Thursday, September 30, 2010

Video Love Take 4

Just found this one. It was right after the Choo Choo Soul concert and Seth was showing us his moves just like D.C. from Choo Choo Soul. Uncle J's legs and feet even made it into this video!

Video Love Take 3

See, what did I tell you about the music? It makes us all HAPPY even on the gloomiest of days!

Seth asked me this morning if it rains everyday in the fall? I feel like it does this fall!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Top 5

Our kids are chips off the old blocks in the music department. Roland and I love music and it just so happens that our kids LOVE music as well. We have nightly dance parties in the kitchen or computer room and in the cooler months we play Just Dance all the time! As we drove home from swim tonight a certain song came on the radio and instantly Leah's legs were swinging and as I looked back she was smiling from cheek to cheek. Here are both Seth and Leah's Top 5 favorite songs as of 9/29/10:

1. Beyonce ~ Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
2. Black Eyed Peas ~ I Gotta Feeling
3. The Cotton Eyed Joe
4. Taylor Swift ~ You Belong to Me
5. The Theme Song to Choo Choo Soul

Play any of these songs and her mood instantly changes!

1. Ke$ha ~ Tik Tok
2. Nick Jonas ~ Introducing Me
(+ any other song from Camp Rock 2)
3. Who Let the Dogs Out
4. Taylor Swift ~ You Belong to Me
5. Life is a Highway ~ Rascall Flats

My top 5 favorite songs this month are...
1. Uncle Kracker ~ Smile
2. Lionel Richie ~ Dancing on the Ceiling
3. Demi Lovato ~ It's On
4. Journey ~ Don't Stop Believing
5. Enrique Iglesias ~ I Like It

Video Love Take 2

This video is about a month old, but I still love it!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


In the past two days you wouldn't believe the things my little 18 month old has done.

1. Seth came home with a project from school about top, bottom, side, middle, etc. It had gummy worms to indicate the location that they were learning. So if the picture said the worm was on top of the apple they glued the gummy worm to the top. You see where I am going with this. Well, I hung the oh so cute project on the fridge and while I wasn't looking Leah ate all the glued gummy worms off of Seth's project. Interesting!

2. I was just cooking on the grill and had to keep closing the screen on the sliding glass door because she was pressing on it. So I closed the full door to keep her inside. What does she do to me??? She locks me out of the house. I'm pounding and hoping Seth will let me in, but no he is watching TV and nothing and no one can stop him from that. Finally she unlocks the door and lets me in. I guess she taught me a lesson!

What will she come up with next?

Video Love

Just stumbled across this video from our trip to see our dear friends The Gilbert's this summer. It was a rainy day and we had a dance party with the kids. I think I will share a different video each day this week just to make everyone smile! Now I am addicted to this song and just uploaded it from itunes. Come over any night and you will see us all dancing like crazy people!

PS~ Love you Johnny!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Apples Apples and MORE Apples

Since we picked more pounds than we know what to do with we have been eating a ton of apples and today I decided to bake with both of the kids. Seth always loves to help and today I set Leah on a chair and let her help too. Ha Ha the joke was on me. If I didn't have my eyes on that bowl the whole time she was grabbing any and everything she could reach. I have to laugh about it now. She got so mad when Seth would pour in an ingredient so I let her help too! She was so happy!

Now that Seth knows how use our apple peeler/corer/slicer that is his job and he loves it!
I'd safely say that Seth has eaten two apples a day for the past week. I love it!
Leah is a dip-aholic! She loves to dip carrots in ranch, celery in blue cheese and now apples in caramel.
Our finally apple loaves and mini apple muffins! I brought the mini muffins in for our teachers aides and shared a few of the loaves with some other special people.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple Picking '10

We had the best apple picking day ever. The weather was perfect and the company was even better. I took a ton of pics and uploaded as many of I could to share with you all! This is what the weekends are all about!
I dressed the kids in their Halloween shirts and they looked so cute!
I swear that some of the apples were bigger than Leah's head!
She went to town and this apple kept her busy for quite some time.
Roland found a ladder and Seth was in heaven. He thought he was the best climbing to the top top of each tree.
As always Leah was envious of her big brother.
Keeping the tradition alive as long as Gram and Gramp will join us.
We tried to take a family photo, but the sun was in our eyes.
What a guy...carrying my grandparents apples!
Fun in a hay stack!
"Mommy get this off my hand!"
It is a good thing he wore black socks, they were filthy, BUT he had fun!
The hay ride

I wanted a good shot of the two kids so Seth helped. (ha ha!)
Yes I am one of those mom's that goes on the kiddie rides with their kids.
We had an utter blast and ended up somehow by the grace of God missing all the long lines and crazy crowds. Seth wants to go again he had so much fun!

Pancake Sunday

In the past month we have started a brand new tradition and it's called "Pancake Sunday". It is nothing overly special or exciting, but we are enjoying it each and every Sunday. We sit down together and enjoy Roland's delicious pancakes and real maple syrup! We especially like chocolate chip pancakes! Seth helped out today, but it was really his excuse to eat extra chocolate chips while his pancakes cooked.

Friday Night Dinners

Strangely enough the past two Friday nights we have had dinner with the Castana's. It has been a fun way to end the week. Kristen is such a great cook that we never turn down an invite over there. This week I wanted to see her parents who were in town so we decided to make a very fall meal and it just so happens that the weather was very un-fall like. I made pulled pork and loaded baked potatoes (just an excuse to load the potatoes with everything in the world fattening plus the pulled pork on top). It was great to see her parents and the kids had a blast as always. We are surely packing in our time together as the months pass and their time here shortens.

Kristen's mom made this GIANT pumpkin rice krispie treat and I have to say that it was fabulous and I ended up eating some of it for breakfast the next morning!
It was so hot that night that the boys stripped down to about nothing as they were dripping sweat.
Ro also took an opportunity to spend some quality time with his god daughter!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I do a ton of thinking on the way to and from work 5 days a week. This past week I have been thinking and worrying a ton about the family from my school who just lost their mother. As a mother I have had all sorts of thoughts about them that bring tears to my eyes.

Here are some of the other random thoughts I have been having this week...

* I'm pretty sure I ran over a skunk last Friday and some of the carcass it stuck underneath my truck because every time I get out I smell skunk and that is the one smell that I totally detest. I have looked under the truck and in the tires and can't see a thing, but the mysterious smell keeps lingering. Random!

* Seth has gone over the deep edge, he is completely girl crazy and it has caught up with him. He finally got in trouble at school because he won't leave the girls alone. The bad thing is that his teacher (aka Grandma) spoke to him, he cried and then she felt bad and gave him a hug and a had a talk. Come on Mom, scare him and then this girl problem will be over! ha ha!

* Leah is completely in love with Poppy Puccia. I drop Leah off on Wednesday evenings for 45 minutes while we take Seth to swim and she literally leaps out of her car seat when she sees Poppy. It is so hysterical and priceless!

* Jersey Shore is on tonight...such a guilty pleasure!

* Roland had to work at Oswego State on Thursday for the day. He handed out samples of the new fall Pepsi products. I was so envious, what fun to spend a day people watching at our Alma mater. He could have at least brought me home a new OSU sweatshirt, but no such luck!

* Have I mentioned that my mom now texts more than I do? This coming from the woman who used to get seriously angry with me and think it was oh so rude to text. She now texts all the time!

* I crave cider mill donuts all the time. I am going through with drawl because I haven't had one in 6 days!

* We sent Justin a care package and in it we put some of the famous IHC candy bars and M&Ms, but never thought that it was still warm in FL. They melted just a little. Oops!

* Crock pot meals! I love them and need some new recipes!

* Leggings! I am obsessed with leggings on Leah and I think she has at 6 outfits with leggings. I love them!

* I just realized that both of my younger brothers live in the same state now. Opposite ends of the state and too far away from here, but the same state. Random!

* Phases...Leah is in the "won't eat anything phase" I detest it and it is so stressful. Dinner is the worst because one night she might eat her food and the next won't touch it. I don't like to waste food or throw it away. It is just trying on the nerves to no end, but she is healthy so I am banking on the fact that it is just a phase and hopefully will end soon.

* Seth is Mr. Social. We caught him having random conversations with a boy in swim class last night. Roland and I sat on the side of the pool and giggled as he asked this boy what he was going to be for Halloween and what he wanted for Christmas. It was so funny!

* We are going apple picking this weekend and I am excited because Leah can roam through the orchard and pick apples this year. Many photo opportunities will be had.

* Sheryl and Jess are coming home on Saturday night until Sunday so we hope to see them at some point because it has been since August and we miss them.

* I dread sending Seth to Kindergarten and stress over the decision as to where to send him...IHC, TI or WCS??? This year can go very slow while I mull this decision over!

There are my random car thoughts for the week. I think I need to buy a little tape recorder because I know that I have far more thoughts than just this few. Happy Thursday! What are your random thoughts??

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Practice Practice!

Seth has known how to write his first name for quite some time now, but he is currently working on writing his last name as well. He is doing a very good job when he stays focused and it is very hard for Roland and I to believe that he is old enough to be doing this. Time is flying by. He is having a great school year and loving his new class and classmates. He is still girl crazy so his teacher has to reel him in from time to time.

We will continue to work on this a few nights a week and hopefully he will master it soon!

18 Months Old

I took Leah for her 18 month checkup yesterday and she was so well behaved I needed to pinch myself. I brought snacks and books and she was happy the entire time. She weighs 26lbs. 13 oz. and she is 32 inches tall now. Her tubes are still in her ears and everything checked out well.
I didn't want her to touch the dirty gross floor so we put her sneakers back on while we waited.
I am so in love with her new sneakers (Thanks JV for introducing them to me!) that I hate to even take them off. They are the cutest things ever!
I brought Cheerios and we played with her Cheerios book. She thought it was pretty cool and couldn't shove them in fast enough.
Then she got bored and just wanted to eat. She ended up getting three shots so she was a bit short tempered last night, but slept great!