Thursday, September 03, 2015

July in a Nutshell

 Happy 4th of July!
We boated during the day and headed back out in the evening for our maiden voyage to Sackets to watch the fireworks from the water. It was a fantastic day on the lake.

July 5th was a bit rough so we anchored out at the sandbar and tested out Mom and Tom's new kayaks.

July 6th we headed to The Pettit's for a BBQ and some quality time with their new puppy Josie.

This July was the first time we had ever gone raspberry picking. We went to Tug Hill Vineyards and had so much fun. It is such a beautiful setting and their were tons of berries.

We had more pool time this summer than ever before. The kids brought friends with them just about every single time and Mom bought endless boxes of Nutty Buddies.
We were invited to The Beuttenmuller's home on Tennis Island on a Friday night in July. We took a boat ride entirely around Wellsley Island and even paddle boarded around a near by island. It was SO much fun.

July 11th was Shannon's birthday so we headed out and had some lake time that day in celebration of her turning a year younger.
On July 12th we headed to The Wild Center in Saranac Lake and learned all about nature plus took The Wild Walk. Super hot day, but super fun.

On the way home we stopped for ice cream in Cranberry Lake and it had to have been the BEST ice cream we had all summer long. Waffle cones all around.
Soccer camp came next and both kids had a blast that week.

Next up...Can Am Weekend in Sackets Harbor.

Followed by an Epic boat day on the lake.

The very same day happened to be part of Chocolate Weekend at the marina.

I took a painting class at Foxy's. I'm not the best, but I certainly had a fantastic time trying.
The Lewis County Fair parade was the third week in July so we made the most of that whole week in Lowville with our family.
Right before the wedding we somehow talked Justin into going to Ithaca for a day with us. It was the first time we had been back since the kids were out of strollers. We were able to walk the gorge and walk all over the campus. It's such a beautiful place.

CTB for lunch

I took all 4 kids to the fair in Lowville and it was actually not stressful at all. They were excellent and had a blast together.
Then we came back and cooked clams for Gram and Gramp; their favorite.

We were able to coordinate with Dad and Sue for a boat day in July. We did tons of fishing and had a gorgeous day on the lake.

Seth also went to basketball camp in Sackets the last week in July. He loved every minute of it and was named "Camper of the Week". So proud of that kid.