Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving Vacation 2016

Thanksgiving vacation was truly amazing. We had an unexpected snow day that week so we almost had an entire week off school. One day of work wasn't too bad. Leah was a huge helper with Thanksgiving prep this year.
Leah and Caitlin were even able to get together for a play date. They hadn't seen each other since early October so they had tons of girlie fun and even sent Judi a sweet little video to make her smile.
I snuck out and met up with some family for a Tom & Jerry the day before Thanksgiving.

We played in our annual Parents VS: Kids soccer game on Wednesday.
Thursday morning we were up and out the door to start the day off right.
This was the first Turkey Run for Leah and Poppy. They finished in 34 minutes. We are super proud of them.

Seth ran with Nico and Jack this year and the three came in 1st. They were over the moon excited.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day and meal at our house. We are so grateful that everyone is still able to join us.

Leah and Uncle David chilled out on the couch for quite some time chatting.

Roland can't just cook a turkey and be done, he also cooked a pork roast as well.

Aunt Joan and Uncle Justin wound the kids up.

Later in the night we broke out some games and had tons of laughs.

On Friday we tried a new tree farm in Mexico and absolutely loved it. We cut down a fresh tree, sat by the fire and had some treats.

On Saturday Seth's team participated in a round robin basketball tournament. It's the first time Seth has played with his new 5-6 team and what a huge difference it was. The boys are so much taller in this league. It was tons of fun to watch and we had a great morning of basketball.

Amazing group of boys
The little sisters who always get dragged to sporting events making the most of it.
Sunday we decorated the house and the tree.
Monday, Leah got her basketball jersey. She will be on the Little Clippers, second grade team at the Y and she is super excited.
Monday night we headed to Lowville to grocery shop, change the bed, have dinner and put up Gram's small den tree. We are all loving all the holiday spirit and enjoying every second of it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November Football

 This is a writing piece Leah's teacher gave us at her conference and we absolutely love it.
 On Saturday we headed to SYR for our annual football tailgating and game with The Hatch's. Lewis never disappoints in the tailgating department and this year was exceptional. The temperatures were so amazing that we were in t-shirts and shorts. What a November day in the records.
 Mimosas at 1pm.
 Pete, Lewis and Roland

 All decked out in his SU gear.
 Beef kabobs
 Shrimp, walk away tacos, Croghan bologna, Reuben dip and so much more.

 My fave of the day...Tom & Jerry's
 Donna, Brenda and I

 On Sunday, Leah wanted to be crafty so she started to build a Christmas house.
 On Monday we had a snow day and the kids built a fort under the trampoline. They were out there for hours playing.
 Leah and I scooted out to Paint It Pottery and painted some ornaments on Monday too. She LOVES that place and she loves to be crafty.