Thursday, September 28, 2006

Flashback Thursday

One of my closest friends who I also work with is overdue for her first baby. This has led me to thinking about how fast the past 8 months have gone with my little guy. I can't believe that he can crawl, hold his own bottle, and pull himself up. Before long he will be walking and talking and becoming a little man. I want time to slow down a bit. I used to wish time away, now I'd like for it to slow itself down so that I don't miss a single moment. I kept looking back at Seth this morning as I drove him to the sitters and thinking how great he is and how greatful I am that he is a part of my life. He's so darn cute I could just kiss him all the time and his smile melts your heart.

One Week Old!

8 Months Old!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Old Friends

Last night a blast from our past revisited us and we had a great time. Brian and Sue moved away the month after Roland and I got married. We had been very very close with them all while they lived in Watertown. We spent vacations, holidays, you name it with them. So needless to say we have missed them. Brian and Sue now have an addition to their family, Elizabeth, otherwise known as EB, she is a little over 2 and just a doll.

EB gave us a little taste of what it will be like to have not only a two year old, but a walking child. Seth was trying his hardest to keep up with her, it was great to see him interacting with another child.

Brian had an instant friend

We found a new way to keep Seth entertained

From toy basket to laundry basket, we don't need to buy toys, just play with our household items!

It was great to catch up with old friends and we promised each other that we wouldn't wait 4 more years before getting together again. We are hoping that next summer we can take a trip to Jersey, we've never been and we are always up for a vacation. We figure the two kids will run around and play and we can sit back and drink margarita's. Here's hoping!

Tonight is girls dinner group night so I'm off to Tina's for some good food and wine. I ought to sleep well when I come home!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Things I Love about Fall

My favorite things about the fall are...

* apples, eating, baking, picking, you name it

* apple crisp

* decorating the house with fall decor

* smelling my fall tea lights all through the house

* going for cool walks

* Halloween & Thanksgiving festivities

* having a fire in our fireplace

* cuddling up with a blanket and a good movie (if we can stay awake!)

* taking Seth on a hayride (Oct. 6th)

* the anticipation of our new kitchen, hopefully done before Christmas, keep your fingers crossed

* having friends over for dinner

* dinners in the crockpot

* leaf trips

* visiting Justin at college

As you can see I enjoy the fall, but the 1 thing that I DO NOT enjoy about the fall is when it gets dark early, YUCK, hate it!
Here's to many fun fall outtings for you all!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Chocolate Fountain, Need I Say More?

Saturday Roland and I went to my cousins wedding in Lowville, we haven't been to a wedding in over a year so we were excited. The ceremony was short and sweet and on to the reception. We arrived at the reception at 2:30 and were told that they weren't serving dinner until 5pm, but there didn't look like much hope for appetizers, so we had a few drinks and socialized. WELL, about an hour later they started up the chocolate fountain and I was sooooooooooo excited I could hardly contain myself. I was ready to push people out of the way to get to that fruit and chocolate. After 4 plates, YES 4 plates I was so full that I hardly had room for dinner. Dinner was great and we had an all around great day and evening. My mom watched Seth from 12-9 and she was exhausted when we got home. To quote her she said, "Boy you have to be young to have kids, I'm exhausted!"

Roland had to take a pic of me eating yet more chocolate goodness!

My Dad and Stepmom Sue at the reception

Our friends Shawn and Sheri

My cousin Lee Anne and myself

We continued to enjoy the weekend on Sunday. We ended up taking Seth to the cider mill for the first time and we bought some apples. It was crazy busy there and crazy windy, but we were able to check out the waterfalls and they were making cider so we got to watch the process, it was very interesting. I am starting to enjoy fall more and more every year. There are so many fun outtings you can go on. When we got home Seth went down for a nap and I made homemade apple bread. It was out of this world!

Seth and Daddy in front of the Cider Mill Sign

Daddy and Seth in front of the falls

Cider press

Needless to say we had a wonderful fun filled weekend and we have a busy fun filled week ahead of us. Friends from New Jersey who we haven't seen since our wedding are coming for a visit tomorrow night as well as girls dinner club on Wednesday night! Pics to come as always!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I have no pics to add to this blog today, but I wanted to debrief a bit and catch everyone up on our sickies and life. Seth is SLOWLY getting better and the rash is SLOWLY dissapearing, but not fast enough for my taste. Ro stayed home this morning with him and I will be leaving work at noon to spend the afternoon with him. We jsut weren't ready to throw him back into the sitter with all the kids. I think he is still catching up on some rest.

We went to my Dad's for dinner last night for an amazing meal of fresh perch and crappies caught by my one and only father. He fries them up in a flour and corn muffin batter with salt and pepper. I think I ate about a pound or more. There was no holding me back. It was a belated birthday dinner for Ro slash good-bye dinner for my brother Chad who is taking the leap and moving to Florida today. I am very proud of him, since graduating from HS 2 years ago he has gone to our local Community College and held down a few jobs, but he realizes that there is nothing for him here and he is brave enough to go out and make something of himself. I told him last night that I was proud of him, it takes a ton of courage to do that and I know I never could have! Good luck Chad!

Tonight I was supposed to come back to work for our Open House from 6:30-7:70pm, but with Seth still being sick I think I better stay put with him at home.

We finally have a wedding to go to this weekend. It seems like all of our friends have been going to weddings and we haven't had a single wedding to attend in over a year. My cousin is getting married on Saturday so we are off for a day of adult fun. I can't wait to dance, it feels like it has been ages since I have last danced and I am looking forward to it. I even bought a new black dress for the occassion. Pics to come!

Please keep little rash guy in your thoughts and prayers!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Go Away Sickies We've Had ENOUGH!

Today is Mommy's day with the patient and so far things are going well. After getting up to eat at 5:15am, Seth went back to sleep until 8:45am, which he never does, we are lucky if he sleeps until 7:30am. After we got up we played on the floor for a while, ate breakfast and took a stroll down to the Farmer's Market one last time. There was nothing much left, but it is a nice cool fall day and we enjoyed the walk.

Thank God he's being smiley despite the rash this morning!
I tried to post this several times today and the pics wouldn't upload, but they finally are so here you go! We just got back from Wally World, stocked up on formula and picked up some recent pics taken. Next Grammy is stopping over and I am going to take the opportunity to take a shower. I know I'm gross, but there just hasn't been time for a shower today. By the time you read this I'll be clean and fresh!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


We have come to yet another milestone in our long line. We had to lower Seth's mattress to the lowest possible level because he loves loves loves to pull himself up and we were freaked that he was going to fall out.

"I Want To WALK!"

My little helper!

It has been crazy hectic in our house for the past few days. Between crazy trageties, sickness, and random hecticness I'm about ready to burst. Seth has been running a fever since Saturday and last night he started getting a rash and this morning it has spread to his forehead so Ro is taking him to the docs this am. A very close friend's daughter who is also a former student has been diagnosed with Osteo Sarcoma and will be undergoing every test imaginable. I already wrote about my father's experience fishing this past weekend and to top it off I backed over a small driveway stake at a friends house and tore the back bumper off Ro's Volvo. So needless to say the stress levels have been high. I need to meditate or something to relax. So since I couldn't do that I stopped this morning and got a Dr. Pepper fountain soda to calm my nerves. I'm trying to remain POSITIVE on all fronts and hope that all parties make out well. Please say a little prayer for my family and friends this week. We all need it!

FYI: Ro just called and the doc said that Seth has Throat Engina, it is a virus and the rash has completely covered his body and is in his throat so that is why he has been crying so much. The poor little guy's throat is probably burning. Ro is staying home with Seth today and I just arranged to stay home with him tomorrow. Say prayers for us!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Warm Fall Day!

On Saturday afternoon we took Seth and my Mom and Tom to the Chowderfest in Sackets. We sampled all types of chowders and took in all the warm sun that we could. They had some very unusual chowders. My favorite pic was a mexican chowder with a tequila/lime butter on top. Sounds gross, but it was so great. Everyone else's favorite was the alaskan king crab chowder. It was too fishy for me! After our chowder we took a walk down by the water and then on the battlefield. It was such an amazing afternoon weather wise we tried to soak up as much as we could.

A view of the lake, we were wishing that we had our boat now, it was a perfect fall boat day!

No shades this time!

Proud Grammy and Grampy!

After all the chowder was eaten the men went home and my mom and I went on the search for a dress for my cousins wedding this coming weekend. I was dreading this because it's fall and I thought it might be tough to find a dress. I was wrong, I tried on 3 dresses and bought the fourth! So that left the rest of the night to just roam the mall with my mom for a change! We had a great night! But, in true fashion all great nights must come to an end and when I got home Roland told me that Mr. Seth was running a 102.6 temp which I thought was the worst thing in the world until the on call doc told me that I shouldn't worry until 105! AHHH! Boy times have changed. So we have been using motrin and napping a great deal to work off this virus in hus system. Poor little guy!

Sunday I co-hosted a shower for my friend Lori. All was a success and a new little girl for Seth to flirt with should be arriving in a month! Today is a beautifully sunny day and it is supposed to be warm so I am counting down the hours until I can get home and get Seth out for some fresh air!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Couples Date Night!

Last night Roland and I went to Syracuse for dinner with 2 of our couple friends to our all time favorite restaurant Ichiban's! We had a fabulous time as always and I even splurged, I ordered shrimp and lobster to be cooked over the grill and Ro got filet and scallops. We went all out, appetizers and the whole nine yards.

The girls: Sherri, Myself, and Lori (8months pregnant)

That's my lobster second in the meat row, so yummy!

I missed the fire shot, but this chef was the best we have had in a while. He even made the fried rice into the shape of a heart!

We had a wonderful time last night and Seth was a good boy for Grandpa and Nana Buckingham. When we returned we did get some very sad news. I feel like I need to talk about it a little to process it in my mind still. My father who just recently retired went out on an all day fishing trip yesterday with some other men who had also retired and about half way through the day one of those men had a massive heart attack and passed away while my father and the other men were trying to revive him. As you can imagine this is taking and will continue to weigh heavily on my fathers mind so I want to send loving thoughts out to him. I can not even begin to imagine how he is feeling and what he may be going through today. I love you Dad take care!

This also reiterates my new motto for life that I have been trying hard to follow since the birth of my son:


That is why I order lobster when I want to and get a new outfit for Seth just because I think it is cute and why Roland and I are looking to buy a boat next summer. You just never know and I want to look back and know that I enjoyed my life and made the best of it and made sure that my kids have a great life!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Crawling = Happiness!

Seth is in full force crawl mode and into everything, but I am not stressed at all, he is like a brand new boy. He has always just wanted to go go go but hasn't been able to and thus been what we have called "cranky pants". Now Seth loves being on the move. He also loves cords, picture frames, and grabbing his brother Rocky.

Well, it completely feels like fall here and that is bittersweet. I love the warm sunny weather, but I also don't mind a little cool down. I do dread the day when I have to put away the stroller. Seth loves the stroller and I love to be outdoors with him in it. My plan is to bundle my little guy up for as long as possible and enjoy what fall has to offer. We don't have all that much going on this work week, just our normal routine. This weekend is another story. We are going to our all time favorite Japanese Steakhouse on Friday night, a Chowder Fest on Saturday, and a Baby Shower on Sunday. It's a busy and fun weekend to look forward to.

Oh, I have to share my newest craving with you all, Dunkin Donuts new cookies are too die for. They are huge and thick and great! If you haven't tried one, get on over there and get one. They will make your whole day! Remember to micro them for like 10 seconds before you eat them, that is the best!

Monday, September 11, 2006

The BIG 31

We had a very busy weekend. Friday night we went to the Bravo Italiano Festival and had some good old italian food. Now that Seth is crawling he no longer wants to be in the stroller or in your arms, only on the floor and that didn't work at the fest so we had all we could do to keep little guy happy. We had a great time despite!

We celebrated Ro's 31st birthday on Saturday night. Good food and fun was had by all!

Our newest family photo!

Ro opted for cheesecake instead of traditional birthday cake and it was a great choice, very yummy!

Sunday we took a drive to Syracuse and did some shopping therapy. We went to Christmas Tree Shops, Old Navy, and Target. I was starting to show for Seth this time last year so of course I need some new clothes which is always fun. I also picked up a Halloween t-shirt, bib, and socks for Seth so he is all set when the big day arrives!

Now I'm back for a full work week, but we have tons of fun plans for the upcoming weekend to keep me motivated for this week so off I go. I am reminiscent today of five years ago. I can remember exactly where I was when I heard about the WTC and I can remember being glued to the TV 24/7 for days and days. I can't believe that it has been 5 years. I send out thoughts of love today for all of the families who lost people they love and care for!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Last BBQ

Labor Day was also my friend Katie's birthday so we went to a final BBQ at her house on Monday! I definately think that I am hamburgered and hot dogged out for a while, but we had a really good time. Seth really loves other kids right now so he was in his glory playing with Katie's niece McKenna and nephew Jack! Roland must have some serious muscles if it doesn't hurt to have a 22 lb. baby on his back and a 20 lb. baby on his front. OUCH!

McKenna and Seth, he's a flirt and already going for the older ladies!

How Ro still puts him on his back I will never know!

That was a little glimpse of our Labor Day food, friends, and fresh air.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bonfire Mania

Roland flexing his fire muscles!

Sunday night we had our one and only and possibly last bonfire of the summer. It was misty raining, but it didn't stop us from enjoying a bonfire and some good old s'mores with our family and friends!

We put the wagon to good use!

Goofy Grammy!

My MIL's Super size S'mores!

Kicking Back While the Little One Sleeps!

All Smiles!

As you could see from my many many pictures we had a good time even if it was rainy and cold. Make the most out of life, that is my new motto!

So I'm back at work today, back to the kids and adults, but I miss my little guy. He is getting to be so much fun. He sits up and is starting to crawl and he is all smiles most of the time. A smile that melts your heart and almost gets me into car accidents because I love to turn around and see what he is up to.

Seth and Mommy had a wonderful summer...

* walking

* going to get breakfast and fountain drinks in the stroller

* swimming in the pool

* swinging on Grammy and Grandpa's swingset

* going to parades

* rides in the car

* Tuesday night dinners

* playing on the blanket outside

* storytime at the library on Monday's

* Playing with Lucy

* Letterboxing

Now we are looking forward to the evenings and weekends when we can go on many new adventures! I love and miss you Seth!

I love this bib, but it should say...

"Under this Mess is one GREAT kid!"

Sunday, September 03, 2006

So Long Summer...

Good-bye summer hello pants, socks, and coats. The past few days here in NNY have been down right chilly and rainy and yucky! We actually broke out the winter jammies for Seth and bundled him right up last night. Looks like the time has come to take the a/c out of the windows and move on. I'm excited about the fall, but sad that summer and more importantly the warm sunny weather is ending.

We have had a pretty low key weekend. Seth is still battling either a cold or allergies, but whatever it is it is running right out of his nose. Poor little guy. Between drooling like a fool and a runny nose he has it come out everywhere.

Friday night was date night for Ro and I. We went to Sackets and did appetizers at Good Fellos and The Cantina. We had tons of fun and came home stuffed.

Saturday Seth took 2 long naps so we just relaxed and caught up on odds and ends around the house. We did take Seth to Bagelicious (formerly Chesapeake Bagel) and he loved chewing on a bagel and checking out all the people.
Today we are going to get groceries and have a few people over for what was supposed to be a cookout/bonfire, but the rain hasn't stopped so it might be an indoor cookout. Whatever it is, it will be fun!