Thursday, June 23, 2016

Signing OFF for the Summer

As I usually do each year at this time, I'm signing off for the summer to make memories with my kids, family and friends. We have a very busy and fun filled summer ahead. We have a wedding to attend in DC, our BFFs are coming from GE, the kids are going to camps, we made our Sand Bucket List and we plan to enjoy every single solitary day this summer has to offer. I am SO grateful to be a teacher and have the ability to be with my kids all summer. They are growing way too quickly so I'm savoring my time with them. I'll report back in the fall with all of our adventures.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day

 We celebrated the #1 man in our lives yesterday by a ride on the lake, some swimming and a picnic on the boat. Couldn't have asked for a better day. Happy Father's Day babe, we love you to the moon and back.
Also, apparently Leah has all sorts of interesting skills that she can do with a ring pop. #strangechick

Happy 90th Birthday Gramp

We celebrated Gramp's 90th birthday on Saturday with all of his favorite foods and of course we would never forget his Genny Cream Ale.

 Everyone made it home except for Emily and Eve, due to Emily's surgery and Justin and Joan had a wedding that day. Other than that, we had all of the Mihalyi's in one place.
 Gramp was SO happy to eat his raw oysters and raw clams. His facial expressions were hysterical. Utter bliss.
 Aunt Jody did some practice dancing for Emily and Eve's upcoming wedding in 3 weeks.  
 88 and 90 and looking great.
 It's such a running joke that Gram and Gramp LOVE their tootsie rolls. They always have several dishes of them around the house. So the cake was too cute.

I'm feeling very grateful to have these wonderful moments with my grandparents and family. Every day is a gift.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Weekend in Review ~ June '16

 Seth had his first baseball game on Friday night and I think that the assistant coach was even more excited than SPC. They even pulled out a win. Go Bankers.
 Leah and I went to the game for a bit and then headed to The Relay for Life.

 On Saturday, Leah had Adi's birthday party and she was over the moon excited because it was a Shopkins themed party and she got five new Shopkins. In her world that's HUGE.
 On Sunday morning, Seth and Leah created their very own Battlebot. I love their creativity.
 It rained most of the weekend so we played lots of games.
 Our turkey George has been hanging out at our house a ton. He was even in the driveway last night.
 On Monday Seth had his 4th grade field days at WHS. It was really fun to watch him in some of the events.

 My good friend from high school was in town for his brother's wedding over the weekend so we were able see each other on Monday night and catch up for a bit. His daughter Nyree is beyond adorable.
We froze our way through baseball game #2 on Monday night also. Only 8 games left...

Monday, June 06, 2016

Welcome June

 Leah has been anxiously awaiting to arrival of her very first lacrosse jersey can you tell? All smiles and happy as can be.
 We celebrated Grandma Bonnie turning another year younger this weekend.  She was also happy to have all of her family together in one place.
 On our rainy Sunday afternoon the kids learned how to play Skat. Such a fun family game.
The kids also created the worlds largest pillow fort during their rainy afternoon. See what happens when you take away electronics, they are actually creative and interact.
That's my new goal for the summer.

Survival Beach

 We signed up way back in February and the day finally came for Survival Beach Lake Ontario. It was an obstacle 5k race and it was a flipping BLAST. None of us were runners so that alleviated the pressure, but we did manage to run quite a bit of it in between obstacles.

Thank goodness, one of Shannon's friends was able to take pictures so we could see what we looked like. I'd definitely do it again, it was such a great time.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend '16

We couldn't have asked for better weather for our long weekend.
On Saturday we headed to the boat for some time on the lake. We stopped at a friends cottage and chatted, drove down to Henderson to check out the new Caprara restaurant and then let the kids swim in the 66 degree water. They loved every minute of it.

Waterside Caprara's
Beautiful lilacs

On Sunday we tried a new state park. We hiked Pixley Falls in Boonville and the kids absolutely loved it.

Lots of time spent climbing rocks and being in the water. Next time maybe this mom will pack a change of clothes and some towels. Ooops.

On Monday we planted flowers and spent some time at the pool.
It was a fabulous weekend.