Friday, September 28, 2007

I Offer You...

Today I offer you two bestfriends having fun!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall Fun

We have been taking full advantage of all that fall has to offer and we have many more plans for the remainder. Our floors are done and I decorated the house very fallish last night so now it seems all cozy and pretty! On Sunday Seth helped me make my favorite fall dish...APPLE CRISP! He helped pour and stir, he had a grand old time.

This weekend we are headed to Ithaca to see Justin and we are excited. It is supposed to be a sunny and cool fall day. I want to get a warm and cozy Cornell sweatshirt.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fresh and Clean

Our new diningroom revealed!

We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome! By the time we are done we will have a brand new house on top of an old one!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

On a Roll

By your request I have a video for you for almost every day this week! We have been very busy having as much fall fun as we can cram in!

On Saturday night after Seth went to bed Ro tore up the old carpet in the diningroom to make way for our brand new hardwood floors that are being installed today. Seth got up on Sunday morning and as we walked through the diningroom, he said "UT OH MOMMY!" He knew the floor didn't look right, but it was so funny to hear him! This is what it looked like...


I still have a ton of pics and videos from the weekend so stay tuned until tomorrow where I will also have pics of the completed floor!

Monday, September 24, 2007


We basically ate our way through the entire weekend. We started off by going to Ichiban's on Friday night with 4 other couples and we had a blast! I LOVE THAT FOOD! It would be so dangerous if they opened one of those restaurants here because I would weigh 300lbs or more. It is just the best food!
Roland and Rich
Rich, Lori & Larry
Tina, Shaun & Sherri
Ro & I

Laurie, Eric & Ro
Saturday we went to Longway's for lunch and Sunday I met Katie at Red Lobster for lunch and then we went to Eric and Sarah's for dinner. I am fooded out, BUT tonight is girls night dinner so add some more food to my expanding waste line!
PS- As I type our new floor is being installed in the diningroom! YIPPEEE!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

In Short...

In short we plan to...
*eat Japanese, attend a children's party, tear up old carpet, eat with old friends and eat with new friends...our way through the weekend!
We hope you have fun plans too!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Whole Lotta Nada

I will dedicate this post to a whole lotta nada! It seems that this week is passing me by and I can't slow it down. I have a feeling that the weekend is going to be just as bad. Why do the summer and fall have to fly by so quickly while winter and spring seem to linger on forever???

First and fore most, let's chat about BB8. It is over and I am content with the outcome. Dick deserved to win and the look on Daniele's face was priceless when she didn't win. I was more excited to see her interact with Nick. They could now have their own reality show just so I can see what happens. I'm so nosey! I LOVED Jen's little speech, that was the best when she said, "Well I honestly don't like either of you, but I HAVE to vote for one of you so...". I was also so nervous when they announced the America's Player scenerio. I don't know why I was nervous, but I was on the edge of my seat and it all worked out fine. Now I have to get into a new show.

Last night Ro went 4 wheeling with some friends and Seth and I had the BEST night together. No fights and minimal tantrums. We ate dinner early and met Mackenzie and MJ at the playground and we played for an hour. It was the perfect fall evening to be outside enjoying what fall has to offer. Then we walked over to see Grammy and Poppy and check on Grammy's boo boo as Seth says. She is doing much better and the swelling has gone down. What she has been through in the last 7 days I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. She is on the mend and we are happy!

Tonight we start swim classes once again. We will go to swim once a week for the next 6 weeks and Seth is excited. All the way to Pat's this morning he was saying, "Water Mommy!" Lori called last night and she signed up Addy so Seth will be excited to see one of his many girlfriends. After swim we have been invited to dinner at Dad's house. I quickly accepted! I can't wait for my Dad's fresh caught perch all fried and seasoned with all his goodness!

Tomorrow night is the night I dread all year long... Open House at school. I just hate being at work in the evening when I could be home with my family. I have to remember it is only once a year and only for an hour!

So that is my whole lotta nada for today!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BB8 Finale

Don't forget the BB8 finale is tonight! No one cares who wins, but I want to see what the jury house has to say and if Nick is there to root Daniele on!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Festivaling into the Fall

I swear we have hit every festival they have had in our area for the entire season and we are loving every minute of it! Saturday, we very spur of the moment drove to Lowville, suprised my grandparents for a visit and then went to the Cream Cheese Festival. We had soooooooooo much fun! They had a children's park with a petting zoo and 6 different inflatable jumping devices for the kids and the big kids like me! They also had a farmers market with real Amish selling their goodies. Then we saw the world's largest cheesecake, a parade and all sorts of yummy foods. They even had a baked potato bar, yum! It felt like a street fair in NYC. It was just the greatest day!

Petting a turtle
The World's Largest Cheesecake

This video is too funny! I am having fun being a kid again!

Seth took a killer nap after all of this goodness. Then on Saturday night we went and bought the hardwood flooring for our diningroom. It is ready for next Monday. We can't wait to get rid of that horrible carpet.

Sunday we did a little of nothing. Some running around and errands and then we went to the cider mill last night, but we were too late for the homemade donuts though. We'll have to try again!

Nothing much to report for this week either. BB8's finale is tomorrow night so that is exciting though!

Friday, September 14, 2007

BB8 Take Two

I'm totally bummed with the outcome of BB8. Beyond that I really dislike how Evil gloated last night. It was completely rude. Now, who will win the half million?? It doesn't really matter now because they will probably combine it and then split it. My friend made a good point this morning on the way to work though, she thinks that if Daniele wins she will take it all and not share with her Dad, that she was playing him the whole time. I don't think she is that heartless, but we'll have to wait and see.

So now after next Tuesday what am I going to watch? There is nothing on anymore. They have taken all of my favorite shows off!! AHHH!!!

Anyhow, tonight Kristen and Jacob are coming over for pizza and playtime. The kids can play and the moms can gab!

The good news is that we finally found someone to install our new hardwood floors in the dining room. YIPPEEE! They will be installed on Monday, Sept 24th. So next weekend we will have to work on pulling up the carpet and moving the furniture. My goal was to have this done before Thanksgiving and I am going to be successful! I am so excited.

We have no plans for the weekend which is nice for a change. We'll just see what happens.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I'm not sure how many of you readers watch Big Brother 8, but I have to vent about the show for a bit today. We are getting down to the wire with only 3 house guests remaining and I'm not very happy with how it is playing out.

This season they put 3 sets of people in the house that knew each other and had beef with each other. That is all well and good, but one set is related. They put a father and daughter in the house that hadn't spoken in 2 years, BUT you knew that they would put aside their differences and ban together to form an alliance. I feel that this give them an unfair advantage against the other house guests. I realize that there were multiple opportunities to evict them and the other house guests were stupid to keep them. Now they are in the final 3 and I know that they will probably we in the final 2. I DON'T want either of them to win. Evil is mean and disgusting and Daniele is a snot. So I guess my vote is for Zach.

I'm just annoyed with the whole show right now! There was my vent for the day!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Scavenger Hunt

For Roland's birthday we got him a big gift this year. We being, Seth and I, his parents and my Mom and Tom. So I thought to myself that I'd like to make him work for it since it was such a big deal. I came up with the idea to have a scavenger hunt to find the big gift. He loved the idea and the whole family got right into it as well. Everyone was trying to figure out the clues and help Ro find the gift. Here are some of the stops along the way to the Grand Prize!

1st Stop, "The most comfortable place in the house."

3rd Stop, "Something we sing and dance to."

5th Stop,The Grand Prize! A Nintendo Wii
Needless to say, he was overlly excited and he stayed up until 1:30am playing! Today Bonnie and Ro came over and they loved playing too! Everyone is addicted! Looks like we will be having Wii parties this winter.

In closing for today, I'd like to wish my hubs a



Friday, September 07, 2007

Overdue Pics

I finally uploaded our pics from golfing on Monday afternoon and they turned out priceless. We went out thinking that Ro would golf a couple of holes, but that we would enjoy the scenery and Seth would have fun riding in the cart. Well, all of the above were true, but Ro was able to golf 14 holes before Seth got the itch and we had so much fun. The weather was just beautiful and it was a perfect afternoon, a great way to end summer vacation.

I'll post more in the fotolog in the upcoming days!

This week has been busy and hot with the return to work and our old routine. The summer routine was growing on me so here is another adjustment. Seth is adjusting to being back to Pat's daily and I'm adjusting to getting up at 6am, a whole hour earlier then normal. It will become routine in no time. Last night Mackenzie called and asked us to join she and Matthew at the playground after dinner so we happily accepted and walked right over to play for a bit.

Tonight is the Bravo Italiano Fest so we will head down for some homemade italian food and most likely sweat our butts off because it is about 90 degrees here today. No complaints from me though, I'll take it over snow anyday.

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Ro's 32nd birthday by having a cookout for the whole family. I believe there will be about 16 people at our house. We always say the more the merrier, but I hope the rain holds out so we can all be outside.

Sunday is Ro's real birthday so we have no real plans at this point. Whatever he would like to do, we will do!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Team Work

We have been in full speed on our home improvements lately so on Saturday we decided to seal the driveway while Seth napped. We had always had it hired out in the past, but in an effort to save money we thought we could work as a team to get the job done.
We had a wonderful weekend, with wonderful weather!

We took Seth golfing on Monday and had so much fun, but I haven't uploaded the pics yet, so that is on my list for this evening. Meanwhile, I am back at work and trying to get my bearings. No more first day jitters for this 8 year veteran anymore, but just the mere fact of getting back into the routine. I'm working on it though!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Addendum To My Thank You Mama's

I always forget someone and it isn't intentional, but with so many wonderful Mama's in my life I am bound to forget one. Sorry!!

Thank you to my MIL for braving the task of watching our little monkey not once, but twice over night this summer! We couldn't have had our fun baby free outtings without you! We truly appreciate it!

I hope that I haven't f0rgotten anyone else, remember I have Mommy brain!