Monday, July 27, 2009


Now I can't take complete and total credit for the idea for this driveway highway, but I did work hard to create it for the boys! Today I watched Jacob for a couple of hours while Kristen went to get her glucose testing done so I felt what it would be like to have twin 3 year olds and an infant. Actually, the boys were great and so was Leah. We created a driveway highway so of course I had to take some pics to remember it by because it rains here daily so it won't last too long! They rode their bikes on it a few times and then were on to their next activity.Thanks for the idea Miss Kristen, I told you I wouldn't take full credit for it!

My Hubs the Planner

On Sunday Roland packed up a picnic lunch in the cooler and surprised us all with a little impromptu picnic in Sackets. I love when I'm not the one to make all the plans, it was GREAT!
Our happy kids!
The picnic planner!
He loves his Daddy!
She wants to move move move all the time!
Throwing rocks in the water or attempting to!
Growing up way too fast!
Thanks for a fabulous day Roland! We all had a blast!

A Day of "See you Soon's"

Saturday we started our day long tribute to our friends Nate and Beth. They will be officially moving back to PA at the end of this week. We started the day with brunch at Tin Pan Galley and it was just as delicious as it always has been and its been a while since we have gone.
Yes, we had mimosa's at 11am!
We gave Nate and Beth the special gift that we had made for them! Tears were shed!
We will miss you Beth!
We will miss you too Nate!Damn I look so short!
Thanks for babysitting Mom and Tom! We really appreciated it!

Saturday night The Voss' had a farewell cookout for Nate and Beth, but if you can believe it I forgot my camera so unfortunately I don't have any pics to share. It was a great party and everyone had a great time as usual when we all get together.
We will miss you Nate and Beth, BUT thanks to 31, we will see you in September for my purse party!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Who is up for a re-enactment of our wedding this way? It looks like so much fun! How about for our 10th anniversary although we will need a new wedding party! Any volunteers?

Friday, July 24, 2009

No More Waiting

It isn't a big surprise to anyone that this summer has had less sun and less warmth than any summer any of us can remember. Since it has been chilly we haven't used my mom's pool at all so far, that is until last night. It wasn't sunny, but boy was it muggy and warm last night so we took full advantage and had a blast in the pool.
Seth was brushing up on all of his swim lesson techniques and I couldn't believe what he remembered and put to excellent use.
It was also Leah's first time in grandma's pool and she loved it. I wasn't sure if it would be a little too cool for her, it was 82 degrees, but it felt chilly initially. She didn't cry or even pucker up. She loves the water so much.
Seth started with the noodle and then decided it was too much of a hassle and just swam on his own with his life jacket. I was utterly amazed. He might get out of 1A sooner than I thought!
After a rushed potty run into the house I didn't have the energy to put his wet swim trunks back on so he went back in the pool like this!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


If you know me at all you know that I am a sap for engraved or embroidered gifts. We received many many amazing gifts for Leah's baptism, but one in particular made me cry the most. Jen Voss AKA Leah's Fairy God Mother got Leah a very unique gift. She got her a Fill in the Blankie. Check it out...

Just like the title explains, you personalize it to say whatever you would like.

I opened it, read the first side and instantly started to cry. Roland had to take over because I was a blubbering mama!

Thank you Fairy God Mother, Leah will cherish it always and so will Roland and I!
Thank you also to everyone who gave Leah college money and all sorts of other special gifties. She will love her book on tape, piggy bank and her Olivia book!

'09 Fair Parade

Last night was the annual Lewis County Fair Parade. We were so worried that the rain would take over the night after driving through down pours on the way to Lowville, but someone was watching out for us and it was clear as a bell for the 2 hour long parade. Since our family and friends seem to keep growing we needed two car lengths of seating for last night so my grandparents and my uncle both parked their vehicles downtown. We had prime parade seats and the boys even sat up high in the back of my uncles pick up truck. I have never experienced a parade where they hand out such random things. We literally had a grocery bag full of items. We had candy, pencils, cheese, crackers, Popsicles, beads, water bottles, coozies and heaven only knows what else. It was FULL!
My grandparents live right on the street that the actual fair is on so we will head back down to Lowville on Friday night to let the kids go on some rides and eats some fair food!
VIP Seating
You wouldn't believe the amount of candy that they either threw at the truck or in it. We laughed so hard.My brother and my cousin Chris
I almost forgot that they threw beads too!
Leah wanted in on the candy action.
Getting candy is not a spectator sport and last night the adults in my family took it to a whole new level. They were pushing, shoving and hitting their way to all that candy. It was all in fun, but hysterical to watch grown women AND my brother fight over the candy.
We had such a great night with family and friends that we can't wait until next year to do it all over again. It is one traditional that I want to carry on forever!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Saying Our "See You Soon's!"

Today we had a little play date with some friends who are sadly moving out of the area. We wanted to get the kids together to play one more time and if you can believe it, the weather actually cooperated for a change!
It is finally warm enough for the water slide!
Parker wanted absolutely nothing to do with the water slide so he chilled out in the pool!
The girls ate lunch in the shade!

We aren't saying good bye to Parker and Brenden, just "See you soon"! We plan to visit and we know that you want to come back up here to the tundra to visit us all too! We will miss you guys!

Leah's Baptism

Sunday was Leah's special day. She was surrounded by the most important people in her life who love her to death and the day couldn't have been more perfect. She slept all through church, smiled while oil and water were poured on her head, grabbed the book out of Father's hand while he was trying to baptize her and was a gem at her party. I couldn't have asked for a more sweet little girl.
Leah slept through the entire mass which completely shocked me!
Leah wore my baptism dressing that my grandmother purchased in Portugal back in 1978. It was worn my myself, my cousin Emily and my cousin Molly. I will now keep it wrapped tightly in blue plastic until the next baby girl is born in our family.
My brother was in charge of my camera and did a great job taking pictures!
The proud godparents Jen and Brad
Leah is one lucky girl to have so many wonderful and loving grandparents
The newest family pic to date!
Miss Leah and her Auntie Kristen!
Jen's god parent giftie!
Brad's god parents giftie!
My girls!
Leah and her fairy godmother. I have to take a picture of the gift that Jen got Leah. I cried big old tears when I opened it and read it. It is a truly wonderful and special gift!
Roland with two very special ladies; my mom and my grandma!
I have been waiting very patiently to put this dress on Leah. I LOVE IT!
My Dad, Sue and my sister Dayna enjoyed the sun and the warmth finally!

Thank you to everyone who came to share Leah's baptism with us. We love you all and we thank you for the wonderful gifts that you gave her too. She has more money for her college fund and some very special gifts to remember this day by.