Sunday, October 31, 2010

Visiting Grandma & Papa Charlton

Our third and final stop was at the mall where Grandma Charlton was working.
Seth got another monster truck and he was in heaven.
Leah was bribed by gold fish.
We managed to squeeze a decent family photo in too!
They rode on some of the rides in the middle of the mall too!
By this time we were all done for the day and the real trick or treating hadn't even begun. Thankfully we all took naps and were well rested!

Visiting Grandpa & Nana

Our second stop was at my Dad's. Once again Leah would not get off my lap. Thank goodness Seth is so cooperative. The kids got goodies bags and Leah was in heaven when she saw gummy bears. I'm pretty sure she ate the whole bag.

Visiting Grandma & Poppy Puccia

We decided to visit all of the grandparents during the day on Sunday. We had three stops to make and Grandma and Poppy were first.
They bought Leah some jewelry for our diva and she was in heaven.
I don't think she can possibly fit anymore bracelets on her arms.
Leah would not get off my lap and go to anyone, it is a fantastic (not) new phase that we are going through. So we took the pic with just Seth, Poppy and Grandma.
She even got put in time out because she would not stop whining. Oh, Leah life is too short to cry all the time.

Halloween Eve

After a very long week Kristen decided that we all needed to get out and have some fun. We were lucky enough to get a sitter on very short notice so we were in. We started at Pete's for dinner followed by none other than Joe's.
The Castana's back together again!
Lisa and Zeke
We had very festive light up straws.
Rod asked if I had noticed his cowboy boots and I said I had noticed his new boots, but not that they were cowboy boots. So he tucked them into his pants for the full effect. Not such a good look!
A few shots later... many songs were sang, shuffleboard played and good times had!

Lindsey's Final Party

Since Lee is home on R&R they had Lindsey's final first birthday party. Of course it was cold and rainy out so the kids had to stay inside, but actually they were all pretty well behaved. There were 10 kids under the age of 7 and 8 adults...yikes!
Kristen was smart and planned many games and crafts.
They played "pass the pickle". It seriously is a kids game, but it sounds all sorts of naughty.
Then they decorated pumpkins.
Leah even got in on that action.
The nurse from my school made the cakes and they were AMAZING and quite a hit. Check out the mini Minnie cake!
She pretty much demolished it and was in a sugar coma for a bit.
* Lorraine I know you read my blog and these cakes were awesome. Thank you so much once again!

Matchy Girls

We took the opportunity at Lindsey's party on Saturday to finally match Leah and Noey and have a quick photo shoot. They look so darn cute I can't stand it. Noey reminds me so much of Leah last year at this time. She is a bald beauty just like Leah was.
I can not believe that Leah is almost 20 months and Noey is almost crawling. Time is flying by too quickly.
Let me just check you out.
Not wait, let me just tickle you and make you smile!

Pumpkin Carving 2010

We finally carved our pumpkin Friday night and it was super fun!
The boys decided what type of face to give Jack!
They traced it on.
Scooped the guts.
Lots of gooey scooping going on.
Leah wanted no part of it.
She wasn't crazy about the pumpkin at all.
Seth wanted to try and cut out the face this year and he didn't cut any fingers off so we were lucky.
The finished product!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Zoo Boo Pics

Jen Voss got a new camera and she took some of the most amazing shots of the kids at Zoo Boo last weekend. These 3 are my favorite!

Leah was looking out for her friend Noelle at Zoo Boo in case any of the characters scared her. It was so special.

Dream Fullfilled

About a month ago a friends daughter was wearing this dress in some photos so I found out where she bought it and I tried to order it online, but it was so popular that is was sold out. I asked Kristen's sister Laurie to check and see if she could find it in the store in Jersey. Again it was so popular that it was sold out. She actually looked in three different Gymboree stores and nothing. Tears...
Well, to my surprise this dress and a shirt for Seth arrived in the mail today from Laurie AKA Aunt Laurie and it made my day. I screamed I was so excited! Thank you so very much Laurie! I am in love with this dress and can't wait for Leah to wear it ASAP!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Making My Day

Some things that have made my day today and it is only 8:45am...

~ I heard "Thriller" on the radio and sang as loud as possible driving down Route 12!

~ My kids were all decked out in their Halloween t-shirts this morning!

~ Roland went back to work half day!

~ I picked up Lindsey's birthday cake and it is the cutest Minnie Mouse I have ever seen!

~ I also heard "I Will Survive" on the way to work and balled my eyes out, BUT in a good way!

~ The building is all a buzz as the kids come in with their costumes on, what a fun day it will be!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shout Out

It has been a busy week recovering and healing and we want to say some special thank you's to some special people...

Last night I got a call from Jen saying that Sophia had made something for Seth and Leah and she wanted to know if they could stop and drop off the gifties. Sophia had made these adorable sock owls for both Seth and Leah. Let me tell you, they are a HIT! The kids love them and I think they are just precious. Thank you Sophia (and Sandi) for thinking of us. They are now a part of The Charlton Family!
If you also notice the smiley face box behind the owls, that was a fantastic and thoughtful gift from Lisa, Zeke, Annabelle, Charlotte and Ben! We thank you for your thoughtfulness and for caring about us!

We have so many people to thank in just one simple week... we have received homemade cheesecake which was devoured from Jaime, dinners from Kristen and Bonnie, gift certificates for dinner from The Voss' and my school, my favorite brownies from Romalatoes from Rod and Kristen, many many texts, cards and emails, more food and help than we ever imagined. Thank you all for simply loving us!

Normalcy is returning to our house slowly and we are looking forward very positively! We can't thank you all enough!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2010-2011 School Pics!

Could he be anymore cute, seriously?!

Seth is sporting his brand new Florida State t-shirt that Grandma and Poppy bought him on their visit to Florida last week!
PS~ His school pics came in today and as soon as I can scan them I will give you a sneak peak. They are so flipping cute!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Magic Tubes

Lindsey got her magic tubes put in this morning. She is doing great and now the whole family can have some full nights of sleep. We love you Linds! Welcome to The Tubes Club!