Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend '16

 We were SO excited to have Holy Friday off. I drove up to Lowville and took Gram to her hair appointment and to lunch as well as helped her get the house ready for Easter. Having Gramp with limited mobility is such a challenge for both of them now that the whole family is rallying to help as much as we can.
 Friday night we took Seth out to dinner while Leah was at a party.
 Then we watched SU win the Sweet Sixteen. Tons of screaming commenced.
 Saturday evening we were invited to an NCAA Party at the Pettit's house. The weather was so wonderful that the kids played outside for hours. We hadn't all been together since Great Wolf so we had tons of catch up on.

 We even broke out the chocolate fountain, yummo.
 Sunday morning the kids were up bright and early searching for their Easter baskets.

 After church we headed to Lowville for some family time and our annual egg hunt.
 Gramp even made it outside to sit in the sun with  us.
 On your mark, get set...GO

 Sunday night we anxiously and nervously watched SU pull out another win.
 We are SO excited that they are now headed to the Final Four. You better believe that this family will have Final Four tees just like three years ago.
Saturday night at 8:49pm, you know where we will be and what we will be doing. Go CUSE.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Duct Tape, Another WHS Musical in the Books & Sunday Funday

 Leah was given some fun duct tape for her birthday from a friend so we googled some craft ideas and created this fun bag. Let's just say that duct tape isn't 7 year old child friendly and this mom did most of this craft, BUT it was a fun mother/daughter activity.
 After rehearsing for many many weeks the WHS musical came and went and was a huge success. Seth can now say that he has been lucky enough to have been in 3 WHS musicals in 4 school years. I'd say that is one lucky boy.
 Sherman Elementary Representing.
Thank you Mrs. Johnson for selecting such awesome kiddos to be in the play.
 Warming up
 Buddies since kindergarten
 "Not ifs, not butts..."

 Saturday night we brought Willa with us to see the show, so all of the girlies sat together.


 For the first time ever, the boys are taller than Maddie and they think its just great.

 On Sunday, Leah had Caitlin over to play and they built Legos, played Shopkins and colored Easter eggs.

We had an early dinner and cuddled up for the big SU game. We thought it would be the last game of the season, but were pleasantly surprised that they WON and now move on the to Sweet 16 on Friday night.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bucket Filling Week

 Leah and I made our weekly visit to Lowville on Tuesday this week. We brought dinner and ran errands to get Gram out of the house for a bit. Gramp is in much better spirits then last week. He got a new walker which is much easier to maneuver and it has a seat on it so he can sit at the table and eat dinner right on it. Life has definitely changed drastically over the past few weeks, but I left this week feeling much lighter. Can't wait to see them next week though. Every day is a gift. Chant it. 

 Seth has been knee deep in his musical this week. They had their final two rehearsals and yesterday they performed a matinĂ©e for the elderly at WHS in the afternoon.
 I think they are ready for the curtain tonight at 7pm.
 Patty Leprechaun came to our house overnight and performed all sorts of crazy tricks. He glittered the kids, left rainbow trails, turned our milk green and stickered the kids. I'm pretty sure Seth doesn't believe in Patty, but he played along well for the candy in the morning. Leah was SO super excited this morning.

Happy St. Patty's Day...have a great day.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Meanwhile Back at Home...

The kids had all sorts of activities and sports over the weekend while I was away. Leah got invited to go and see The Little Mermaid with her friend Adi on Friday night. They had her for dinner and then to go see the musical. She had such a great time and we thank The Countryman's so much for taking her.

  Sunday night was Seth's last basketball game. He loves basketball and is very sad that the season is over. He had a great team, amazing coaches and we couldn't ask for a better basketball family. What will we do with our Sunday evenings now? HA.
Way to go Watertown Purple...undefeated season.
Such a great group of boys.
This week is musical week so come on out to see Seth and many of his buddies in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
No rest in our future anytime soon and we are fine with that.

Happy Birthday to ME...a Little Late

I asked Roland for a weekend away with my brother for my birthday this year and my wished was granted. As the time approached I grew nervous about driving myself 5.5 hours alone so we looked into flights and found that they have an easy flight out of Ogdensburg for pretty darn cheap so I jumped on it.
 It was a 9 passenger plane so for the first flight I sat with the pilot. It was interesting enough,  but since I'm so short and the dashboard on the plane was so high, I could see very little. On the flight home I sat in the back seat and that was perfect.

 We did a ton of walking, talking, eating and drinking. It was such a blast.
 On Friday night they took me to a tapas restaurant for my belated birthday dinner and it was so fun trying six different Spanish dishes.
 The bakery around the corner from their apartment is my ultimate favorite stop in Boston so we went all three days.

 Of course we stopped at Quincy Market for lunch on Saturday and I splurged for a Chowda bowl.

While walking in the North End we stopped at an Italian coffee shop and I got my favorite fruit tart. 
 For dinner Saturday night we went to an Indian restaurant and shared two meals. It was so delish.

 After dinner we met up with some of Justin and Joan's friends and my cousin Molly and her boyfriend Jordan who live and work in the city also.
Huge thanks to Justin and Joan for being wonderful tour guides and hosts. I had such an amazing weekend.