Friday, April 27, 2012


It has been a long week of dark, wet, cold AND testing at school. We are all going a little stir crazy so we have been trying to do things to fill each others buckets. We like to run across the street for surprise fountain sodas for each other, drop off magazines and just chat when we have time. It makes all of this testing madness more bearable. I asked a student to run to my mail box yesterday and she returned with this postcard. It made me laugh out loud. Someone knows me all too well and let me tell you I would LOVE this job.
I would love to organize people's homes when they move or design houses. After looking at 6 houses now and not finding one we love I would like to start working for a contractor. I would be the person who helps pick out the knobs, light fixtures, counter tops, etc. That would be my dream job. Plus, I bet they would sell quicker with my simple taste. We have seen some seriously crappy accessorized houses. So the search continues and the bathroom renovation continues. Hopefully we don't find our dream house before the bathroom is finished. I'm doubtful of that though.
Thank you to my friend Erin McCullouch for making me laugh and for sharing my love of fountain sodas. To many more "Fountain Soda Friday's".

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Family Movie Night

 What to do on a rainy, cold weekend when your Dad is tearing apart the bathroom to be remodeled? Let's have a family movie night minus Daddy.
I made fresh popped popcorn and chocolate covered flies (Raisinets) and then we brought our pillows, blankets and stuffed animals downstairs to snuggle while we watched Hop
It was a GREAT movie, we would highly reccommend it.

Crazy Circus Peeps

 Last Friday night I took this kids to the circus that came to town. I hadn't been to a circus in years and had never taken the kids to one so I thought, why not! Let's just say that circus people are a bit on the strange side and I personally think they are breaking all sorts of child labor laws. There were many "interesting' acts, but in between each and every act they stopped the show and tried to sell something. It was very odd.
 This boy had to be maybe 13. I'm an over thinker and all I could think was that he has to do this show every single day, ten months a year. That means no school and moving from town to town every single day.
 The boy were AMAZED at the man who ate fire. Leah was FREAKED out and wasn't a fan.
After seeing this act, Seth now performs little circus balancing acts at home. It's quite interesting and comical.

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Flash from the Past

 I almost forgot to share these amazing, (well amazing to my family) pictures that I was able to take during spring break a few weeks ago. My grandfather owns some property in Lewis County and on that property sits this gem. We call it the Bailey Farm. It is this ancient house that I remember going to as a child and I hadn't been there in a few years. All I remember from my childhood is that we would come visit the Bailey Farm in the winter and go sledding. I remember that there used to be two deer heads hanging in the living room and there was no running water or bathroom. There is an out house in the back yard and an old fashioned pump for water. It is certainly part of history and I love getting to see stuff like that. It is definitely in worse shape than a few years ago, but it is just as I remembered it. I'm so happy that I was able to bring the kids to see it and take pictures because in a few months my grandfather will not own it any longer. He sold the house and the land. The kids eyes were huge as they looked around and when I showed them the out house they were not impressed.
 I love this sign. My grandfather had an Uncle Steve who was basically a hermit and a hoarder so this sign fits him just right.

 Look at these two young gems.

 We took a walk down by the Independence River and the kids had a blast in the icy cold water.
Right after this picture was taken in true Leah fashion she tells me that she has to go potty. As I'm holding her up off the ground to go potty in the woods, I tell her what a good job she did going potty in the woods and her response to me was...."Yeah just like a doggie!"
Just a little part of The Mihalyi Family's history.
Double Trouble
We pity their Nursery School teacher next year.
PS...Leah is not picking her nose I swear. :)

3rd Quarter Report Card

It's that time of year again...REPORT CARD TIME.
We were very excited to see Seth's report card and we are thrilled to report that he improved in all areas. He jumped two reading levels, went from 3s to 4s and got many Outstandings. We are so excited to see the growth he is showing and that he enjoys school so much.
 Unfortunately, Roland was out of town this week so we had to celebrate without him. Fortunately, Grandma and Poppy Puccia wanted to join us and even treated us to our celebration ice cream.
 The funny thing is that both kids ordered exactly what they wanted (or what they thought they wanted), but did they eat theirs? Nope, they fought over my milkshake. Silly kids.
Here is to another solid quarter of school and then...summer vacation YAY.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

SNIRT Run '12

It was the BEST of times, it was the DIRTIEST of times, it was the annual SNIRT Run 2012. This year the men decided that they wanted the munchkins to join them on their man day so they were thrilled at the chance to get dirty, see tons of 4 wheelers, giant windmills and as Seth says, "get candy at the end."
Seth is so lucky that his best girlie friends also like to hang out on 4 wheelers with their dad. Seth, Maya and Sophia are the dynamic 4 wheeling trio.

At last count there were over 3000 registered wheelers for this event this year.

Check out the interesting part of nature the kids found near Whetstone Gulf.

The next ride is in one week.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Arbor Day Award

 Seth was chosen out of his class and given an award for his Arbor Day drawing. He came home and tried to explain it to us, but until we saw what he was talking about we weren't understanding him correctly. His Art teacher told Roland that he is drawing at the level of a 3rd grade student. We are pretty proud parents.
You can bet this will be going in a frame when it comes home. Way to go Seth.

Budding Artist

 Last week was Seth's Art Show at school. He was very excited to show us around since it has been a few months. It is amazing to see how much he has grown over the past 7 months in school.
He loves Art and he loves to be creative so we are happy parents. At any given day if you stop at our house his desk is a complete mess with his creativity. He goes through more tape and construction paper than you can imagine, but we think it is fantastic. BE CREATIVE.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

We're Going on a HUNT

 We save the Easter Egg Hunt for Lowville each year and it gives them something to look forward to, plus my grandparents have a much larger yard so the kids love running around a finding eggs. My Mom and Tom got there early so they were in charge of hiding 54 eggs. (Thank you!)
 They hid them in both sides of the front yard and in the back as well. The kids had so much fun looking for them and even more fun opening them up and checking to see what was inside.

 Now for the sugar rush. Since our Easter Bunny doesn't put candy in their baskets they were psyched for some pure sugar at this point in the day.
 Mouths full of goodness
Thank you Mother Nature for making it such a gorgeous day to have this fun hunt.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter

Hippity Hoppity Easter came and went in a flash!
The kids were so well behaved in church and they looked so stinking cute too.

A sunny, but cold day.
Programmed to smile.
At the end of mass father gave out candy. The kids were the first ones up there, but Leah was so timid she was the last to get candy. She waited very patiently and wasn't leaving until she got some. The whole church laughed at her and Seth told her that she caused a scene. It was priceless.
She was pretty proud that she got her own candy.

Monday, April 09, 2012

The Strong Museum of Play

 Wednesday morning we planned to take the kids to the Museum of Play, but Roland woke up with some sort of stomach bug so Sheryl and I ended up taking the kids to the museum while Roland rested up. They are at the perfect ages for this museum and they truly had a blast. Their smiles and the light in their eyes throughout the day was amazing.
 Leah loved reading while sitting in Elmo's bed.
 They also loved working in the mail room. Every chance they got to try on a dress up outfit, they did.
 I think the dentist station in the Bernstein Bear section was their favorite. Seth kept telling Leah he was checking for cavities.
 Leah was helping Aunt Sheryl buy a hamburger at a hot dog cart.
 Seth really enjoyed the arts and crafts sections this year. He made all sorts of crazy things.
Racing each other.
A great big THANK YOU to Aunt Sheryl for tagging along with us.