated Christmas with The Charlton's.

Seth was SO excited about his gifts from everyone. He is such a little fashion junky now. It's so comical.

We got the aunties their own Watertown FC shirts.

Such a wonderful week off.