Monday, January 30, 2017

Sports, Sports and MORE Sports

It was an incredibly sports filled weekend and I didn't even realize it until I just sat down to upload all of the pictures.
 Friday night we went to the IHC versus WHS basketball games as well as the WHS alumni game. It was a full night of basketball and we all had a great time. The boys all sported their Cyclones uniforms and loved being a part of it all.

 On Saturday, Leah had two basketball games (she scored a basket in each yay) and Seth's team played The Bandits and WON. After his game he had his friend Brady over to play. They played basketball in the basement for hours and hours. I am so incredibly grateful for our basement.
 We had the Pettit's over for dinner to plan our trip for Spring Break and we ended up playing Speak Out and had some fun with Snapchat.

 On Sunday we went to see The Syracuse Silver Knights game in SYR. It was such a great game and all the kids had a blast.

 Both kids were super excited to get their shirts signed by the players.

 We concluded our weekend full of sports with back too back basketball games on Sunday night. Seth's team is in a new league this season. They are now in the 5/6 league and what a huge change that is. They are a young and short team, but they all have hearts of gold and hustle their little legs off. I am one proud mom. Seth had two amazing games and we are so happy for him.
 Just a little height difference...ugh.

Seth and Devin's all time favorite teacher Mrs. Gonseth even came to support them. She watched both games and cheered them on. That's a true teacher.
This week is so busy that I had to make a schedule for each day with the activities and who is helping me out since Roland is gone all week. Just taking it one day at a time and enjoying every minute of it.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Birthday Sleepover

 Seth asked if he could also have his buddies sleepover for his birthday. The boys played basketball in the basement for hours and hours in between stopping to eat and doing a couple of challenges. All in all it was a pretty simple evening.
 Baby Food Challenge Year #2

 I think Seth's buddies know him pretty well. They got him SU themed gifts and he loved them all.

Ice cream sundaes at 9pm, why not.

Happy 11th Birthday SPC

 Dreams do come true.
This year we broke down and bought Seth an Ipad Mini of his very own. He was and still is OVER THE MOON excited about this gift.
 He also requested brownies with my homemade frosting which were super delish.
 This morning our elf made his birthday appearance and brought him a framed poster of his favorite soccer player.
 He also woke up to a surprise this morning. Mom got a little creative this year.
 He didn't know what to make of it. He loves his hokey mom so very much.
 Cody, our elf even wrote Seth a birthday letter.
I love our birthday traditions and I plan to keep up with them for as long as humanly possible.

Little Clippers & Get Air

 Leah's basketball team has to be the cutest team at the Y. I mean check out these jersey's on top of their utter cuteness.

 On Saturday after the boys game we headed to SYR for this years birthday party. We kept it super low key. Seth was allowed to invite three friends and all he wanted was to go to Get Air to jump for a couple of hours. World's easiest party, yes.
 We even ran into some friends from Wiley in SYR. How funny.

 They even had archery tag. The boys loved it.

The boys had an utter blast and played for two hours straight. To say they were stinky and sweaty for the ride home was a huge understatement.