Tuesday, January 26, 2016

SPC Turns Double Digits

Seth had his very first multiple friend sleepover for his friend party this year. When he decided on this option I got right online to find fun game ideas to keep the wild boys busy all night long and it was a total success. I didn't want the five of them running wild all night long.
They played soccer for quite a while.
We had a taco bar.
Baby Food Taste Test Challenge

The fruit flavors were such a huge hit that the boys asked to finish the jar.

The gross meat and veggie flavors were another story.

Canned beef is never a good flavor.

That game was such a success and full of laughs.
Next up was the "Black Out" scavenger hunt. They had to find certain things in the basement using only a flashlight and they were timed. Boys like competition for sure.

Last, but not least was the messy game. They had to eat all four gummy worms without using their hands. This one was so flipping funny. Boys said it was their favorite.

As if they hadn't had enough candy, the finale was a make your own sundae bar and a movie. AKA quiet time for the parents.

I believe they were asleep by midnight and up at 6:30am.
Up bright and early for a pillow war.

On Saturday, Seth also had two soccer games. He scored in both games and had so much fun handing out his cupcakes to all of his teammates.

The finale of the birthday was a small gathering of family on Saturday night for Art's pizza, salad and brownie sundaes.

He will be getting a new hoop in the spring as his gift.

Officially 10 at 9:34pm

Friday, January 22, 2016

Flashing Back to Seth's First Nine Years

1st Birthday
 As this mom reflects on the last nine years of her life, this little dude has definitely stolen her heart, grown and changed SO much. Take a look.
 2nd Birthday
 3rd Birthday
 4th Birthday
 5th Birthday
 6th Birthday
 7th Birthday
 8th Birthday
9th Birthday
Happy (almost) Birthday Buddy. We love you to the moon and back.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

This Kid

 Have you ever finished a day, sat down and just cried? On my way to work this morning I replayed last nights events in my head and cried tears of joy. I am so very proud of the young man that Seth is becoming. He is talented academically, musically and athletically and lately we have had many proud parent moments. He is such a well rounded boy and I am so PROUD to be his mom. 
 Last night Seth and Jack rocked their song at the talent show. They had an entire dance routine planned and prepped, but since they went last out of 23 acts they grew increasing nervous and by the time it was their turn they sang beautifully, but were too scared to do the dance moves. So funny.
 Right after the talent show we drove to the varsity WHS boys game where Seth's team was invited to scrimmage during halftime. Nothing like a quick change in the car and concession food for the kids dinner. I know, "Parents of the Year".

 Seth has such a great group of boys that he is friends with. Grateful.

Future WHS basketball player? Hopefully.