Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Birthday Finale

 Can we make memories and celebrate a birthday or what? The finale of Seth's birthday was taking one friend (Jake) to Chuck E. Cheese and then for a sleepover. All three kids were amazing and had a blast. They ate and played for two hours.

 When we got home the boys were dying to play Skylanders. They played for two hours while Leah napped. After dinner Seth opened his final gift and couldn't have been happier. Jake bought him an SU basketball, a Steeler's pennant and a Polamolu figure.
 Seth was extremely bummed that he couldn't go right out and play basketball.
 They actually fell asleep before 9:30pm and didn't wake us up until 7:15am. Not bad for a kids sleepover.
A GREAT big THANK YOU to all of our wonderful family and friends for making Seth's 7th birthday so very special. We love you all and thank you greatly.

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KristenC said...

He had such an amazing time, thank you for taking him! He is so lucky to have a best buddy like Seth!