Saturday, April 30, 2011

Welcome Yellow Lightning AKA Roland's bright YELLOW LiveStrong wheeler!
YES, I finally caved and let him trade in the old for a new one. Roland literally chased me around with the Can-Am pamphlet for a week, dropped hints and took me up to "look" at them. Hey, he works hard, he's a great dad and husband, he deserves it!
Life is short so enjoy every single minute of it. Seth and Roland are actually on a poker run today with Rod and Sophia. Can't wait to hear about their adventures.

Friday, April 29, 2011

So long red were a great first four wheeler for our family. You saved us many times in blizzards with your plow. The kids love riding on you and climbing on you. You have been on many poker runs and have been covered with mud more times than we can remember. We hope someone kind adopts you and takes great care of you!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Favorite moment of the day...watching Leah's dancing feet in the backseat this morning!


Leah has a brand new freaky quirk...she loves to take off her socks and check between her toes. Now, this sounds harmless right? Well, it is until she starts doing it to other people too! Yes, she checks between her brothers toes, Grandma's toes, you name it! Seriously, what the heck??

Bring on the Warmth

We broke out the popsicles yesterday afternoon after two sweaty kids came home from daycare. We were loving every minute of the warm weather!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seth-isms Revisited

Funny story... Last weekend we watched the movie "College Road Trip" on Disney with Seth. It had Raven Simone in it and it was all about a girl and her dad going on a road trip to visit colleges. They had all sorts of funny mishaps and we all laughed throughout the movie. When it was done Seth decided that he was terrified to go to college and that he isn't going. He actually cried about it. He informed us that he would be living with us forever. I tried to convince him that college is all sorts of fun and that Uncle J goes to college. Nope, he isn't having it. He is going to become a football player and doesn't want to go to college or leave us. I did use the football player angle to promote good dental hygiene, taking baths and eating healthy though. I told him he has to do all of those things without whining in order to become a big strong football player. Anyhow, he wrote the above letter and is storing it in a plastic Ziploc baggie so that we don't forget that he doesn't want to go to college. It is hysterical! Who worries about things that are 13 years into the future? That's our Seth!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hunting for Eggs

We saved the Easter Egg Hunt for Lowville as we have in past years and it proved to be more fun than ever. This year I decided to hide all of Leah's eggs on the lower patio and Seth's eggs in the upper yard. Seth had 25 eggs to find and Leah had 15. The eggs were found in under 5 minutes, but tons of smiles and excitement ensued!

Leah was so stinking funny as she found the eggs!

What is inside??

Mom and Gramp

Just hanging around!

Happy Easter

We were sneaky this year and didn't tell the kids that Easter was on Sunday. Why you ask? Well, because we didn't want to get woken up at 6am. So instead both kids slept until 7:15am and then all heck broke loose and the festivities began. The search for the coveted baskets, pancakes and bacon, dressing in our Easter finest, church and then a trip to Lowville to spend the day with family.

Ruffle socks are the BEST!

The Easter Bunny was smart and put lots of new books in their baskets which they gladly enjoyed during mass. Thank goodness the Easter Bunny's school is having a BOGO book fair right now.

At the end of mass all the kids went to the front to get their Easter baskets blessed and they got some treats from Father Don. Leah is just a little excited! Happy Easter!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Happy Birthday to my Mom!

We love you tons, hope that you have a fantastic day and we thank you for being you! Don't worry I will make you a copy of this picture. I know you will be asking for one! :)

Good Friday Egg Coloring

We weren't able to color eggs until Good Friday because I had been sick on and off all week, but when Friday came we decided to take the plunge. Leah was right into it and wanted all hands in the dye. Thank goodness Poppy was on Leah duty and Grandma watched Seth. We love that Grandma and Poppy always want to come for these types of adventures.

The Easter Bunny wrote everyone's names on the eggs and when they came out of the dye Seth was amazed to see everyone's names on the eggs. Good job Easter Bunny! ha ha!
Leah's hands were purple by the end of the 30 minute event and she cried when I dumped out the dye. She had so much fun!

Seth really enjoyed the whole experience this year too. He put stickers all over the eggs after they were dry too!

She probably would have dipped her face in the dye had we let her.

Thank you Grandma and Poppy, we couldn't have done it without you!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Day FINALLY Came

We have been telling Seth ever since Leah was born that "some day" Leah would be big enough to fight back. Seth has a little obsession with Leah. When he gets bored he malls her with hugs and kisses and he loves to pester his sister. WELL, she has finally had enough and let it be known this past weekend. She seriously tackled him to the floor and sat on him. Of course I had to take pictures instead of breaking it up.

Go Leah Go!

She is loving it and I'm not so sure how Seth feels about it!

First Trip to the Zoo of the Season

The rain stopped for one whole day so we got out of the house as quickly as possible and took the kids and my mom to the zoo. We had planned to make a trip to Syracuse to go to that zoo, but I have still been recovering from being sick so I am trying to take it slow. Anyhow, the weather was chilly, but sunny and we all had such a blast. All of the animals were out and super playful so the kids got to see many up close and personal.

It was also the first outing without a stroller and it felt wonderful not to have to lug something around with us. Leah did an awesome job walking for most of the zoo. She was funny, when an animal got too close she wanted up. I don't think she understands the fence concept and thought some of the animals were going to get her.

Can I just say thank goodness I have tall children considering I am not very tall to say the least.

Seth loves when Grandma joins us for special days.

The bear was super close to the fence and we got to watch him for a bit.

Play time!

Picnic time!

Fitness time!

It was such a great day to spend outside and I thank my mom for always being willing to go on adventures with us!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Quick Story

Just a quick quirky Friday story about Seth:

Last night Roland and I went on a much needed date night and Johanna held down the fort. When we got home we watched some HGTV in bed and dreamed about a new house when all of a sudden we heard a HUGE thump. We muted the TV and didn't hear anything again, but after about a minute I said to Roland, "I bet Seth fell out of bed again." I ran in there to see Seth climbing back into bed still completely asleep. So I tried to help him get situated back in bed and scoot him way over so he doesn't fall again when I realize that each and every monster truck that he owns is in bed with him lined up in little rows. No wonder he fell out of bed, there were 28 monster trucks taking up space and no room left for him. What a quirky kid. God bless his kindergarten teacher!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Seth has serious hoarding issues. We just cleaned off his desk yesterday and look at it. Being that I have OCD issues this is driving me insane. God bless the woman he marries someday!

Taking Advantage

We are trying to make the most of this crappy weather over vacation so while the sun came out yesterday we headed right outside. Seth got to try out his new scooter that he got for his birthday and we even managed a quick trip to the playground before the weather changed and this mama got hit by a 24 hour bug...yuck!

I took a spin on the scooter and I have to say it is super fun!
King of the world!

Today we are laying low and I am trying to regain my strength. It should be outlawed that mom's shouldn't ever get sick.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One step closer to kindergarten. Seth's teeth checked out great yesterday!

This is their new favorite thing to do together...snuggle!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Great Friends Come for a Visit

This past weekend some wonderful friends came into town to visit. Our friends The Irwins moved back to PA almost 2 years ago so when they come into town we are very excited to eat, drink and be merry. Oh, and also let the kids run wild! We thank The Voss' for hosting another great evening with great friends!
Noey is in full walking mode now so she and Leah were super cute together. At one point she climbed right into Leah's lap. Leah didn't know what to do. Check out this outfit that Leah picked out to wear on Saturday. She is wearing every color in the rainbow PLUS a tutu. What outfit is complete without a tutu right??
All of our favorite kids minus some that are out of town. From left to right Noey, Maya, Parker, Sophia, Seth and Leah

I don't think we have ever turned down a meal at The Voss' because we know that it will be gourmet each and every time. This evening was no exception. They served open face chicken sandwiches, homemade mac and cheese, strawberry sunflower salad, Italian baked beans and sooooo much more.
Endless food!
After all of the food everyone chilled out for a bit and Leah has always had a soft spot for Sophia.
Quiet time is over and the boys were back in full swing.
Daddy's Girl!
Dessert! Everyone loved my cookie dough stuffed cupcakes!

Until next time Nate, Beth and Parker. It was great to see you and we can't wait to do it again!!