Friday, June 29, 2007


Being off from work this past week has made me realize that everyone has at least one quirk. So I thought that some of my families quirks would make for a funny/interesting post.

First Quirk:

Seth and I went to visit my grandparents on Wednesday afternoon and had a blast. We stripped Seth down to his diaper and let him run around in the backyard with a bucket of water and some toys. He couldn't have been happier. My grandmother's biggest quirk is that no matter what temperature it is outside (It was 95 that day) she only opens certain windows in the house. Basically just the bedroom windows. So mind you, the diningroom, kitchen, and both livingrooms windows were NOT open. Her quirk is that her curtains and sheers would blow and get messed up. OH, MY GOODNESS how can you live like that?? So I was totally making fun of her because she wants to get replacement windows on the very windows that she does not open. I told her she might have a mild heart attack if she had to take down those curtains.

Second Quirk:

My mom and I took Seth to Sackets yesterday and walked and then went to Crissy Beanz for a treat. On the way home we stopped at Walgreens to get something I needed. I had to run in quick and get it while she sat in the truck with Seth. Now, my moms quirk is that she thinks she is saving gas if she turns off the truck everytime we stop somewhere quick, when in turn it uses more gas to turn it back on. She can't stand it and has to turn the truck off. So be it!

Third Quirk:

Our son is such a creature of habit and he is only 17 months old. Someone taught him to let out a big sigh when he sits down in a chair. So everytime he sits back in a chair he lets out a huge sigh of relief. It is too funny!

Anyhow, so there are a few quirks from my first week of vacation. It has been a busy and fun week. With play dates and walks and fun in the sun! Today we meet my friend Erin and her son Storm for a walk in Clayton and a library book sale. We are looking forward to it!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fun on the Farm

On Monday afternoon we took a trip to Old McDonald's Farm for the very first time. I'm not sure who was more excited Seth or I. We had set up a play date with Morgin and Sarah and we moms thought this would be a fun outting to start the summer off with a bang. Looking at the goats in "Goatville" No fear!

It is so fun to be a kid again!

We had such a great day. We saw all sorts of animals, went on a hay ride and fed cows, goats, pigs and as you can see we got to jump in this huge machine. I was exhausted, but had so much fun. Seth loved feeding the goats, he wasn't afraid at all.

Today it is hotter then blazes outside. I had to get two fillings this morning and then we went for a walk. We are inside where it is cooler and when Seth naps I hope to take a little rest.




Sunday, June 24, 2007

Redneck Wedding

Roland and I were invited to the wedding of a friend of his from way back. He hadn't seen him in a very long time so we decided that we would go to the wedding, what the heck. Well, let me tell you it was one interesting afternoon. The wedding itself was beautiful. It was set outside in a garden and the afternoon was perfect. It was sunny, but not too warm. Our first clue into the redneckedness (my own word!) was when one of the bridemaids walked down the aisle with a tattoo from her cleavage to her chin covering he WHOLE front! Redneck moment #1!

We next move onto the reception. It is decorated "interesting", but we grab a drink and look around. Up front we see the wedding cake and it is black and white, Redneck moment #2. To each his own, but a black and white wedding cake doesn't spell LOVE to me. At the reception we see many lovely mullets as well. That was truly a treat!

To top off the fun, we as former DJs always enjoy seeing how other DJs handle weddings. This DJ needed a tutorial. He never played any background music, when he did it was very low and he just needed HELP. I asked Ro if I could go up and give him pointers, but he suggested I not.

Lastly, Redneck moment #3 the food came out. When we saw it we decided to go out to dinner. Basically wedding food is pretty standard, but this looked a bit scary. Boiled chicken, bright yellow potato and macaroni salad, deli platters and tossed salad. I ate tossed salad because it looked safe.

Sorry if this comes across as snobbish, I'm really not, but it was quite an interesting day!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Busy as a Bee

Sorry for the lack there of blogs lately. Where has this weekend gone. Seriously it is a total blur. We had one full day with the kids and three half days so usually I am bored in the afternoons, but this week has been crazy hectic. Today is the last day of school and one that is going to be very emotional. We have a number of retirements this year and some of them are very near and dear to my heart so I am quite sad to see them go. Two teachers in particular have been the most wonderful women to work with and they have taught me oodles of knowledge and for that I am deeply saddened to see them go, BUT they are excited and ready and they have worked for over 35 years so they deserve to relax and enjoy what is next to come. I think that this is so neat, all of the retirees (9) plus their husbands are all going on a cruise in January together. They made t-shirts that say "Cruising into Retirement!". I hope that they have an utter BLAST!

Today is Seth's last normal day at Pat's for a while. He will go here and there for workshops and computer camps etc, but he is stuck with Mommy for a while. We have all sorts of plans already. We are signed up for swimming lessons, story hour, walks and so much more.

Before I forget, I want to make a very special announcement... Our friend's Rod and Jen Voss are adding to their family once again. Jen is pregnant for her third (god love her!!!). We wish you guys all the best and if you need anything we are only a phone call away!

Other then that, the Mt. Carmel Feast is this weekend so we are going down tonight. We have a wedding to go to tomorrow and a quiet Sunday! Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Bring on the Summer Fun

The days are flying by it seems. As soon as the warm weather hit, we were off. Between festivals, walks, parades, cookouts, parties, friends and family we are on the go constantly. We are so truly lucky to have so much family and so many friends in our lives. Just today Seth got invited to Morgin's to play in the pool on Wednesday night. He is just so popular. Bring on the fun we can't wait!
Our little ham at General Brown Days

Pool fun with Grammy

OK so this post has no real flow to it. We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend. We tried a new babysitter on Friday night and had date night. It was super fun. We went to the Sackets Cantina for a cocktail and an appetizer, Good Fellos for a cocktail and The Barrack's for dinner. Saturday we treated my Dad to golf for Father's Day and he treated Ro to lunch after. Then we went over to the Charlton's and Seth played his heart out. Sunday was Luke's baptism and party so Seth got to play with Lexy and anyone who would have him. We finished up Father's Day by having my Mom and Tom for dessert. Today was the last full day of school for the kiddies followed by 3 days of early dismissal. Summer vacation is within my reach.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wrapping Up

The end of the school year is only days away so I am wrapping up all sorts of projects. My report cards are done, the Celebration Day slide show (with 351 slides) is done and I'm working on packing up my classroom for the year. In between all of that fun stuff I am going on field trips, skiff launches and picnic lunches with some of my favorite classes. The end of the year is so bittersweet. You are glad to be done for a while, BUT it is sad that some of your students are moving on to the middle school and others won't need you next year. I am having two little parties next Monday for my 2 favorite classes, so they won't know what hit them.

To back up a little. Roland and I and my whole family for that matter had a wonderful time in D.C. over the weekend. The trip down and back went well and everything in between was over the top. My aunt and uncle know how to treat visitors and we were treated like kings and queens. We can't say more wonderful things about the whole trip.

Our friends Alex and Laura live in Arlington so we met up with them on Saturday for lunch and sightseeing.

I tried a spray tan for the first time for the trip. I had bought a black dress for the graduation and my legs were whiter then white and I know that tanning boths are BAD, but the spray tan was AWESOME and so easy. I looked like I just got back from the Bahamas. I highly reccommend it for all of you non tanners.

Tomorrow we are headed back to the beauty parlor because Seth Patrick's hair grows like a weed. Aunt Dayna is going to cut it at her new job at Master Cuts so we are thrilled!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Video Catch Up

I don't have much time to tell you all about our wonderful mini vacation right now so I'll post a few of our latest videos until I have more time!

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This was last weekend at General Brown Days. Seth has no fear and is such a ham on these rides. He was waving to any and everybody!

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This was also last weekend just playing around at the house!

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This is my brother and the scary part was that he wasn't drunk. It is nice to know that people can still act stupid and have fun without having to drink all the time.
Anyhow, we had an amazing time in D.C. over the past 4 days and I promise to post some of the many many pics that I took tomorrow AFTER I get my report cards done.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We're Outta Here

If you don't hear from me for a few days, no worries I'll be back online on Monday. Ro and I are headed to D.C. for 4 days for a family graduation and some good old fashioned partying. Think good thoughts also as my in-laws watch Seth for 4 days while we are gone. Have a great weekend everyone and I'll bring back tons of pics!

Monday, June 04, 2007


I feel like I don't even have time to breathe! Take a look at what we have done in the past 4 days along with what is going on this week and weekend...

Let's go back to last Thursday: We went for a fish fry at my Dad's house, so awesome and I think I literally ate about 20 crappies, yes I said crappies it is a kind of fish that ROCKS!

Friday night: We went to some new friends home; Eric, Sarah and Morgin's for dinner. It was too fun watching Seth and Morgin play. They were so wonderful to us and we are truly lucky to have such great new friends. We feel blessed. Plus, Sarah has a very important interview for a teaching position this week and we were prepping. So if you read this please think good thoughts for her this week. Knock 'em dead Sarah!

Saturday night: We went to the Brownville Days, parade, rides, food... It was hotter then blazes, but Seth got to ride on the kiddie rides again and it was PRICELESS! He waved like a pageant queen to everyone who was watching. I love that kid!

Sunday/night: We went to Ro's aunt & uncles anniversary party in the afternoon and to our friends Rod and Jen's for a fondue feast. The whole day felt like a blur, but the food was out of this world! Seth even played dress up with Sophia, pics to come. He had a blast with the girls and konked out on the way home.

Today: I have taken over the end of the year celebration day slide show and I'm super stressing about getting it done. So all day long whenever I have a free moment I'm working on it, taking pics and printing out certificates. AHHH!

Plus I'm trying to pack for myself, get the house ready and Seth ready for us to leave him for the first time for longer then an over night. I'm excited about the trip, but SAD to leave my guy.

I need a little zen right about now or a big glass of Jim Beam and Pepsi!