Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Break

 We finally finished Seth's room last week and now it is completely decked out in SU colors thanks to Poppy Puccia's refurb skills. He took a desk that was headed to the WWNY trash and transformed it. It is perfect and Seth loves it. Thank you so much Poppy.

 Tuesday night I had a few of my mom's close girl friends over to see the house, have Tom & Jerry's and apps. They are such wonderful ladies and we had a great time.
 Wednesday afternoon we participated in the annual Parents VS: Kids soccer game. Oh my goodness, the foot skills on these kids is tremendous.

 It was such a fun afternoon and great exercise.
 That evening the boys came over for some drinks.
 We started Thanksgiving off right with the Turkey Run. It was the perfect day to walk and the kids found their gym teacher from Sherman and all of their friends to run with.
 We cherish each and every holiday with Gram and Gramp now.
 This year we had a fooze-ball tourney and I believe that Uncle J won.

 Leah got everyone to play Freeze Dance, her new favorite thing to do.

 We ended the night with a holiday movie and vegged on the couch.
 On Black Friday we had The Pettit's over to watch the SU game.

 On Saturday we headed to the Dome for our annual football game in the Pepsi Booth. It was a first tailgating in 30 degree weather at 10am, but it was a blast.

 Chef Lewis did not disappoint. We had chili, shrimp scampi, kielbasa, mac and cheese, Reuben dip, fruit, caramel corn ,Tom & Jerry's and Bloody Mary's.

 On Sunday we went looking for our Christmas tree.

 We normally get hot cocoa after cutting down our tree, but my die hard ice cream fans wanted their fave instead.
I'm pretty sure that my hubs does NOT miss living in the city. He is always puttering outside, doing something.
This vacation rocked, now, onto December...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Week

This is one of my favorite weeks of the year and we started it out great last Friday night with a trip to Stefano's with my grandparents. We drove into Lowville, picked them up and drove into Carthage for a fun filled meal together. My grandfather LOVES calamari so he ate a huge plate and my Gram ate two dozen steamed clams, her favorite. Each day is a gift with them and we are enjoying as much time as we can.

 Seth's pizza was larger than his head.

 Saturday night we celebrate 45 years of wedded bliss with Roland's parents. Thank you for cooking an amazing meal for all of us Bonnie.
 Yesterday I had the honor of helping out in Leah's classroom for their Thanksgiving feast. It was so much fun and I am so happy that I was able to be there. We are truly blessed to have amazing teachers for both kids this year.
Last night was the BIG reveal. Poppy has been refinishing a desk for Seth and it is finally done. We absolutely love it and are so grateful that Tom gave it to Seth. Seth was over the top excited and it matches his SU room perfectly. 

Thank you SO much Poppy.

I love that Leah enjoys cooking and baking with me. Last night we did a ton of baking and prepping for a little shin-dig that I'm hosting tonight and I couldn't have done it without my little helper. It's so fun getting to spend this time with her.
The rest of the week is filled with all sorts of family, activities, food and festiveness.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.