Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Festive Week

 It's been quite the week so far. On Monday the kids started their Spirit Weeks for each class. Seth had an ugly sweater day and Leah had a reindeer day. They both looked super cute.
 On Monday night we went and helped decorate at St. Anthony's for Christmas masses. It felt wonderful to be there helping out.
 Sister Jackie gave Leah an itty bitty tea set for Christmas and she has been having an utter blast playing with it.
 On Tuesday my school was having an ugly sweater day and Leah had a Santa day. We definitely looked the part.
Not many people got into the holiday spirit at my school, but those of us who did enjoyed ourselves greatly.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week in Review ~ December 12-18

 Last week was a little bit insane with our schedule on top of Roland being sick and myself being sick, but we pulled through and enjoyed every bit of it. Tuesday night Seth had his first Wiley music concert and it was amazing. Mrs. Faunce is a truly wonderful and talented teacher and we are so lucky that Seth is able to learn from her.
  Evan, Seth and Tristan
 Devin, Seth and Evan

 On Wednesday night I had a few friends over for some Tom & Jerry's.
 On Friday night, Seth's basketball team scrimmaged during halftime at the WHS game. It was so fun to see them out there on the big court.

 On Saturday, Leah and Maya baked together for 3 hours. They had just the best time and it was so fun to watch them and help as needed. Maya was so patient with Leah and it was very heartwarming.

 The finished products...reindeer brownies and s'mores cupcakes.

 Seth got out on the slopes on Sunday afternoon and went skiing with his friend Brady. They had a blast for over 3 hours.
Today is the start to Spirit Week for both kids at different schools. I have schedules on the fridge and I think I am ready for each and every day. Today Seth is sporting his ugly sweater and Leah has reindeer day in her class. It will definitely help make this long week more fun for them.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Basketball Holiday Weekend

 We started off the weekend with Leah's first EVER basketball game and I have to say that it was SUPER fun to watch AND she made a basket. She hustled on that court and had tons of fun.

 After Leah's game we raced to yet another basketball SU basketball game.
 We used our Syracuse Kids Club tickets and had the best time.

 Seth was even busting out the moves up in the stands.
  On Sunday we went to a friends house for cookies and crafts with all of the little girlies. It was tons of fun. 

 We ended the weekend having dinner with Nana, Grandpa and the girls.
I'd say we filled up the weekend pretty well.
Love you Gigi girl

Friday, December 09, 2016

Our Crazy Elf

The absolutely love seeing the kids first thing in the morning when they find our elf. Yes, it's a ton of work and thought put forth for this month, but the rewards are so much more. I feel as if there will only be a few more years that Leah will believe and we are on borrowed time with Seth so I am taking the time to enjoy every single morning this year. I love the magic of Christmas time.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Gingerbread Wars

 This year Seth actually asked if he could make his own gingerbread house so I was thrilled that he wanted to join in on the fun.
 The kids worked on their houses for almost 2 hours and had such a great time.
 Seth possibly ate as much candy as he put onto his house.

 He also ate a ton of the frosting. Yuck.
 Finished products
 We sat down and chatted after they were done about what candies they enjoyed working with, what was their favorite part of their house, etc. It was so comical.
Happy Holidays from these crazy kids.