Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bundle of Emotion

Right now I am a whole bundle of emotions. I'm psyched to go visit out besties in Germany and gain all sorts of new and exciting life experiences, but already dreading saying "See you soon" again.
I'm packing up my whole life and leaving the only home we have ever known. While I am excited about our new journey I am sad to leave the house that I brought our kids home to as babies and the home we spent our life with Rocky in. Around every corner I see visions of Rocky lying next to the leather chair in his spot or I feel like I'm going to trip over his water dish when I'm mopping the floor. It is literally a heart aching feeling having him gone. I miss him every single day.
The buyers of our house have been very thorough and gone above and beyond checking out the plumbing and electrical. I have been trying very hard to see it through their eyes. They are spending a big chunk of money so they want to make sure the house is up to code. From my stand point I just want to know that it is indeed sold and that all the packing and plans I'm making for our family for the next few months is legit. It has been such a whirl wind of emotions. Thank heavens I can message my brother at a moments notice for him to call me to let me vent.
I think we have passed all obstacles that were placed on us in the past two weeks and I'm still here. They haven't checked me into Ogdensburg quite yet.
The plans for the new house and ready and we hope to break ground in about three weeks. Spring where are you, seriously let's warm it up.
The silver lining is that the woman we are renting from has been AMAZING. She wants to make this transition (moving twice) easy for us and I can't say enough good things about her. There are truly amazing people in this world.
I have to put a shout out to Poppy Tom for being the most amazing realtor/dad/poppy/you name it. He has been a rock star with all of these appointments at the house. My sanity is also in tact because of him.
We haven't quite packed yet for the trip, but we have all sorts of plans made and I'm checking my "To Do" list off as the week progresses. I am more than excited for these new experiences and just to spend time with "my person".  It's time to be reunited.
Stay tuned...lots of excitement on the horizon in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

GES Spirit Week

Who dresses absolutely crazy to come to school just for their students? WE DO.
This week is Spirit Week at GES so each day has a different theme and we started out the week with a bang. Monday was Crazy Hair/Mismatch Day and the students and teachers had a blast with it. I do have to confess that by the end of the day my head ached from my side ponytail. OUCH. The rest of the week's attire is much more comfy.
Tuesday: Blue and Gold Day (TI Pride)
Wednesday: Sports Day
Thursday: Color Spirit Day
Friday: Beach Day
Bring on the fun and speed up the week.

Weekend in Review

Saturday was the first time in a LONG time that we left the kids with my parents and went to have a "Parents Night Out." We headed to SYR, the boys golfed, the girls went to World of Beer and then we stuffed ourselves silly at The Melting Pot. It was such a fun filled night.

Monday, March 16, 2015


 Last week was the most insanely, unpredictable and crazy week of our life. No one could have predicted it and as it was happening I was trying to embrace it, be happy about it and on the inside I was completely and utterly FREAKING OUT. I've been super calm about the upcoming upheaval in our life, but when I was told that the first person who looked at our house 1. Wanted to buy it AND 2. wanted us out by April 28, the calm was washed away and panic entered. In my dream world of a mind I had hoped that we could stay in our home until at least the end of the school year, but that didn't happen. I kept chanting to myself, my favorite quote (God only gives us what we can handle) and we have luckily found a house to rent in the city. A friend of a friend is willing to move to her river house much earlier than planned just to help us out. There are such amazing people in this world and we are so lucky to know some of them. Kind, generous and thoughtful people. So we now have 6 weeks to sell, pack and store our entire life. We will be out of the country for one of these 6 weeks, but with the help of many wonderful people in our life, WE CAN DO THIS. I'm staying as positive as possible and I could not be more grateful to have sold our house, being able to build our dream home and I know that in the end I'll be a better person for living through all of this craziness.

St. Patty's Weekend

 Friday night we were invited for an ALL green, festive St. Patty's party with who we now call, "our soccer family". I laughed so hard that my jaw hurt and I ate WAY more than I needed to. It was a great night to end our week or stress.
 Saturday Leah was so stinking excited to be invited to a birthday party. Seth gets invited to do all sorts of things and Leah is always jealous so on this occasion she was pumped to have a party to go to. Happy 5th Birthday to Noey, Leah had a super great time tubing with you.
 On Sunday Leah was able to pick a few friends to take to see Cinderella for her belated friend party. She was so thrilled to see her buddies all together and the movie was fantastic.
 Happy Birthday to these two cuties, who have birthdays one week apart.
Ahhh, to be young and not have a care in the world. I love this picture so much.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

No Turning Back

 The plans are 100% done and stamped and the house is on the market, has been shown twice and we have another showing this week. We may be homeless in a matter of months, but we are living our dream. Feeling grateful and scared and all sorts of emotions.
It is very bittersweet.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


 As I was putting our latest photo booth in Leah's baby book I happen to come across the last two years worth of photo booths and they brought tears to my eyes. Time has truly gotten away from me.
I can feel spring in the air and a ton of change in our life, but I feel truly LUCKY. Plus I couldn't resist this fun St. Patty's Day decoration from Target.

Monday, March 09, 2015


 Leah was so thrilled with her birthday cake she could hardly contain herself. I have to say that it is one of my favorite cakes that Lorraine has ever made for us. Thank you so very much.

 One of the only things that Leah asked for was a pair of soccer sneakers so when I found them on I was thrilled with the price and at how stinking cute they were.
Our little soccer player in the making.

Our New Journey

This week marks the official listing of our house. It is officially FOR SALE and with this our new journey will begin. The plans are complete, the contractor is ready, the bank is making final preparations and we are moving forward. There are tons of loose ends and things that are up in the air, things that are out of my control and you know that I am a control FREAK. I just keeping telling myself that life is a journey and there are things that I can not control. I have always wanted to be the type of person who just goes with the flow and this is my chance to be that person. I am not worrying about if/when we sell our house. I am not worrying about if/when we have to find a place to live in the interim. I am not worrying about all the little things that are going to arise. I am content in knowing that a life long (13 years in the making) dream is coming true this year. We are building our dream house. We are designing exactly the house that we want to grow old in. Am I a little scared...of course, but for once I am not letting it stop me. We knew after walking the land back in August that this was "right", it was where we are meant to spend our life. I hope and pray that everything goes smoothly over the next 6-7 months, but I am also a firm believer that God only gives us what we can handle. I can handle this. I am Enjoying this Journey.

Friday, March 06, 2015


I found a few old photo booth pics just for fun...

Birthday Wishes

 As promised we took Leah to Daily Buffet (gag). She ate about five plates of food and was as happy as a pig in poo.
 When we came home she opened her gifts from us and some cards that came in the mail.

 Like we did for Seth, Leah gets a special overnight away from home as her gift this year. We are spending a weekend with the Aunties in Rochester, going to Build-a-Bear and The Museum of Play in April.
 Our annual tradition of getting the kids picture taken in a photo booth was such a success this year. Love this tradition so much.
Thank you Fairy Godmother Auntie Jen for the awesome new shirt.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Throw Back Thursday ~ Leah's 1st Birthday

 Our bald beauty
 Happy 9th Birthday Jacob Drew. We love and Miss you tons. See you in 25 days.

BFFs for Life

The BIG 6

 Wasn't this little girl just bald and not able to talk at all? Well, not anymore. Leah has tons of hair, talks nonstop (likes to argue also), can read, write, sing, plays soccer and so so so much more. We even joke that she is like a little old lady. She complains and gripes and makes us laugh out loud.
 This morning is a complete daze because I had to be out the door for an early meeting, but I was able to spend a few precious moments with the birthday girl. She loved her new shirt and loved that her elf made his annual birthday appearance. He left her a note, decorated the dining room and left her some of her favorite treats.

She was also able to open one gift and she picked her gift from GE from her BFF Lindsey. Ironically, Lindsey called while she was opening her gift so that was a bonus. Thank you to everyone who called bright and early, texted and who sent FB messages.
Tonight the birthday girl has requested to go to the Chinese buffet for dinner. It's her favorite. (Pause to gasp, ick, yuck) Whatever the birthday girl wants I keep telling myself.
More pics to come.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Roland's employees sent us the most thoughtful gift in the mail and if they only knew how much my children LOVE fruit they would be extra happy. It was such an amazing sentiment and we are so grateful.

We picked at it for two days and it is officially gone...sad face.

Rockefellor James Charlton 2002-2015

Friday was the hardest day of our (my) life and I've had some dark days in my 37years. Saying "See You Soon" to our beloved Rocky was such a hard decision to make and to carry out. I can't even remember a time in my life without Rocky right by my side. 13 years is a huge chunk of time and an amazing opportunity to love someone. We joke at home, but in actuality it is truth that Rocky loved me the most. He followed me around everywhere, he would jump off someone else's lap just to be with me and I secretly loved every minute of it. We reminisced about all of the funny times and great memories we have had with Rocky and took the time to honor his memory. No dog could EVER replace that amazing fur ball and we will love him forever. Our house is too clean and too quiet and my lap is missing my snuggle buddy. We hope you are running around up in heaven and eating huge bowls of popcorn Rocky. xoxo