Friday, February 26, 2010

More Video Fun!

If you are not on facebook then you have been missing out on the videos of our new Wii game called "Just Dance". I was just going through our Flip camera and found three different videos of Justin from over February vacation and eventhough I may pay for this later I could not resist giving you a little laugh on Friday morning. I am not a good dancer by any means and it shows when I play, but it is so much fun you just laugh your way through it. Thank you Sheryl for an awesome birthday gift!

Addition to the Partying Theme

It was brought to my attention that we may also be partying in the hospital as be may be welcoming a new addition to our crazy group any day now...we can't wait to meet you Baby Voss!

Random Pics

Leah likes to grunt to get her point across right now so I hear a grunt on the way to Pat's this morning and she proceeds to hand me both of her socks. I had to take a picture of her because she looked so stinking cute checking out her toes on this cold February morning!
I also forgot that I had taken this picture of Leah on a recent trip to Target. I couldn't resist trying the bunny ears on my bald baby girl!
She wasn't' exactly pleased with me and took them off as soon as the camera was put away!
It is finally Friday and we have a fun filled weekend ahead of us. We will be partying with a 60 year old Grandpa, partying with our Pepsi friends in celebration of another successful year and partying with our friends as the dreaded deployment date approaches for Mr. Lee. We are trying to get in as much "Lee" time as we can before the end of March comes! Then, one week from now we will really be partying as our girlie will turn 1!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm auditioning new blog titles for this blog so if you have any suggestions please send them to me! Thanks a ton!!

Happy Birthday Grandpa B!

Happy Happy 60th Birthday Dad & Grandpa!
Have a GREAT day and we will see you tomorrow night!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seth Update

Seth has turned a corner in terms of attitude and discipline and we have been having the most wonderful days with him. Right now having a conversation with Seth is truly magical. He comes up with the wittiest comments and he really listens and retains everything. Last week he told us that he wanted to create a dog sled team. We asked him what dogs he would like on his dog sled team and he thought for a minute and then said...Rocky, Mikey (Pam's dog), Simba (Pat's dog), Rod & Jen's dogs (he couldn't remember their names) and Jacob's dogs (couldn't remember their names either). Roland and I had huge smiles on our faces for two reasons. One; we were impressed with how creative he had been and two; if you combined these dogs you would have the funniest dog sled team ever!

Right now Seth is in to playing his Leapster, playing with his Cars collection, skiing and practicing his name. One of his favorite Leapster games is about dinosaurs and he has learned so much from that little game. (Thank you Auntie Laurie!) We have also reached the tattle tale phase which isn't always so fun, but we are getting through it. We are enjoying every minute that we can with this little man because before we know it he will be in Kindergarten and time will really fly by.

Leah Update

Just a little Leah update...her big birthday is only 9 days away (party goers get your pink and brown ready we weren't joking!), her second top tooth broke through giving her a grand tooth total of 4, she is down to one bottle a day and we have switched to Lactaid in lieu of whole milk because at this point she can't tolerate it on its own. Leah is walking all over the place at home and inside, but not quite ready to walk in public. She is just the best little girl we could ask for!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Shoes on the New Carpet Leah!

Leah's first pair of sneakers came in the mail yesterday and even though we have a strict new rule about no shoes on the new carpet we let her slide because we wanted her to get used to walking in them, which he dislikes greatly!
As soon as you put them on she instantly falls to her knees: exhibit A!
Then, she throws a little tantrum and puts her head down: exhibit B!
If we don't give in she eventually smiles and gets right back up: exhibit C!
What are these things on my feet Mommy?
I had no idea that the company Saucony was owned by Stride Rite until I went to the website browsing. We are very happy with the new sneakers and we thank Great Grandma & Great Grandpa for buying them for Miss Leah. We love you guys!

Popular Guy

Seth was very eager to get going on Sunday because he had two birthday parties to go to. He was quite the popular little man. We started at Velocity first for Jude's birthday. Seth had so much fun because all of his old friends from Pat's were at the party and he doesn't see them anymore. It was also Leah's first time going to Velocity where she was walking and she wanted to try everything.
I even got into the bouncy house with her and she loved it!
Next, we headed to the arena for Jacob's skating party. Seth had never skated so he was excited to try it.
Leah tried her first cupcake and of course she loved it as well. She pretty much eats anything and yells when you take food away.
The first time around I held Seth up all by myself and he weighs 45lbs so that was no easy task. Then, we finally got a walker and he had a blast!
Seth was definitely partied out by 2:30 and took a very good nap! We had a very fun day with all of our favorite people!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hungry Girl

Leah is our star eater and loves to eat any and everything she can get her hands on.

We are down to one bottle a day and there are only 13 days until she turns 1!

Winter Fun

We loaded the four wheeler up on Saturday morning and headed to The Castana's for some winter fun. Check it out...

The boys stayed outside for 2 hours and had a blast with the sleds and the four wheeler. Leah loved being outside too, but came in when she was hungry. Lindsey got a taste of winter and will be ready next season to play with the big kids. All four kids took super naps from the fresh air too!

New Friends

Friday night we had some friends over that we have known for a while, but never had over for dinner. We invited Travis, Lindsey & Nolan over and the boys really hit it off.

We even broke out our new Wii game that we are addicted to. When they left later Friday night Seth said that he loved playing with Nolan and that he wanted to marry Miss Lindsey. Seth is getting pretty good at our dancing game, he is so funny!


I took Seth to Power of Play at Kidnastics on Thursday morning and he was able to run and play and blow off some energy. He had a blast and it was a fun filled morning!
I couldn't get over some of the things he was able to do at the gym. He is growing up so quickly and changing everyday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not Digging the Boots

took the kids outside to play today and since Leah has almost grown out of her snowsuit I tried on a pair of boots that Jen lent me since I couldn't tuck her feet inside any longer. Let's just say that she disliked them greatly to put it mildly!
She got over the screaming, but wanted no part of walking outside so we went for a little slide down the street.
After about three houses Seth said he was tired and wanted to head back.
So we slid down the slide a few times.
It felt great to get outside and enjoy some fresh air, but we are all ready for spring and summer. Forget these coats, boots and snowsuits!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Check me out! I'm full on walking, I have three teeth and it is only 2 weeks until my first birthday! I'm also home on vacation with my Mommy and Seth this week. I love it!

New & Improved

The installers came at 8:30am sharp and worked their butts off until 10:50am and then the real work began....putting all the furniture back! Thank heavens for those "moving men movers" because I was able to put both rooms back together all by myself. We are more than thrilled with the outcome and are so excited to be rid of the old stained carpet. We have made a vow to each other not to wear our shoes on it so that it lasts longer than the previous carpet. So if you come over to our house now, bring your slippers because we are taking your shoes at the door!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Home Improvements for 2010

Can you guess what we are doing to our house TODAY?

The prep began on Friday night.

See you later old, stained and gross carpet!

After almost 8 years you need to go!

The installers will be here between 8:30 and 9am. We can't wait!

Getting the Hang of It!

We went skiing on Saturday morning and both Roland and I are finally comfortable behind the harness and Seth is really improving on his skis. I think we must have taken at least 10 runs which is a lot for Seth.

Sheryl & Jess came up for the weekend and met us up at Dry Hill for the morning.

It was a GREAT way to start my week long vacation!