Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week+end in Review

 Last Thursday was the Sherman Family Picnic and Leah was over the moon excited to go and see her friends.
 Boy am I going to miss my 5th grade students who come to visit me each and every morning to Snap chat. We have so many laughs together.
 Last Friday I chaperoned a 4th grade field trip to The Rock Island Lighthouse and then a boat ride on Clayton Island Tours. It was SUCH a fun experience.

 Then we met up with The Pettit's for some fun in the Cape. We hit The Roxy and Aubrey's Inn for many different apps and tons of laughs.

 On Saturday Seth had a birthday party at Nico's and Leah had her friend Alexandra over to play.

Happy Birthday Nico
  Then we hit the pool for the first time this season.
 Today I was in the Cape for our school Olympics, but Seth was at the Boat Museum for his field trip and a friend sent me these great pics from their day.

Rowing a skiff for the first time.

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